‘Community’ Videos

  • Milan Ivanovic: Theme Review Team

    Milan Ivanovic: Theme Review Team

    WordPress Meetup NisSpeaker: Milan Ivanović

    October 12, 2016 — There is nothing more beautiful than giving back to the community. Milan firmly believe in that. In his talk, he will cover all aspects of reviewing the theme. Lecture held at 3rd WordPress Meetup in Nis, Serbia. Official hashtag #WPNis

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  • Kari Leigh Marucchi: Still Photography and WordCamp Culture. Participating, Recording, Contributing

    Kari Leigh Marucchi: Still Photography and WordCamp Culture. Participating, Recording, Contributing

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2016Speaker: KARI LEIGH MARUCCHI

    October 8, 2016 — Published still photography ends up getting exponentially more views than videography, and all Campers benefit from it being done well — yet any successful image is the result of teamwork. What does a successful image capture in the WordPress space? I’ll be sharing best practices for speakers when there’s a photographer in the room, for the camera-shy when engaging with a photographer at a Camp, for doing photography at WordCamps, for contributing photography to Camp sites and hubs like those I’ve created in working with the WP Photo Project, and for publishing your own.

  • Jon Ang: Into the WordPress Team and Community / WordPress のチームに、コミュニティに飛び込もう

    Jon Ang: Into the WordPress Team and Community / WordPress のチームに、コミュニティに飛び込もう

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Jon Ang

    September 25, 2016 — The WordPress Organisation is made up of various teams that make the entire ecosystem work. There’s a lot more than contributing code to making WordPress.org and helping WordPress grow.

    I will be speaking about the various teams of WordPress, what they do, how they work with each other and more importantly how one can join. Plus a little story of how I joined and how it affected me professionally.

    エコシステム全体がうまくいっているのは、WordPress がたくさんのチームによって組織されているからです。WordPress.org や WordPress 自体の成長に貢献する方法は、コードを書くことだけではなく、もっといろいろな形があるのです。WordPress の各種チームについて、彼らが何をしているのか、チーム同士がどのように連携しているのか、そしてもっとも重要な参加方法について、このセッションで話します。それから、私自身がどのように参加するようになり、それが私の職業人生にどのような影響を与えてくれたのかという小さな物語も少し語ります。

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  • Petya Raykovska: Growing together. Thoughts on the Global WordPress community / ともに成長する。WordPress のグローバルコミュニティについての思索

    Petya Raykovska: Growing together. Thoughts on the Global WordPress community / ともに成長する。WordPress のグローバルコミュニティについての思索

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Petya Raykovska

    September 21, 2016 — The global WordPress community is on the raise with more WordPress events happening around the world every day and WordPress being translated in more languages with every release. This talk tells the story of how several core decisions combined with the ideas of a group of European WordPress friends helped pave the path of the global WordPress community.

    今、WordPress のグローバルコミュニティは発展し続けています。WordPress のイベントが世界中で毎日開催され、新しいバージョンがリリースされるたびに新しい言語の翻訳が追加されています。このセッションでは、ヨーロッパの WordPress コミュニティが、グローバルコミュニティを作るという意図のもと、どのような意思決定をしてきたのか、その物語を共有します。

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  • Thomas Brühl: WordPress – Mitmachen • Teilhaben • Zurückgeben

    Thomas Brühl: WordPress – Mitmachen • Teilhaben • Zurückgeben

    WordCamp Frankfurt 2016Speaker: Thomas Brühl

    September 15, 2016 — Getreu dem Motto des letztjährigen WordCamp Cologne MMXV – Erweitere Deinen Horizont • Teile Dein Wissen • Erlebe die Gemeinschaft – möchte ich in dieser Session allen Interessierten eine Einblick in die Möglichkeiten zum Mitmachen, Teilhaben und Zurückgeben an WordPress geben.

    Insbesondere möchte ich Bereiche vorstellen, in denen ich selber involviert bin, das Community Deputy Team von WordCamp Central, die Deutsche WordPress Community, das Polyglots Team und die auf dem WordCamp Antwerpen 2016 neu gegründeten WordPress Security Community.

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  • Marc Gratch: 7 Years of Doing if Wrong, Making the Most Out of Community

    Marc Gratch: 7 Years of Doing if Wrong, Making the Most Out of Community

    WordCamp Oklahoma City 2016Speaker: Marc Gratch

    September 14, 2016 — In 2007 I started a brand management agency. The 3 owners were a designer, a web developer and myself as the business director. At our peak we were doing everything wrong. Years later after the company folded and I was managing a solid number of clients I was still doing it wrong.

    In 2014 I attended my first two WordCamps, sponsored a few and spoke at one. I began attending my local meetup and tweeting about WordPress as much as possible. I learned more in 12 months of being involved in the WordPress community than I had for 7 years prior.

    This talk will center around that story while educating the audience about how to make the most of the WordPress community, the vast number of resources out there and how to give back.


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  • Denise VanDeCruze: Aligning Business and Community Goals

    Denise VanDeCruze: Aligning Business and Community Goals

    WordCamp Frankfurt 2016Speaker: Denise VanDeCruze

    September 7, 2016 — Companies that are based on WordPress are invested in the future of the WP community project.

    In this session I will cover:
    – Successful stories of WP engagement
    – How engagement in the WP community benefits companies

  • WordPress Community Interview Series With Josepha Haden

    WordPress Community Interview Series With Josepha Haden

    WordPress Community Interview SeriesSpeaker: Josepha Haden

    September 5, 2016 — Joespha Haden is an Automattician who is able to contribute to several area of the WordPress Community. She blogs at Stars And The Moon where she writes about a variety of subjects including food and Pepper.

    She comes from a long line of writers and was challenged at a young age to be a life long learner.

  • Rocío Valdivia: Cómo involucrarte (más) con WordPress

    Rocío Valdivia: Cómo involucrarte (más) con WordPress

    WordCamp Bilbao 2016Speaker: Rocío Valdivia

    August 28, 2016 — En esta charla, Rocío Valdivia dará un repaso por todos los equipos que hay en el proyecto de código abierto de WordPress. Hay muchas maneras de contribuir al proyecto y de poner tu granito de arena en un software utilizado por el 26% de internet.

    Una gran forma de desarrollarte profesionalmente y de trabajar con muchos de los mejores profesionales de WordPress del mundo. ¡Y no tienes que ser desarrollador o diseñador! Todo el mundo puede contribuir en WordPress, no importa si eres un experto o un principiante, hay cabida para todos.

    Y en esta charla, Rocío nos contará por dónde empezar y que opciones disponibles hay para poner un trocito de ti en WordPress.

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  • Shane Purnell: WordCamp - Your Platform for Success

    Shane Purnell: WordCamp – Your Platform for Success

    WordCamp Fayetteville 2016Speaker: Shane Purnell

    August 28, 2016 — Are you ready to CARVE out a clear path to reach your goals?

    Shane will show you how to use WordPress to achieve success no matter what industry or community you’re in.