‘Content Marketing’ Videos

  • Brandee Spears Segraves: Keeping Content Marketing Authentic

    Brandee Spears Segraves: Keeping Content Marketing Authentic

    WordCamp Fayetteville 2016Speaker: Brandee Spears Segraves

    August 25, 2016 — Brandee Spears Segraves facilitates a discussion on content marketing and maintaining an authentic voice. Join this content marketing expert for an inspiring conversation on using WordPress to tell your story.

  • Laura Lynch: Content Marketing: Building a Relationship of Trust

    Laura Lynch: Content Marketing: Building a Relationship of Trust

    Wordpress Meetup ViennaSpeaker: Laura Lynch

    July 7, 2016 — Content Marketing: Building a relationship of trust by Laura Lynch (@darjeelingblend)

    Have ever imagined to get more readers, followers, leads, prospect, clients, writing content on your blog?

    With the right type of content, paying attention to SEO, and following a few rules, you can positively impact your business in a few easy steps. And WordPress is the best platform for it!

    Laura Lynch is a freelance copywriter, content marketer, and researcher for several agencies in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. She creates and edits content for four different blogs, and is getting ready to publish an ebook on social media marketing for small businesses. She has been a speaker for Michigan Marketing Minds, and is a recent devotee of WordPress.

    Laura will help us answer key questions, including:

    • Which numbers matter on social media?
    • How big is your audience?
    • What is your engagement rate?

    And many more!

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  • Nicole Kohler: Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing

    Nicole Kohler: Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing

    WordCamp Lancaster 2016Speaker: Nicole Kohler

    April 23, 2016 — Content marketing sounds like a magic bullet — something that can improve your SEO, boost your traffic, and bring in more sales.

    Reality check: it’s not, at least not for everyone.

    I’ll clear up three common misconceptions about content marketing and explain the realities, plus how you can find the best use for it based on your business, audience, and desired outcome.

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  • Shayla Price: Power Of User-Generated Content

    Shayla Price: Power Of User-Generated Content

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speaker: Shayla Price

    April 22, 2016 — The Power of User-Generated Content is a great talk for newbies learning about content marketing and social media. This presentation will highlight the benefits of UGC with examples. Attendees will learn how to run an effective UGC campaign.

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  • Chris Dippold: Social Media Marketing richtig nutzen: „Next Level Marketing“

    Chris Dippold: Social Media Marketing richtig nutzen: „Next Level Marketing“

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016Speaker: Chris Dippold

    April 21, 2016 — Obwohl Social Media heutzutage nicht mehr wegzudenken ist, nutzen trotzdem noch viel zu wenige Unternehmen diese Kanäle richtig. Besonders kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen könnten gegenüber ihren großen Mitbewerbern deutlich besser abschneiden, als wir es uns möglicherweise vorstellen können. In dieser Session möchte Chris uns einen neuen Blickwinkel in die Sozialen Netzwerke geben, inspirierende Praxis-Beispiele zeigen und Tools erklären, um direkt danach anzufangen – auch ohne zwangsläufig einen Cent in Marketing investieren zu müssen. Folgende Fragen werden dabei von ihm beantwortet:

    Welche Sozialen Netzwerke & Webseiten sind für dein Unternehmen relevant?
    Welche Ziele sollte ein Unternehmen verfolgen?
    Wie wird man auf Facebook & Co erfolgreich und wie verdient man damit mehr Geld?
    Wie viel Zeit und Geld muss investiert werden?
    Warum Emotionen wichtig sind und wie Facebook uns beeinflusst
    Warum Facebook, Google, Amazon & Co die perfekten Tools haben, um erfolgreicher zu werden
    9 Tools, mit den du schneller an dein Ziel kommst
    Warum Facebook Marketing einer der effektivsten und kostengünstigsten Plattformen ist

  • Jochen Schnabel: WordPress Businesspraxis – Wie Kleinunternehmen mit WP effizient CMS/Blog/Shop betreiben

    Jochen Schnabel: WordPress Businesspraxis – Wie Kleinunternehmen mit WP effizient CMS/Blog/Shop betreiben

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016

    April 21, 2016 — Effizienz im Web mit WordPress: Wie Nicht-IT-Ler und Nicht-Redakteure mit schmalem Geldbeutel mittels WordPress effizient Content-Marketing und eCommerce betreiben können. Hierzu möchte uns Jochen die Einsatzmöglichkeiten von WordPress als CMS, Blog und Shop aufzeigen.

  • Stefanie Thielmann: Content für das Web

    Stefanie Thielmann: Content für das Web

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016Speaker: Stefanie Thielmann

    April 19, 2016 — Stefanie möchte eine kurze Vorstellung zum Thema Content für das Web machen. Worauf sollten wir achten, was können wir vorbereitend tun und was hat das mit Ranking zu tun?

  • Brian Rotsztein: Grow Your Ideal Audience with Content Marketing

    Brian Rotsztein: Grow Your Ideal Audience with Content Marketing

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Brian Rotsztein

    January 16, 2016 — Writing blog posts without a clear direction is typically a waste of time for bloggers and businesses that are trying to grow their audience. If you aren’t sure how to reach your ideal audience and need actionable tips to gain traction, this is the session for you.

    You may already be engaged in content marketing without even knowing it. It’s a great way to increase readership, brand awareness, search engine visibility, social media networking opportunities, and sales. During this session, the concept of content marketing will be explained and attendees will discover key concepts and learn important tactics which they can implement right away to reach their ideal audience.

    Find out who wants to consume your content and how to beat the competition at figuring it out. Topics such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing will also be touched on. Relevant plugins and other online tools will be highlighted.

    Learning Outcomes

    – Follow clear steps to better content marketing.
    – Implement actionable content marketing ideas.
    – Find ideal content opportunities.
    – Practice smart content marketing.

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  • Michael Cropper: Tracking Your Content Marketing Results Accurately

    Michael Cropper: Tracking Your Content Marketing Results Accurately

    WordCamp Manchester 2015Speaker: Michael Cropper

    December 17, 2015 — Without a clear tracking strategy you should not be investing time in content marketing. Tracking your digital marketing activities accurately will enable you to justify the time you are investing, see a clear return on your investment and direct you efforts in the future based on past results. Reviewing the core tools to track your digital marketing activities accurately, how to integrate these tools into a effective process and how to deal with the growing Google Analytics referral spam problem.

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  • Bjørn Seaton: Is the Internet Dethroning the Content King

    Bjørn Seaton: Is the Internet Dethroning the Content King

    WordCamp Cantabria 2015Speaker: Bjørn Seaton

    December 4, 2015 — Content is king, and yet the comparative value of content has fallen non-stop since the dawn of the internet.

    This talk is a discussion of the content marketing supply/demand paradox and how a CMS like WordPress fits into that reality.