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  • Angie Meeker: WordPress 101 – Adding Content

    Angie Meeker: WordPress 101 – Adding Content

    WordCamp Cincinnati 2016Speaker: Angie Meeker

    January 14, 2017 — Adding Content To Your WordPress Website
    Pages Versus Posts: What’s the Difference?
    The Importance of Regular, Relevant Content
    Planning Your Parent and Child Pages
    Adding Pages
    Planning Your Posts: Categories and Tags
    Adding Posts
    Getting Familiar With The ToolBar
    Publishing Options: Status, Visibility, Schedule
    Adding Media: Photos, Videos, Documents
    Managing Existing Posts and Pages Quickly
    Managing Comments
    Moderating Comments

  • Chris Celek: OK, I Have a WordPress Website. What Do I Do With It?

    Chris Celek: OK, I Have a WordPress Website. What Do I Do With It?

    WordCamp Cincinnati 2016Speaker: Chris Celek

    January 7, 2017 — What content and functionality get the most use? What WordPress tools can help you add that content and functionality to your business online?

    In this WordCamp Cincinnati presentation, you’ll learn six things you can do immediately to better tell your business’ or organization’s story and share it online in ways using WordPress that attracts the customers you want to reach. See and hear about the topics and formats that people want to find on your website — and which WordPress functionality and plugins to use to put your message in their hands. Examples will include tools for:

    • Researching and writing topics efficiently
    • Managing workflow and coordinating the work of internal and external contributors
    • Setting up content to be found in search
    • Social sharing
    • Add powerful images to your content
    • How to help customers contact you

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  • Susan Wenner Jackson: Creating Content That Matters

    Susan Wenner Jackson: Creating Content That Matters

    WordCamp Cincinnati 2016Speaker: Susan Wenner Jackson

    January 7, 2017 — Whatever you’re trying to achieve through your WordPress site, relevant content must be part of your formula for success. You might have the world’s most amazing logo, design, search optimization, mobile-friendly features, and everything else a good WordPress site should offer. But without tangible, authentic, and valuable content to offer up, that beautiful, functional site will remain an empty, lonely shell.

    Find out how to generate content that will reach and engage your intended target. By applying some fundamentals of good old-fashioned journalism and editorial strategy, you can crack the code on producing what today’s consumers of content really want.

    This session will cover:
    – Identifying which content areas or topics you should focus on
    – Choosing which media will work best for you (articles, videos, e-books, etc.)
    – Creating an editorial plan and calendar
    – Getting your content out to your desired audience
    – How to use your content to achieve your goals

    Throughout the presentation, you’ll see illustrative examples of WordPress content at its best, with tips and takeaways to improve your own site.

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  • Maja Zikic: WordPress magija - 7 koraka do savršeno optimizovanog sadržaja za oflajn publiku

    Maja Zikic: WordPress magija – 7 koraka do savršeno optimizovanog sadržaja za oflajn publiku

    WordCamp Belgrade 2016Speaker: Maja Zikic

    December 28, 2016 — Kreiranje sadržaja koji se visoko kotira na stranicama pretraživača zahteva dosta truda. Zaista dosta truda. Dobro su nam poznati benefiti koje optimizacija sadržaja donosi, ipak, ponekad nam se može učiniti da kada se utrkuju rad na optimizaciji sadržaja i razvoj kvalitetnog proizvoda nešto mora da trpi posledice. Ukoliko ovo začinite sa svakodnevnim izazovima koje donosi rad na akviziciji novih korisnika, naročito ako se oni pretežno nalaze oflajn, preostaće vam jedino da se zapitate šta je to što možete učiniti? Moja prezentacija biće zasnovana na primeru Farmije i koracima koje smo preduzeli ne bi li nam sadržaj doneo kvalitetne korisnike.

  • Jamie Schmid: Content Doesn’t Grow on Trees – An Introduction to Content Strategy

    Jamie Schmid: Content Doesn’t Grow on Trees – An Introduction to Content Strategy

    WordCamp Montreal 2016Speaker: Jamie Schmid

    December 19, 2016 — Content is EVERYBODY’s problem: it’s a problem for the content creator, and a problem for the developer. Without content, there is no website. Without the website there is no client. Yet… how is it always left for last? In this talk I will teach you the core practices of the field known as Content Strategy: planning, development, and management of content. Learn how to integrate Content Strategy into your web process will transform your workflow to give everyone a grasp on creating, managing and structuring content– organized and delivered on-time.

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  • Andrea Zoellner: Five Newsroom Tips for Better Website Content

    Andrea Zoellner: Five Newsroom Tips for Better Website Content

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Andrea Zoellner

    December 10, 2016 — Clear and compelling writing can improve any website, from hobby blogs to academic resource centers. If you think your web content needs a little love, take a cue from the professionals who make a living writing every day: Journalists! In this talk, I’ll use examples from the newsroom that apply to anyone writing for the web. You don’t need to see your name in print to be a good writer.

  • Lisa Melegari: How to Talk Content - A Guide for Developers

    Lisa Melegari: How to Talk Content – A Guide for Developers

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Lisa Melegari

    December 10, 2016 — Content can make or break a great WordPress site. While developers aren’t always in control of creating the content, it’s an integral part of their jobs. If you are tired of getting vague specs on content demands and want to learn how to communicate with your content creators, the tips covered in this talk will get you speaking their language! No more fuzzy constraints or unknown variables, when you learn effective communication skills with content creators you’ll reduce stress AND development time!

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  • Brendan Sera-Shriar: Seduce Your Readers With Copy That Converts

    Brendan Sera-Shriar: Seduce Your Readers With Copy That Converts

    WordCamp Montreal 2016Speaker: Brendan Sera-Shriar

    December 9, 2016 — Getting readers to your website, blog or landing page is only half the battle. Once they have arrived you need to keep’em and hook’em. Wether you’re selling a service, product or point of view your copy needs to do more than just engage your readers, it needs to seduce them! In this presentation we’ll look at creative copy writing techniques that convert your readers into site members, subscribers, customers or whatever your goal is!

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  • Ilman Akbar: Tips To Make Content EAT-able and Rank Higher on Search Engines

    Ilman Akbar: Tips To Make Content EAT-able and Rank Higher on Search Engines

    WordCamp Denpasar 2016Speaker: Ilman Akbar

    December 8, 2016 — For every writers & bloggers, getting thousands of visitors coming to read your content is definitely the ultimate goals. Why bother writing if nobody read it? This session will share a case study about how to make online article rank high in the organic search engine and getting endless stream of visitors every day, by creating an EAT-able content. Creating content that getting loved by both search engine & users, why not?

  • Dawn Pedersen: Using a Content-First Design Process

    Dawn Pedersen: Using a Content-First Design Process

    WordCamp Sacramento 2016Speaker: Dawn Pedersen

    December 1, 2016 — Sure, you could do a lot of guesswork at the beginning of a website design project. Let’s build a template and throw in some placeholders, and see what becomes of it! Only to discover when the text and media come rolling in from your content creators that half the template needs to be rebuilt, and the menu structure you had in mind was way off-base.

    This happens a lot, costing everyone involved valuable time and energy — especially you. Learn how to put content first in the sequence of design steps.

    This talk will cover:

    Defining your audience and goals
    How to convince your client to provide content in a timely fashion
    Understanding, organizing, and prioritizing content
    Brainstorming ideas for optimal site and page structure

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