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  • Sarah Pressler: So You Want to Work With(In) WordPress?!

    Sarah Pressler: So You Want to Work With(In) WordPress?!

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Sarah Pressler

    October 7, 2015 — You read through WordPress for Dummies and thought, “I ain’t no dummy! I can do this!” Only to find out – you really didn’t LIKE messing with PHP files and you broke more than you built. But you love WordPress and really want to make a living leveraging your skills within the WordPress economy and/or community. Well, there’s definitely more to building a career in WordPress than stylesheets, hooks, and loops. From part time bloggers to full time CEO’s, WordPress offers a diverse array of options for the budding or seasoned professional. In this session we will explore different professional skill sets that are utilized by freelancers, small agencies and large WordPress companies. With an emphasis on investing in the community at large, we will cover how to network your way to the top! (Or, at least …. how to grow your career in WordPress!) This will be an informative discussion and I will open the floor for questions/comments at the end.

  • Edmund Turbin: Working in Harmony – Optimize Development and Content Workflows

    Edmund Turbin: Working in Harmony – Optimize Development and Content Workflows

    WordCamp Norrköping 2015Speaker: Edmund Turbin

    October 7, 2015 — Teamwork is a critical part of making your WordPress project a success. While defining a workflow and establishing development tools can help your team code together efficiently, it is equally important to establish processes for pushing content live.
    This session is intended for developers and site builders looking to fine tune the tools they use to work better as a team and will focus on development environment, deployment, workflow and processes.

  • Joe Chellman: My First Modifications – Child Themes and Feature Plugins

    Joe Chellman: My First Modifications – Child Themes and Feature Plugins

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Joe Chellman

    October 7, 2015 — In customizing WordPress, most people look first for a splendiferous and fancy theme. There are thousands of options, so we can usually find something that gets us 80-90% of the way there. But heavens to Betsy, that last 10-20% can be hard to find! That’s why it’s good to learn how to make a child theme, which lets you keep almost everything while adding to or removing from your original theme safely. Most of this talk with cover the creation and use of child themes. This is an absolutely essential (and pretty easy to learn) skill for any WordPress designer.

  • Karin Taliga: Take the Next Step with Git

    Karin Taliga: Take the Next Step with Git

    WordCamp Norrköping 2015Speaker: Karin Taliga

    October 7, 2015 — Once you get the hang of the basics, it’s time to dive in and start getting work done with git. We will talk about staging your files, branching strategies and merge vs rebase. We will also touch on the topic of rewriting history – what it means, examples of doing it and when to avoid it at all costs.

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  • Cemal Tashan: Senior Friendly Design

    Cemal Tashan: Senior Friendly Design

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Cemal Tashan

    October 7, 2015 — An American turns 50 every 7 seconds. Those aged 50 and older represent 45% of the U.S. population. One-third of the internet users in the U.S., are adults aged 50+ representing the Web’s largest constituency. WordPress sites must be designed with this in mind. You will learn how to meet seniors’ needs from one of their own.

  • Jordan Quintal: WordPress Accessibility - Spreading the Word!

    Jordan Quintal: WordPress Accessibility – Spreading the Word!

    WordCamp Los Angeles, WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Jordan Quintal

    October 7, 2015 — “Web Accessibility is not just for developers, there are plenty of things people can do to get involved. This presentation will focus on the different ways you can contribute to Web Accessibility and how you can help spread the word. We will cover some Web Accessibility fundamentals and why it’s important. From there we will go over the various ways you can communicate and increase exposure to Web Accessibility using various terms and avenues. Next we will discuss WordPress Accessibility specifically and the different aspects surrounding it. Finally, we will go over the different ways you can contribute to WordPress Accessibility.
    It’s well-known that there is power in numbers, so the more we can advocate the more we can evoke change.

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  • Dustin Meza: WordPress Upgrade Anxiety - 5 Steps to Having a No Surprise Upgrade

    Dustin Meza: WordPress Upgrade Anxiety – 5 Steps to Having a No Surprise Upgrade

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Dustin Meza

    October 7, 2015 — WordPress upgrades, they bring us new features, faster sites, and better security. But pushing that upgrade button can be a scary moment, unless you’ve ensured your site is ready and compatible. I’ll show you the best practices for ensuring your site is ready including a simple strategy that works whether you manage one site or hundreds.

    Learning Outcomes:

    Understand the important of keeping WordPress upgraded.
    Create a 5 step test plan to ensure their site is ready to upgrade.
    Test their sites on beta and Release Candidates to provide feedback to the community.

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  • Holger Guggi: WordPress Responsive and Fast – Speed Index <1000

    Holger Guggi: WordPress Responsive and Fast – Speed Index <1000

    WordCamp Vienna 2015Speaker: Holger Guggi

    October 6, 2015 — How to make your responsive WordPress site render in less than a second.
    A step by step walkthrough of how to reach this critical goal on a responsive WordPress based site.
    Server side and front end key principles that you can put into practice on your very own WordPress site.

  • Robert Gillmer: Land of Confusion – Understanding What Makes Genesis Special

    Robert Gillmer: Land of Confusion – Understanding What Makes Genesis Special

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Robert Gillmer

    October 6, 2015 — “Maybe you’ve heard about Genesis or other frameworks but you don’t know what all the fuss is about. Maybe you’ve tried to use Genesis but were thrown off by the actions and filters. Or maybe you just find me entertaining and want to spend an hour listening to me talk. (Hey, it could happen.)

    I struggled with using Genesis for a long time before I had a breakthrough. I finally stopped trying to compare it to other markup-based themes and started treating it as a framework rooted in PHP. This talk is geared toward people in the same boat that I was in – they know what Genesis is, but are daunted or confused by it.

    After explaining the markup / PHP differences, I go through several use cases, showing how to make simple changes in regular themes like Twenty Fourteen, and how to make the same changes “”the Genesis way.”””

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  • Matt Cromwell: Getting Started with WordPress the Right Way

    Matt Cromwell: Getting Started with WordPress the Right Way

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Matt Cromwell

    October 6, 2015 — This talk focuses on Best Practices in getting started with WordPress. Or “Things I Wish I Knew When I First Learned WordPress”.

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