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  • Karin Christen: How To Run A WordPress Business While Traveling the World

    Karin Christen: How To Run A WordPress Business While Traveling the World

    WordCamp Cologne 2015Speaker: Karin Christen

    June 22, 2015 — Karin shares her story how she built a WordPress company where her lifestyle works with the company and not against it. She will talk about how she manages to work from all over the world, while running a business back home.

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  • Andy McIlwain: Ten Steps to Build a Better Business Site for Less Than 100 Dollars

    Andy McIlwain: Ten Steps to Build a Better Business Site for Less Than 100 Dollars

    WordCamp Hamilton 2015Speaker: Andy McIlwain

    June 21, 2015 — This talk walks through the process of building a business website, from initial planning to site launch, for less than $100. And an actionable list of to-do items that they can follow to build a business site for themselves or for their clients.

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  • Thierry Pigot : Reconversion et business – Grandir avec WordPress

    Thierry Pigot : Reconversion et business – Grandir avec WordPress

    WordCamp Lyon 2015Speaker: Thierry Pigot

    June 8, 2015 — Dans cette conférence, je vais vous raconter mon parcours, comment Internet et plus particulièrement WordPress, m’ont aidé à prendre un virage professionnel.

    Nous verrons les galères pour trouver les premiers clients, les devis mal rédigés, les prix mal maîtrisés et comment je me suis adapté pour arriver à la visibilité qui est la mienne aujourd’hui.

    Je vais m’attacher à répondre sur comment se vendre, comment se former, comment travailler sa visibilité et son réseau, pour enfin trouver votre place dans cet écosystème qu’est WordPress.

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  • 4 Lightning Talks – Business

    4 Lightning Talks – Business

    WordCamp London 2015Speakers: Annabel Kaye, Rachel McCollin, Tom Greenwood, Franz Vitulli

    June 8, 2015 — How not to give appalling user support
    Franz Vitulli
    Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/franzvitulli/how-not-to-give-appalling-user-support
    The talk touchs on the benefits and challenges of a great user support and training. I’ll share the most common problems I encountered whilst dealing with support. It will also look at how I give the best support I can and the tools that enable me to do so.

    WordPress for Good
    Tom Greenwood
    This lightning talk presents the history and motives for the project, showcase a few “good” WordPress sites and inspire others to use WordPress for their positive projects and submit them to the showcase.

    Forging a Career with WordPress: the Possibilities
    Rachel McCollin
    In this interactive talk I’ll inspire you to think again about the career options open to you with WordPress, and bust some myths about the kind of person you need to be or the kind of background you need to have if you want to make a living from WordPress.

    Smart tips and tricks for managing freelancers
    Annabel Kaye
    “Freelancer is the ‘new employment’. Most organisations use freelancers for some tasks but some even build an entire business model on using freelancers.
    In this talk Annabel explores the status of freelancers, how labels can be deceiving and suggests ways to approach hiring freelancers that will protect your business from harm.

    5 ways to get better customers and sack the low value ones
    Michael Killen
    This talk is about how even small ‘1 person working out of their bedrooms’ businesses can:
    no more negotiating on price, stop feeling like a bedroom business and look like a professional service, stop low value customers even getting through to you, how to feel more competitive towards other businesses, the responses you need to give to difficult customers

  • Bob Dunn: Teach. Your Clients Well…

    Bob Dunn: Teach. Your Clients Well…

    WordCamp Seattle 2015: Experienced EditionSpeaker: Bob Dunn

    June 8, 2015 — This talk is about the different options out there, your clients’ learning styles, and how to better understand what your clients need while making sure they are comfortable moving forward. And the most common needs people have when looking for support and documentation, as well as strategies for making your documentation easier for your customers to understand.

  • Eric Amundson: An Introvert's Guide to Marketing Your WordPress Business

    Eric Amundson: An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing Your WordPress Business

    WordCamp Seattle 2015: Experienced EditionSpeaker: Eric Amundson

    June 7, 2015 — Marketing yourself or your business can be really scary when you’re an introvert who is more comfortable in front of a computer than in front of real people.
    There are a lot of introverted folks in the WordPress community looking for freelance jobs, employment, or quality contractors to hire, yet many of us feel scared, directionless, isolated, overwhelmed, and hungry for work.
    I share my experience growing from a timid one-person freelance shop to a more confident team of nine great people, including practical tactics for in-person networking, working with freelancers, finding the right fit, and community participation.

  • Mark Jaquith: Cache Money Business

    Mark Jaquith: Cache Money Business

    WordCamp London 2015Speaker: Mark Jaquith

    May 29, 2015 — WordPress can generate all sorts of interesting content dynamically, but if you want speed and scalability, you should be smart about caching. Don’t make WordPress do work twice when it can do it once. In this focused talk, Mark Jaquith talks about caching strategies from basic to advanced.

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  • Heather Acton: Financial Business Planning for Freelancers

    Heather Acton: Financial Business Planning for Freelancers

    WordCamp Minneapolis 2015Speaker: Heather Acton

    May 8, 2015 — Driven by passion and a desire to be our own bosses, oftentimes we struggle with the financial aspects of running a sustainable freelance-based business. This talk discusses setting financial goals, budgeting, accounting for time, and consistently measuring and analyzing financial data to ensure we’re setting ourselves up for longevity and growth while we serve our clients well.

  • David Cowan: Before the Shopping Cart - A Primer on eCommerce Business Models

    David Cowan: Before the Shopping Cart – A Primer on eCommerce Business Models

    WordCamp Atlanta 2015Speaker: David Cowan

    April 8, 2015 — Starting an online business comes with many decisions, some of which you—or your client—may not know you need to make. These decisions will directly influence the direction you take in the design of their ecommerce site and ultimately determine how sucessful (and profitable) your customer is.

  • Kimanzi Constable: How to Start and Market an Online Business Through WordPress

    Kimanzi Constable: How to Start and Market an Online Business Through WordPress

    WordCamp Maui 2015Speaker: Kimanzi Constable

    March 30, 2015 — This session teaches you how to take a simple WordPress website and build a profitable location independent online business. It teaches you how to get traffic, what products and services to create, how to market them and how to scale. It teach you how I’ve used these strategies to build a business that supported our family’s move from Wisconsin to Maui!


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