Speakers: Greg Douglas

  • Greg Douglas: Designing Your WordPress Consulting Business

    Greg Douglas: Designing Your WordPress Consulting Business

    WordCamp Orange County 2014Speaker: Greg Douglas

    June 15, 2014 &#8212 Many designers, bloggers and marketers jump into WordPress freelancing without having the awareness of many of the details that can keep their business in “struggle mode.” This talk will be tailored for designers, bloggers and marketers that seek to get paid (or already are getting paid) for WordPress website design/development.

    The tools and strategies shared will help the beginner to intermediate freelancer have more awareness about some of the nuances involved in running your own tech consultancy and as a result be a more competent business person. These tips will include setting healthy boundaries for ones WordPress web design services and communicating those boundaries to perspective clients early on, as well as tips for identifying and answering red flags so one can more effectively seek and take on ‘win-win’ web design projects.

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  • Greg Douglas: Designing Awesome WordPress Websites For Small To Medium Size Businesses

    Greg Douglas: Designing Awesome WordPress Websites For Small To Medium Size Businesses

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2013Speaker: Greg Douglas

    October 23, 2013 &#8212 This talk focuses on organizing your project and some tools and techniques for designing gorgeous, professional small to medium size business websites.

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