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  • Mickey Mellen and Ali Green: Planning Your Website from Concept to Launch

    Mickey Mellen and Ali Green: Planning Your Website from Concept to Launch

    WordCamp Atlanta 2015Speakers: Mickey Mellen, Ali Green

    April 26, 2015 &#8212 Over the past decade we’ve continually refined our process for dreaming, planning, designing and creating WordPress-powered sites, and we’d love to share our process with you. We believe proper planning makes the entire process go much smoother. Join us as we walk through our steps for creating a polished website.

  • David Cowan: Before the Shopping Cart - A Primer on eCommerce Business Models

    David Cowan: Before the Shopping Cart – A Primer on eCommerce Business Models

    WordCamp Atlanta 2015Speaker: David Cowan

    April 8, 2015 &#8212 Starting an online business comes with many decisions, some of which you—or your client—may not know you need to make. These decisions will directly influence the direction you take in the design of their ecommerce site and ultimately determine how sucessful (and profitable) your customer is.

  • Mark Forrester: Going Small to Grow Big

    Mark Forrester: Going Small to Grow Big

    WordCamp Cape Town 2014Speaker: Mark Forrester

    March 9, 2015 &#8212 In 2014 the WordPress platform has matured and the ecosystem has grown up, as have the demands and requirements of WordPress site owners. The commercial product space has become noticeably saturated and overnight success for plugin and theme creators is a thing of yesteryear. But never fear there’s still plenty of entrepreneurial opportunity and gold nuggets to be mined if you look in the right places.

  • Kirk Bowman: Four Steps to Determine Value and Start Pricing

    Kirk Bowman: Four Steps to Determine Value and Start Pricing

    WordCamp Dallas/Fort Worth 2014

    October 30, 2014 &#8212 Most service professionals (designers, web developers, consultants, etc.) charge the customer by hour. The problem is there is no correlation between how long something takes (the hours) and the result the customer wants (the value). No one ever asked a car dealer how long it took to make a vehicle.

    What is really important to the customer, even if he does not realize it, is the result your craft will help him achieve. If you insist on identifying the value first, you can help the customer make better choices and contribute to a real impact on his life and business.

    So, how do you do it? There are four core steps to learning to determine value and start pricing. In this session, you will learn the four steps and how to implement them in your business. Explore the fear that comes with a new business model, questions you should ask the customer, and how you can set a price based on the value you help create.

  • Patrick Rauland: Freemium For the Rest of Us

    Patrick Rauland: Freemium For the Rest of Us

    WordCamp Chicago 2014Speaker: Patrick Rauland

    July 21, 2014 &#8212 Freemium is a proven business model for plugins and themes. But what about everyone else? Can you improve your business by giving away some products for free and making money with premium products? Do you have to tell software or can it be other things? We’ll go over these questions as we look at the freemium model in general and how it can relate to other industries.

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  • Hiromichi Koga - WordPress as Business Platform

    Hiromichi Koga – WordPress as Business Platform

    WordCamp Kyoto 2009Speaker: Hiromichi Koga

    October 16, 2009 &#8212 Hiromichi Koga’s presentation “WordPress as Business Platform” at WordCamp Kyoto 2009 in Japan.

    「ビジネスプラットフォームとしての WordPress」 小賀浩通氏講演 ワードキャンプ京都2009 (日本語音声)

    Video by Hiro Shinohara & Ian Cheung (Messaliberty).

  • WordCamp SF 2008 - Stephen O' Grady: Open Source Business Models

    WordCamp SF 2008 – Stephen O’ Grady: Open Source Business Models

    WordCamp San Francisco 2008Speaker: Stephen O' Grady

    October 31, 2008 &#8212 Stephen O’ Grady discusses the business models being put to use by Open Source developers and companies at WordCamp SF 2008.


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