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  • Joey Kudish and Mayuko Moriyama: Worldwide Usage of WordPress - 世界の WordPress 事情

    Joey Kudish and Mayuko Moriyama: Worldwide Usage of WordPress – 世界の WordPress 事情

    WordCamp Tokyo 2014Speaker: Joey Kudish and Mayuko Moriyama

    February 18, 2015 — “この開発者指向のプレゼンテーションは WordPress の環境での API とは何なのかと、なぜ私たちがそれらを気にするべきなのかを説明します。

    提案されている WordPress コアの REST API や、 WordPress.com と Jetpack の REST API を含む WordPress のエコシステムのなかで利用可能な色々な API を探っていきます。


    This developer-oriented presentation will focus on explaining what an API is in the context of WordPress and why you should care about them. We’ll explore the different APIs available within the WordPress ecosystem, including the WordPress.com & Jetpack
    REST API as well as the proposed WordPress Core REST API. We’ll also touch upon some of the surrounding developer ecosystem. Time allowing, the presentation will include a Q&A where attendees can ask questions about APIs, general WordPress development
    and Automattic.”

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  • Michael Schroder: Contributing to Core - Hassle to Hobby

    Michael Schroder: Contributing to Core – Hassle to Hobby

    WordCamp Europe 2014Speaker: Michael Schroder

    February 17, 2015 — In 2011, Michael sent his very first email to the wp-hackers mailing list. He wasn’t sure if it was the right place to introduce himself, but he had to start somewhere. In the years since, he has gone from being a tentative new contributor to being one of the release leads for WordPress 3.9. In this presentation, Michael talks about his journey through the WordPress project. Michael will focus on some of the problems he encountered as a contributor and how he dealt with them. Michael also look at how, more recently, the project has removed some of those barriers, making it simpler than ever for newcomers to get involved.

    NOTE: slides are from WordCamp Orange County 2014

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  • Interview de Julio Potier, orateur de l'atelier “Comprenez et maitrisez les fameux hooks WordPress”

    Interview de Julio Potier, orateur de l’atelier “Comprenez et maitrisez les fameux hooks WordPress”

    WordCamp Paris 2014Speaker: Julio Potier

    December 22, 2014 — Consultant en Sécurité Web et Expert à Miami WordPress, j’interviens dans différents projets pour faire de la prévention sur la sécurité web et créer des fonctionnalités avancées via des extensions WordPress. Je dévore le core et le codex tel un ogre. Et j’ai toujours faim !

  • Suzette Franck: Understanding WordPress Core Functionality

    Suzette Franck: Understanding WordPress Core Functionality

    WordCamp NYC 2014Speaker: Suzette Franck

    November 15, 2014 — If you are new to WordPress, this session teaches you how to make the most of the awesome functionality provided with WordPress core to build your website or blog. Itl covers the latest and greatest features of using WordPress utilizing featured images, tags and categories, native galleries and audio playlists, menus, widgets, and the Theme Customizer to preview modifications to themes before pushing them live on the server, all from a website owner perspective.

  • Drew Jaynes: Core Docs - Sentencing WordPress to 11-years-to-life

    Drew Jaynes: Core Docs – Sentencing WordPress to 11-years-to-life

    WordCamp NYC 2014Speaker: Drew Jaynes

    November 15, 2014 — This talk takes a stroll through the docs road map devised two summers ago and how that’s progressing. We examine the diminished role the Codex will take going forward, as well as highlight some exciting initiatives coming into the fold — including the handbooks, code reference, and more.

  • Erick Hitter: From URL to Query - A Brief Introduction

    Erick Hitter: From URL to Query – A Brief Introduction

    WordCamp San Francisco 2014Speaker: Erick Hitter

    November 3, 2014 — Lighting Talk:
    I’ll highlight the major steps in WordPress’ loading process and shed some light on the various APIs used. You’ll leave with enough understanding to dig into WordPress Core for greater detail and a better comprehension of how its many APIs work together.

  • Helen Hou-Sandí: Developers Get Curious About WordPress Core

    Helen Hou-Sandí: Developers Get Curious About WordPress Core

    WordCamp Europe 2014Speaker: Helen Hou-Sandi

    October 20, 2014 — Get curious. WordPress 4.0 release lead Helen Hou-Sandí talks about how digging into core and following along in some capacity with what core is doing can help you get things done in more efficient ways, start thinking about how to learn more, as well as write continuously better code.

  • Adam Silverstein: Revising WordPress Revisions

    Adam Silverstein: Revising WordPress Revisions

    WordCamp Seattle 2014Speaker: Adam Silverstein

    August 21, 2014 — WordPress revisions got a jolt of Backbone and a complete interface overhaul in WordPress 3.6 (as did media in 3.5 and themes in 3.8). Hear the revisions rewrite story and description of the effort involved, plus a code overview and ideas for leveraging Backbone (and Underscore) in your WordPress project.

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  • Mike Schroder: Heartbeat API Jumpstart

    Mike Schroder: Heartbeat API Jumpstart

    WordCamp Seattle 2014Speaker: Mike Schroder

    August 21, 2014 — As of WordPress 3.9, the Heartbeat API is no longer experimental! It’s intended to help developers synchronize data between the browser and server without manually sending individual AJAX calls. Learn Heartbeat basics and have a quick run-through on how it’s used by WordPress’ core.

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  • Kailey Lampert: Hidden Treasures of WordPress

    Kailey Lampert: Hidden Treasures of WordPress

    WordCamp Seattle 2014Speaker: Kailey Lampert

    August 11, 2014 — There are a lot of hidden, little-known, and under-documented parts of core that can be really handy to have in your toolkit. Let’s take a look at several of the most-loved and under-used parts of core that will make us all better developers.

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