Speakers: Jon Brown

  • Jon Brown: Finding Work/Life Balance as a Remote Worker

    Jon Brown: Finding Work/Life Balance as a Remote Worker

    WordCamp Orange County 2014Speaker: Jon Brown

    June 10, 2014 — WordPress lets me travel the world about half the year and live in Maui, Hawaii the rest. I have given up on trying to tell people that and not have it sound too boastful. I think my life is awesome, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. While being a remote worker able to make a living from a hammock on a beach in Thailand sounds pretty ideal there is a lot that goes into making that a reality. I’ll talk about my journey, starting with decision making around finding work/life as well as the practical side what it means to be a both a digital nomad and a remote worker.

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  • Jon Brown: Performance for Penny Pinchers

    Jon Brown: Performance for Penny Pinchers

    WordCamp Las Vegas 2012Speaker: Jon Brown

    January 16, 2013 — While talk of sites running on load balanced multi-server setups with Nginx reverse proxies, sharded databases and sever level caching is sexy cool… what about rest of us out there running low traffic sites on $6/month shared hosting? What can we do to speed up what we’ve got given a shared hosting environment? In this presentation, Jon Brown discusses what you can do to speed up your cheap shared hosting without too much technical know how.

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