Speakers: Elisabeth Hölzl

  • Kirsten Schelper & Elisabeth Hölzl: Developing WordPress Themes with Git

    Kirsten Schelper & Elisabeth Hölzl: Developing WordPress Themes with Git

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speakers: Kirsten Schelper, Elisabeth Hölzl

    December 10, 2013 &#8212 Once you get to the point where you feel that version control might be a useful tool things get different. Most people will point you to Git, probably the most widely used version control software around. A lot of people, though, seem to have trouble getting started with it.

    Instead of throwing basic commands at you we want to invite you to explore the “Git Universe” with us in a kind of fireside chat between Kirsten, representing the web design world and Elisabeth, who gained her first computer experience with Basic many years ago.
    Our focus will be on how Git works, what those strange commands really mean and how you can benefit from integrating it into your theme development work flow.

    This talk aims at people working with WordPress and developing their own themes.


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