‘Beginner’ Videos

  • Janel Kane: Translating WordPress Vernacular For The Tech-Challenged

    Janel Kane: Translating WordPress Vernacular For The Tech-Challenged

    WordCamp Denver 2016Speaker: Janel Kane

    November 10, 2016 — How many of us work for people, or answer to people that ultimately have no real understanding of what we do? Janel’s guess is a lot of us. Learning to talking around tech terms to make yourself understood, or at least get the resources your project needs, can be an art.

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  • Gerroald Barron: Beginner WordPress Security

    Gerroald Barron: Beginner WordPress Security

    WordCamp Birmingham 2016Speaker: Gerroald Barron

    November 3, 2016 — The basics on hardening your WordPress application and best security practices. The importance of Strong passwords, Two-Factor, secure file permissions, using SFTP encryption and changing Salts. The importance of maintaining backups and updates.

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  • Thomas Reeh: WordPress - Sicherer für alle

    Thomas Reeh: WordPress – Sicherer für alle

    WordCamp Cologne 2016Speaker: Thomas Reeh

    November 3, 2016 — Wie können wir Nutzern mit wenig technischem Know-How helfen, ihre WordPress Installation sicherer zu machen.

  • Trevor Freeman: Intro to SEO for WordPress

    Trevor Freeman: Intro to SEO for WordPress

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: Trevor Freeman

    October 31, 2016 — This presentation would cover some basics of Search Engine Optimization for WordPress. I would begin with an intro to SEO and primarily focus on some On-Site and technical factors to improve a site’s visibility to Google and other search engines. The presentation would include: Mobile-friendly themes, Google Analytics, URL structure, Sitemaps, SEO Plugins, Schema, and Page Speed.

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  • Miki Saito: WordPress初心者が試みる「男木島図書館」の情報発信

    Miki Saito: WordPress初心者が試みる「男木島図書館」の情報発信

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Miki Saito

    October 12, 2016 — とあるきっかけで瀬戸内に浮かぶ小さな島・男木島にある唯一の図書館「NPO法人男木島図書館」でWordPressを活用した情報発信を担当することになった話者が、「WordPressって何?」というところから手探りで見出してきた素人なりの活用方法についてお話します。

  • Logan Kipp: WordPress Security 101

    Logan Kipp: WordPress Security 101

    Speaker: Logan Kipp

    October 6, 2016 — Security Professional Logan Kipp guides you through the process of securing your WordPress website for the first time, security best practices, and establishing a proper security posture. After learning about the basics, we’ll proceed on to discuss more intermediate technologies such as two-factor authentication, web application firewalls, and more. This talk caters to beginners and intermediate WordPress users.

  • Jerett Farmer: WordPress by a Dummy

    Jerett Farmer: WordPress by a Dummy

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2016Speaker: Jerett Farmer

    September 27, 2016 — Having trouble getting that first site up and running?

    Wondering if your site is missing an important plugin that makes it more secure, hard to hack, and run as fast as possible?

    Let a puppet show you the way that it’s done. I will be employing a puppet/dummy and a lot of audience participation to help me get a WordPress site up from scratch.

    This presentation would be great for brand new or newish users who wants a brief over view of getting a secure and easy to administer site up with as little trouble as possible. Yes, a puppet. You didn’t misread. It’s a bit different, but great for asking/answering extremely simple questions a new user may be too embarrassed to ask.

    Security, backup, cache, and page builder plugins are featured…as well as the puppet

    This is aimed at the non-technical user who is getting a WordPress site up for their very first time or someone who has tried and never quite got what they wanted out of the experience.

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  • Rebecca Haden: Analytics Basics

    Rebecca Haden: Analytics Basics

    WordCamp Fayetteville 2016Speaker: Rebecca Haden

    August 31, 2016 — Get the scoop on using Google Analytics for your WordPress website. If you’ve never used GA, if you look at your analytics reports but you don’t end up with actionable data, or if it’s been a while and you’d like to know about all the cool new reports, this is the session for you.

    We’ll walk through the interface, but bring your questions, too.

    How to install Google Analytics
    How to set up properties and views
    Moving from questions to answers
    Major reports: Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions
    Setting up custom dashboards
    Identifying and configuring goals
    Basic comfort with computers is all the background you need. Stay on for a more advanced session after this one if you like; attend this to be sure you’re ready for the more advanced session.

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  • Nancy Kay Grace: Toes in the Water - Getting Your Feet Wet with a WordPress Blog

    Nancy Kay Grace: Toes in the Water – Getting Your Feet Wet with a WordPress Blog

    WordCamp Fayetteville 2016Speaker: Nancy Kay Grace

    August 31, 2016 — In this session, the beginning blogger will learn the flexibility and benefits of using WordPress.org. Nancy Kay Grace will teach some first steps into blogging, minimizing the fear factor for tech challenged writers. Topics covered will be -how online writing is different from writing for publications -what you need to create a WordPress blog (domain name, host, theme) -simple guidelines for Search Engine Optimization (keyword stuff) -elements of composing a blog post: written content, photos, links.

    No technical background required.

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  • Panel: WordPress 101 (wrap-Up)

    Panel: WordPress 101 (wrap-Up)

    WordCamp Fayetteville 2016Speakers: Ben Pollock, Michael McCranie, Jamie Smith, Brandee Spears Segraves, Monica Foster

    August 30, 2016 — Join Ben Pollock and friends for a panel to finish up the day. Bring us your questions — the ones you couldn’t figure out how to ask in other sessions, the ones you haven’t found a chance to ask, and the ones that have occurred to you during the day.

    We’ll do our best to answer, and point you to useful resources if you need more.