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  • 4 Lightning Talks – Business

    4 Lightning Talks – Business

    WordCamp London 2015Speakers: Annabel Kaye, Rachel McCollin, Tom Greenwood, Franz Vitulli

    June 8, 2015 — How not to give appalling user support
    Franz Vitulli
    Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/franzvitulli/how-not-to-give-appalling-user-support
    The talk touchs on the benefits and challenges of a great user support and training. I’ll share the most common problems I encountered whilst dealing with support. It will also look at how I give the best support I can and the tools that enable me to do so.

    WordPress for Good
    Tom Greenwood
    This lightning talk presents the history and motives for the project, showcase a few “good” WordPress sites and inspire others to use WordPress for their positive projects and submit them to the showcase.

    Forging a Career with WordPress: the Possibilities
    Rachel McCollin
    In this interactive talk I’ll inspire you to think again about the career options open to you with WordPress, and bust some myths about the kind of person you need to be or the kind of background you need to have if you want to make a living from WordPress.

    Smart tips and tricks for managing freelancers
    Annabel Kaye
    “Freelancer is the ‘new employment’. Most organisations use freelancers for some tasks but some even build an entire business model on using freelancers.
    In this talk Annabel explores the status of freelancers, how labels can be deceiving and suggests ways to approach hiring freelancers that will protect your business from harm.

    5 ways to get better customers and sack the low value ones
    Michael Killen
    This talk is about how even small ‘1 person working out of their bedrooms’ businesses can:
    no more negotiating on price, stop feeling like a bedroom business and look like a professional service, stop low value customers even getting through to you, how to feel more competitive towards other businesses, the responses you need to give to difficult customers

  • Josh Pollock: Further your Career

    Josh Pollock: Further your Career

    WordCamp Orlando 2014Speaker: Josh Pollock

    March 24, 2015 — In this talk you will learn how to further your career, become better at what you do and make more money by helping others through writing about WordPress. I will cover how to use your writing strategically to grow your products and services, whether you’re writing on your own site or getting paid to write for other sites. You will learn the mechanics of writing useful, relatable content about WordPress, and how to ensure your writing delivers results for your readers and your career.

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  • Alina Kakshapati: Build WordPress as a Career

    Alina Kakshapati: Build WordPress as a Career

    WordCamp Nepal 2014Speaker: Alina Kakshapati

    March 10, 2015 — Build WordPress as a Career

  • Brian Krogsgard: How Blogging Has Kickstarted My Career

    Brian Krogsgard: How Blogging Has Kickstarted My Career

    WordCamp Cape Town 2013Speaker: Brian Krogsgard

    October 15, 2014 — I run a WordPress news website called Post Status (http://poststat.us/). I’d like to share with you the story of Post Status, lessons I’ve learned, and why blogging about my craft been the biggest reason for the success I’ve had in my career so far.

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  • Noe Lopez: My First 3 Months Working With WordPress

    Noe Lopez: My First 3 Months Working With WordPress

    WordCamp Nashville 2013Speaker: Noe Lopez

    November 11, 2013 — This talk is a personal experience working as a developer. Discussion topics include the best practices for blending into a good workflow, how to prepare for your first developer job, and the expectation vs reality about working with a team.

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  • Chandra Maharzan: Making a successful career out of WordPress

    Chandra Maharzan: Making a successful career out of WordPress

    WordCamp Nepal 2012Speaker: Chandra Maharzan

    February 16, 2013 — This talk focuses on different career opportunities available when you work with WordPress. You will know ABC’s of what you can do with WordPress and make a living out of it!

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