Speakers: Bronson Quick

  • Bronson Quick: Debugging WordPress Core and Plugins!

    Bronson Quick: Debugging WordPress Core and Plugins!

    WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016Speaker: Bronson Quick

    December 21, 2016 — When you digging into WordPress’s action and filters sometimes it can be difficult to find out what data is being passed to different actions and filters, how many queries are run on a page and which scripts are being enqueued and dequeued. Bronson will teach you how to setup your local development environment so you can debug WordPress in real time so you don’t spend hours tearing your hair out trying to create a new plugin for your clients or customers. Bronson will show you how to use Xdebug, PhpStorm, WP Debug Bar and Query Monitor while you’re developing your plugin to increase your speed so you can ship your work faster!

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  • Bronson Quick: My WordPress Development Workflow

    Bronson Quick: My WordPress Development Workflow

    WordCamp Melbourne 2013Speaker: Bronson Quick

    May 20, 2013 — This talk will outline the process I take after we’ve received design sign off from the client and looks like this…

    Setting up a Basecamp project – Setting up a private GitHub repository – Setting up my IDE (Phpstorm) – Setting up Sass & Compass for CSS preprocessing – Custom Theme Development – Custom Plugin Development – Testing (Both cross browser and device ) – Migration with BackupBuddy – Ongoing maintenance.

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