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  • Matt Wiebe: Advanced Customizer Usage

    Matt Wiebe: Advanced Customizer Usage

    WordCamp Boston 2013Speaker: Matt Wiebe

    January 3, 2014 — The Customizer is great, but there’s very little knowledge out there for building advanced controls with it, since its JavaScript API is currently undocumented.

    (This is a real time demonstration – no slides available.)

    I’ll share lessons learned building advanced controls for Custom Design on WordPress.com for how you can take the Customizer to the next level.

  • Konstantin Obenland: The Customizer

    Konstantin Obenland: The Customizer

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2013Speaker: Konstantin Obenland

    October 1, 2013 — The Customizer has been around since WordPress 3.4, yet it is one of the most unknown and under appreciated features around. Learn what the Customizer is, from where users can access it, and why it is so awesome. Then the Customizer API, how to integrate it in your themes and plugins, and dive into how you can extend existing functionality. Finally cover some tutorials and example implementations, what default themes do with it, and how to encourages its use.

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