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  • Erica Jorgensen: Legal Considerations for Bloggers

    Erica Jorgensen: Legal Considerations for Bloggers

    WordCamp Seattle 2014Speaker: Erica Jorgensen

    August 23, 2014 &#8212 As a blogger, you post photos, and probably quotes from people you interview (or, maybe you borrow quotes and content from other websites). If you have a transactional site, you’re making marketing claims. Every single one of these things can get you into legal trouble, and many bloggers are doing them horribly wrong. Which photos are illegal to post on your blog? What is “fair use,” and how does it affect bloggers, exactly? To what degree can you tweak a direct quotation from someone? What about libel and slander? And what constitutes over-promising from a marketing perspective, and how can it get you into hot water with the FTC? What you don’t know about communication law can hurt you. I’ll present examples writers who’ve found themselves stuck in a legal quagmire, and give practical guidelines and resources for keeping your blog in line.

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  • Rick Sanders and Tara M. Aaron: Copyright and Other Legal Basics for Bloggers (and Developers, too)

    Rick Sanders and Tara M. Aaron: Copyright and Other Legal Basics for Bloggers (and Developers, too)

    November 12, 2012 &#8212 A basic introduction to copyright law as it affects blogging and, to a lesser extent, software and application development. Emphasis on fair use, free speech and licensing.

  • Miguel Danielson & Kimberly Isbell: How Not to Get Sued

    Miguel Danielson & Kimberly Isbell: How Not to Get Sued

    WordCamp Boston 2010Speakers: Miguel Danielson, Kimberly Isbell

    January 23, 2010 &#8212 How do you protect your intellectual property as a blogger? Should you register a trademark, a copyright? What are the rules around using third party materials? Miguel Danielson and Kimberly Isbell talk about responding to DMCA take down notices, first amendment issues, and all the other legal issues bloggers commonly face – including time for Q&A.

    Special thanks to the Microsoft NERD Center for hosting WordCamp Boston.


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