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Subtitling: Willo O’Brien: Leveling Up Your Blog with Video

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Subtitling or captioning a video can take a couple of hours, and you may need to start and stop in the middle of the process. If you sign up for a free account on, you can save your subtitles and pick up where you left off.

1.) First, check if someone has already transcribed the video. Look for a TTML link under the Subtitles section of the sidebar. If there is one, you can skip steps 2-7 and instead just translate their TTML file into your language, and then continue to step 8.


1a.) To translate an existing TTML file into another language, download the file and then open it in a simple text-editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Avoid using applications like Word or Dreamweaver, because they will distort the TTML markup.

1b.) Inside the TTML file, you’ll see the speaker’s words surrounded by <p> and </p> tags. Translate all of the speaker’s words into your language, but be careful not to change the surrounding <p> tags at all.


1c.) When you’re finished, save the file and skip to step #8.

2.) If there isn’t an existing TTML file to translate, you’ll need to transcribe the video into your language. Start by finding the “Med” link in the Download section of the sidebar.

01 - select medium

3.) Right click on the video and copy the URL.

02 - copy video url

4.) Paste this URL into the Subtitle field at

03 - paste it here

5.) Click “Subtitle Me” and follow the instructions provided by

04 - Click Subtitle Me

6.) Once the video is subtitled at, click on the link under View Subtitles, to the left of the video display.

05 - view subtitles

7.) Click on the Download drop-down menu and select DFXP or TTML.

06 - download TTML

8.) Go back to the video you have captioned or subtitled, and click on “Subtitle this video.”

08 - subtitle

9.) Upload that file to

09 - upload

10.) Success! Your subtitles will go through a short moderation process, and then you can enjoy your newly captioned video in all its text-enriched glory.

10 - success

Did something not work? Need help? Send us a description of the problem, and we’ll try to help as fast as we can.


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