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  • Paul Gibbs and Tammie Lister: Fireside Chat with Paul Gibbs (part 2 of 2)

    Paul Gibbs and Tammie Lister: Fireside Chat with Paul Gibbs (part 2 of 2)

    BuddyCamp Brighton 2015Speakers: Paul Gibbs, Tammie Lister

    August 23, 2015 — Enjoy Tammie Lister interviewing Paul Gibbs about anything and everything to do with BuddyPress; past, present, and future. Get all your questions answered, including those awkward tricky ones.:)

    Part 2 of 2.

    Part 1: http://wordpress.tv/2015/08/23/fireside-chat-…bs-part-1-of-2/

  • Paul Gibbs: On The Origin of BuddyPress

    Paul Gibbs: On The Origin of BuddyPress

    BuddyCamp Brighton 2015Speaker: Paul Gibbs

    August 23, 2015 — Join Paul Gibbs on an entertaining trip back in time to explore the origins of BuddyPress project, and learn how its formative years have shaped and changed it.

    Paul has been contributing to BuddyPress since 2009, and still remembers when there was only one person writing all the code.

  • Hugo Ashmore: Exploring The Hidden Depths of the Template Hierarchy

    Hugo Ashmore: Exploring The Hidden Depths of the Template Hierarchy

    BuddyCamp Brighton 2015Speaker: Hugo Ashmore

    August 23, 2015 — This talk is to demonstrate how we can create custom BuddyPress page templates based on action and component views, or type of users. Using the extended template hierarchy available in themes, Hugo will showcase the basic principles of custom templates and then a more advanced use for more specialised requirements.

  • Daniel Miller: Build a Social Network with WordPress and BuddyPress

    Daniel Miller: Build a Social Network with WordPress and BuddyPress

    WordCamp Boston 2015Speaker: Daniel Miller

    August 1, 2015 — This talk covers the BuddyPress plugin and to set up a social networking site with it. This presentation goes over the various features of BuddyPress as well as digging into some of the code and extending the plugin to suit the needs of your application.

  • David Bisset: BuddyPress 101

    David Bisset: BuddyPress 101

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speaker: David Bisset

    July 11, 2015 — We start off showing you how to install and configure BuddyPress. Then we will take you through each of it’s main features including members, groups, messages, forums and more. We show you how to configure BBPress for forums (both site-wide and group forums). Finally, we will examine some useful themes and plugins for BuddyPress.

  • Brian Messenlehner: Move All The Things To BuddyPress!

    Brian Messenlehner: Move All The Things To BuddyPress!

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speaker: Brian Messenlehner

    July 5, 2015 — BuddyPress is the perfect solution for what you need but maybe you are currently on another platform. Move it to BuddyPress! We go over a few ways to get your data into BuddyPress. Got a custom database schema? Got several CSV files? Got XML data? Only have access to the front end of a proprietary service that won’t export your content? No problem, move it to BuddyPress!

  • Rami Abraham: Creating Private Networks with BuddyPress

    Rami Abraham: Creating Private Networks with BuddyPress

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speaker: Rami Abraham

    July 1, 2015 — Many of us already know that BuddyPress is a great solution for internal communication for groups, and is an excellent alternative to email threads, social network groups, and some project management apps, but did you know you can create a private social network with BuddyPress, and lock down your installation? We discuss some methods used in making a BuddyPress site accessible only to those whom are members, hiding the installation, as well as many of the caveats of using more common ‘private-access’ communication mediums, such as corporate email and facebook groups. This talk is a great fit for anyone new to or familiar with BuddyPress that would like to use it as a secure place to communicate with their employees, family, or other groups.

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  • Ryan Fugate: Social Mobile Apps - BuddyPress + WP-API

    Ryan Fugate: Social Mobile Apps – BuddyPress + WP-API

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speaker: Ryan Fugate

    July 1, 2015 — BuddyPress + WP-API Apps are taking over the web. Get insight into some of the technologies available to start creating hybrid mobile apps with BuddyPress and WP-API.

  • John James Jacoby: Cultivating Community

    John James Jacoby: Cultivating Community

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speaker: John James Jacoby

    June 30, 2015 — BuddyPress history and perspective.

  • Mathieu Viet : Tirer profit de BuddyPress pour accélérer vos projets WordPress

    Mathieu Viet : Tirer profit de BuddyPress pour accélérer vos projets WordPress

    WordCamp Lyon 2015Speaker: Mathieu Viet

    June 15, 2015 — BuddyPress est souvent « réduit » à une extension permettant d’équiper votre site WordPress d’un réseau social ou d’une communauté. Or BuddyPress est d’abord et avant tout un ensemble de fonctions qui enrichissent le management des utilisateurs de votre WordPress.

    Après une rapide présentation de l’univers de BuddyPress, je vous propose de découvrir, ensemble, quelques pistes illustrant comment ce plugin peut vous rendre de grands services dans la réalisation de vos prochains projets et en particulier ceux qui nécessitent une gestion des utilisateurs plus poussée que celle fournie en natif par WordPress.

    Les pistes :

    Gestion étendue des inscriptions sur votre site
    Une page auteur plus riche et personnalisable à volonté.
    Un annuaire de membres disposant de fonctions de filtre et de recherche
    Un workflow de publication personnalisé
    Et bien entendu : votre réseau social ou votre communauté en 1 clic!
    Cet exposé sera très opérationnel, ne nécessitera pas de connaissances techniques particulières et contiendra, chaque fois que possible, des exemples de sites (intranet ou internet). »

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