Speakers: Liam Dempsey

  • Liam Dempsey: Pitch and Roll

    Liam Dempsey: Pitch and Roll

    WordCamp Baltimore 2016Speaker: Liam Dempsey

    November 21, 2016 — The pitch and proposal process can be overwhelming and time consuming for small businesses and freelancers. Learn how to improve your proposals, reduce the time it takes to create them and stop pitching for projects that won’t benefit you.

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  • Liam Dempsey: Outgoing on Command

    Liam Dempsey: Outgoing on Command

    WordCamp Lancaster 2016Speaker: Liam Dempsey

    April 21, 2016 — Learning to be comfortable speaking in public, in both formal and informal settings, is an important life and professional skill. You can be “outgoing on command,” especially with support from the WordPress community.

    Liam Dempsey has worked by himself from home since 2005. He thrives in working alone, outside of the company of others. He’s not eager to join a co-working space. Yet, he started and organizes a WordPress Meetup. He regularly gives professional talks to sizable audiences on topics around WordPress and online marketing. He’s delivered open-invite webinars and been a guest on a number of podcasts. Through a series of observations, choices, decisions and tactics, Liam learned to be “outgoing on command”. His approach has helped other members of his small consultancy achieve similar “outgoing on command” skills. Whether you’re interested in getting into public speaking or just looking to get more from hallway meetings at WordCamps, this session will give you practical, non-gimicky ideas to help you get there.

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  • Liam Dempsey: WordPress - More Than Blog Software

    Liam Dempsey: WordPress – More Than Blog Software

    WordCamp Philly 2015Speaker: Liam Dempsey

    December 12, 2015 — A presentation on the strength and value of WordPress as a content management system (CMS).

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  • Jeremy Pry and Liam Dempsey: Teaching a Designer to Use Github

    Jeremy Pry and Liam Dempsey: Teaching a Designer to Use Github

    WordCamp Philly 2014Speakers: Jeremy Pry, Liam Dempsey

    October 4, 2014 — As a tag-team of developer and designer, Jeremy Pry and Liam Dempsey will talk through how designers can embrace version control to better manage their WordPress code. The talk covers not only a bit of “how to get started” but also a discussion of work flow.

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  • Liam Dempsey: Designing For WordPress

    Liam Dempsey: Designing For WordPress

    WordCamp Philly 2012Speaker: Liam Dempsey

    February 17, 2013 — This presentation addresses key points for helping designers understand the basic functionality and structure of WordPress, so that they can design truly beautiful and functional sites that run well on WordPress.

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