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  • Greg Taylor: Is Your Content Helping or Hurting You?

    Greg Taylor: Is Your Content Helping or Hurting You?

    WordCamp San Diego 2016Speaker: Greg Taylor

    April 26, 2016 — Content…content…content — that’s all marketing people want to talk about. But, is your content strategy actually helping your business achieve its goals? This session is designed for marketers, WordPress users, and anyone who wants a jump start with their content game.

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  • Elyssa Fernandez and Elisha Fernandez: Be Authentic in your Content in 3 Simple Steps

    Elyssa Fernandez and Elisha Fernandez: Be Authentic in your Content in 3 Simple Steps

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speakers: Elyssa Fernandez, Elisha Fernandez

    April 8, 2016 — “In this empowering, high energy session, WordCamp Miami attendees will learn:

    – The 3 Ways to Being Authentic On and Off-line
    – How to tell your WHY Story to Connect to the Audience
    – How to Deal with Critics Easily and Effectively
    – 3 Powerful Attitudes that Help you Relate to the Audience
    – Practical Ways to Deeply Connect with your Target Audience

    WordCamp Miami attendees will leave with a clear understanding of why and how they can write authentic content so they can start helping those around them and make a BIG difference in the world!”

  • Lisa LaMagna: Content Development for Your Company or Your Clients

    Lisa LaMagna: Content Development for Your Company or Your Clients

    WordCamp Croatia 2015Speaker: Lisa LaMagna

    January 18, 2016 — Add a new dimension to the services you provide. Build better websites by creating content that lives up to the quality of your design. Create and organize written and visual content within your company, or for your client. Lisa will share: How the website project can (finally) catalyze a clear marketing plan; Processes & tools for creating and organizing content — what works now; How to price content creation services.

  • Brian Rotsztein: Grow Your Ideal Audience with Content Marketing

    Brian Rotsztein: Grow Your Ideal Audience with Content Marketing

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Brian Rotsztein

    January 16, 2016 — Writing blog posts without a clear direction is typically a waste of time for bloggers and businesses that are trying to grow their audience. If you aren’t sure how to reach your ideal audience and need actionable tips to gain traction, this is the session for you.

    You may already be engaged in content marketing without even knowing it. It’s a great way to increase readership, brand awareness, search engine visibility, social media networking opportunities, and sales. During this session, the concept of content marketing will be explained and attendees will discover key concepts and learn important tactics which they can implement right away to reach their ideal audience.

    Find out who wants to consume your content and how to beat the competition at figuring it out. Topics such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing will also be touched on. Relevant plugins and other online tools will be highlighted.

    Learning Outcomes

    – Follow clear steps to better content marketing.
    – Implement actionable content marketing ideas.
    – Find ideal content opportunities.
    – Practice smart content marketing.

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  • Alexandre Simard, Élise Desaulniers: Multilingual Content and WordPress

    Alexandre Simard, Élise Desaulniers: Multilingual Content and WordPress

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speakers: Alexandre Simard, Élise Desaulniers

    January 16, 2016 — If we had a dollar for each time someone asked us which plugin to use for a multilingual WordPress site, beer would be on us for everyone attending our talk. At this time, there’s no be-all end-all answer to the multilingual question.

    In this talk, we will review the best practices involved in creating a multilingual site, then we will walk you through the benefits, drawbacks and pitfalls of current approaches to multilingual content with WordPress. Yes, we’ve (pretty much) tried them all. We hope that by the end of our talk, you’ll feel at ease if multilingual projects come your way.

    Learning Outcomes:

    – Master the best practices in multilingual sites conception.
    – Understand the different approaches and tools used in WordPress.
    – Choose the best tools for each project.
    – Work better with translators and external resources.

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  • Chrissie Pollock: Community Consultation Creates Compelling Content

    Chrissie Pollock: Community Consultation Creates Compelling Content

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Chrissie Pollock

    January 11, 2016 — Want a better-looking site, stronger writing skills and better visibility? You have a powerful resource at your fingertips: the WordPress community. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, learn ways to tap into the community to make your site stand out.

    Community feedback gives your site more visibility and lets you know what people are looking for — from stunning images to catchy content. Discover tips, tricks and resources that will make your site stronger and get your voice heard.

    This presentation will highlight offerings from Blogging University, forums, local meetups and WordCamps.

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  • Jamie Schmid: Content Doesn’t Grow on Trees – An Introduction to Content Strategy

    Jamie Schmid: Content Doesn’t Grow on Trees – An Introduction to Content Strategy

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Jamie Schmid

    January 11, 2016 — “Content is EVERYBODY’s problem: it’s a problem for the content creator, and a problem for the developer. Without content, there is no website. Without the website there is no client. Yet.. how is it content always gets left for last? In this talk I will teach you the core practices of the field known as Content Strategy.Truly thinking “Content First” from the beginning will completely transform your workflow and give everyone a grasp on creating, managing and structuring content, in time and on budget. Get started on this process early so you have enough time to write engaging, thoughtful content and get it published on time.

    This talk is equally valuable for content creators, agencies and freelancers alike. Everyone wants to avoid the horror situation of scrambling to get content together two days before going live. It’s a nightmare for the author and a nightmare for the developer to implement. Learn how to integrate Content Strategy into your entire web process, resulting in quality content, organized and delivered on-time.”

    Learning Outcomes:

    – Understand and communicate the value of content as a true business asset.
    – Organize your site build process around real content, not lorem ipsum.
    – Better identify the organization’s content requirements to build a stronger CMS architecture.
    – Build a content calendar to ensure your company/client is able to stay on top of content needs throughout the site build process and beyond.
    – Set yourself apart from the competition by offering Content Strategy services to your clients.

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  • Jai Sangha: Don’t Let Content Hold Your Website Back

    Jai Sangha: Don’t Let Content Hold Your Website Back

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Jai Sangha

    January 11, 2016 — Presentation will cover: Why content is important; website content and how to start developing it; how blogs enhance a website and why not to be afraid of blogging; delve into blogging strategies, tips and topics; take a vertical dive into writing – basic concepts on grammar, sentence structure, voice, etc. to make content better; content driving SEO, with specific focus on the Yoast SEO plugin and how to use it.

    The intended audience is WordPress users and bloggers, and anyone who struggles with putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard).

    Learning Outcomes

    – Develop content for websites based on the less-is-more approach keeping responsive design in mind.
    – Improve the quality of content on their website.
    – Use the Yoast SEO plugin to improve content and SEO for pages and blog posts.
    – Think about different ideas for which they can use their blog.
    – Overcome the fear of blogging.

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  • Greg Taylor: The New Age Of Content

    Greg Taylor: The New Age Of Content

    WordCamp Sacramento 2015Speaker: Greg Taylor

    January 2, 2016 — Content Marketing isn’t new, but now if you don’t have a solid multi-faceted content strategy you will get left behind. In this session, we’ll dive into how you can create a solid content marketing strategy that includes video, podcasting, Ask-Me-Anythings (AMAs) and how to execute your plan with WordPress.

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  • Noel Tock: Content Publishing In 2016

    Noel Tock: Content Publishing In 2016

    WordCamp Sofia 2015Speaker: Noel Tock

    December 7, 2015 — We’ve always talked about content ownership and how to optimise your website for traffic. But publishing isn’t synonymous with your own website anymore. In this talk, we’ll look at how the distribution of your own content is changing and how we can best position ourselves for an ever-changing web.


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