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  • Karim Marucchi: 10 Best Project Management Practices for Working with Clients

    Karim Marucchi: 10 Best Project Management Practices for Working with Clients

    WordCamp Torino 2016Speaker: Karim Marucchi

    April 7, 2016 — We all want to keep our clients having the best possible experience, that starts with project management basics. In this session, whether you’re a freelancer, a small agency, or an established enterprise grade agency, we will cover the 10 best practices I have seen and learned through 20 years of mistakes while learning from Some of the best professional service companies in the world. We will cover tactical examples and best-of-breed tools available today.

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  • Ilona Filipi: Our Winning Formula For Working With and Retaining Large Clients

    Ilona Filipi: Our Winning Formula For Working With and Retaining Large Clients

    WordCamp Europe 2015Speaker: Ilona Filipi

    March 11, 2016 — At Moove we’re constantly striving to enhance the way we work with large corporates – improving processes, service levels and quality in everything we do.

    I’ll walk you through how agencies can use a workflow that’s suited to corporate clients and large organisations – Discovery Phase, Kick-Off Meeting, Workshops and then on to Design, Development, QA, Content Import/Upload, Soft-Launch, Launch and After-Launch. I’ll show you how our team works with large clients – things to be aware of; things to avoid.

    The talk will be useful to small agency owners or aspiring freelancers, who would like to work with large clients in the UK

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  • Nile Flores: Teaching Your Clients How to Use WordPress

    Nile Flores: Teaching Your Clients How to Use WordPress

    WordCamp Orlando 2015Speaker: Nile Flores

    January 20, 2016 — You’ve probably seen it happen- someone complains because they just got a website, but they don’t know how to use it. Their designer or developer or project manager just left them high and dry without some type of direction or documentation.

    Let’s face it, as a designer or developer or project manager, you’re definitely going to run into someone who isn’t really that familiar with WordPress. In fact, you’ll encounter all sorts of user levels when it comes to working with clients. How do you teach your client how to use their WordPress website? How do you figure it into your project’s scope? If you don’t like teaching them, what can you do to make sure your relationship with your client ends on a good note because you were diligent to give them the tools they need to continue on their own?

    I’ll be going over strategies to help you put together a plan on teaching your clients how to use WordPress. Let’s decrease the frustration together and allow your clients to become enthusiastic WordPress users that are making money.

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  • Valerie Adler: Your Website? It’s Not For You!

    Valerie Adler: Your Website? It’s Not For You!

    WordCamp Edinburgh 2015Speaker: Valerie Adler

    January 8, 2016 — The hardest thing for many clients to understand is the PURPOSE of their website… who it’s for (their customers) and what it’s supposed to do (attract new or more business). In SEO terms, the most important thing is the matter of relevance. Valerie asks: relevant to what, relevant to whom?

    Understanding one’s client is the key to knowing how to present the content of the site. In this session, Valerie will discuss the importance of defining business objectives and identifying one’s target audience in creating content that both engages that audience AND satisfies Google’s directives on creating an SEO-friendly website.

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  • Hilary Fosdal: How Your Worst Clients Make You Better

    Hilary Fosdal: How Your Worst Clients Make You Better

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Hilary Fosdal

    December 13, 2015 — Our worst clients challenge us. They push us to defend our work. They demand our full attention. They make unreasonable requests – knowingly or otherwise.
    Our worst clients serve as a constant reminder of why we do the work we do. Whether overly communicative or radio silent – difficult clients push us to be better versions of ourselves.
    Find out why good clients are good, but bad clients are better.

  • Kevin Moser: Happy Clients, Outstanding Outcomes

    Kevin Moser: Happy Clients, Outstanding Outcomes

    WordCamp Omaha 2015Speaker: Kevin Moser

    November 2, 2015 — As web designers and developers, we often focus on the technical aspects of our jobs. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with an important part of a project – communication with our clients. It is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle, but it is directly correlated with outcomes and how the client feels we did our job. In this talk, we will look at communicating with clients and managing expectations in three broad phases of a project – pitching/planning, development, and launching/troubleshooting. Specifically, we will look at steps that will make the client feel involved and important. This level of involvement and communication will help keep clients happy through the entire process, giving us an outstanding outcome.

  • Jo Grey: Why Isn’t My Beautiful Website Enough?

    Jo Grey: Why Isn’t My Beautiful Website Enough?

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Jo Grey

    October 1, 2015 — 3 tips to help web designers get the right content from clients. Some easy-to-use sites designers can refer their clients to, such as building infographics, images for their blogs, and topic ideas.

    Jo will cover some of the following topics during her presentation:

    – Why a pretty website isn’t enough.
    – Providing content slows the web designer down.
    – Content generating ideas.
    – Content moving with the times – not static.
    – Clients start off strong, then fade when novelty of being a blogger fades.
    – Strategies and tips to help clients manage their content
    – Ways web designers can help get the right content the first time.
    – Repurposing existing content.
    – Engagement.
    – Personality in content.
    – Stories matter.

  • Ben Maden: Wouldn’t Life Be Better Without Clients?

    Ben Maden: Wouldn’t Life Be Better Without Clients?

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Ben Maden

    September 26, 2015 — A prospective client calls us wanting work – Yay! They get into complaining about their existing web developer. They’re a good dev, we know them. Where did it go wrong? Is the client crazy? This is a classic problem that happens the world over to web designers/developers. It causes us (and the clients) pain and stress.
    Ben talks about this common problem and a few related questions.

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