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  • Nowell VanHoesen: The Joy Of Being a Considerate Developer

    Nowell VanHoesen: The Joy Of Being a Considerate Developer

    WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016Speaker: Nowell VanHoesen

    June 24, 2016 — Let’s have a discussion about things we can do to make our themes and plugins a pleasure to work with.

  • Josh Pollock: It All Starts With A Story

    Josh Pollock: It All Starts With A Story

    WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016Speaker: Josh Pollock

    June 24, 2016 — WordPress has an origin story, two people in different countries, looking to improve their open source blogging software, that evolved into thousands of people working on or with that software. But who we are, humans, our evolution has been driven by our ability to tell increasingly complex stories.

    Storytelling is not just at the root of who we are — it is who we are.

    In this talk we will remind ourselves of what a story is. Once we are clear on the difference between a story and a statement, we will explore what understanding our stories means for us, as bloggers, business people and developers working in an open source ecosystem.

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  • Steve Grunwell: Professional Development for Professional Developers

    Steve Grunwell: Professional Development for Professional Developers

    WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016Speaker: Steve Grunwell

    June 24, 2016 — The best and worst part about our chosen vocation is that there’s an endless amount of stuff to see, learn, and try and nowhere near enough time in which to do it. In an industry where “the new hotness” changes every week, what hope does a developer have of keeping up?

    This talk focuses on the professional development of a professional developer. How do we continue to grow as professionals without getting totally overwhelmed with information? We’ll touch on the topics of stress, education, humility, and more.

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  • Karen Arnold and Erica Varlese: Engineering Happiness - Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Customers

    Karen Arnold and Erica Varlese: Engineering Happiness – Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Customers

    WordCamp Rio de Janeiro 2015Speakers: Karen Arnold, Erica Varlese

    June 21, 2016 — So you have created a plugin or a theme for WordPress. Awesome! It doesn’t stop there. We will discuss why great support matters and give you simple ways to get a reputation for excellent support without increasing your time or effort.

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  • Elliot Taylor, Dave Green, Philip John: Lightning Session

    Elliot Taylor, Dave Green, Philip John: Lightning Session

    WordCamp London 2016Speakers: Elliot Taylor, Dave Green, Philip John

    June 5, 2016 — Why switching to WordPress Coding Standards will make you a better developer by Dave Green

    WordPress Coding Standards have been around for a while, yet many developers don’t write code with them, let alone know they exist. This was the case with me until September 2015 when I made the switch, and now I wish I’d dived in earlier! In this talk I’ll explain what they are, how they will help you write better, cleaner and more secure PHP code and why you should be using them for all WordPress projects.

    See the slides for Dave Green’s Talk Why Switching WordPress Coding Standards will make you a better Developer

    Be a better developer with code review by Philip John

    Code review may sound boring – as developers we want to *write* code, not read someone else’s. But if there’s one thing we must do as developers it’s continually learn, and code review is one of the best ways to do that. This talk will help you improve as a developer by talking about code review, what it is, and how it can improve the security, scalability and readability of your code.

    Building a SaaS product in WordPress by Elliot Taylor

    Last year Elliot put his focus from his agency business onto developing his product business YoGrow. The talk will discuss some of the benefits of moving to a product business and how YoGrow uses WordPress and WooCommerce as a foundation.

  • John Blackbourn: Internationalisation for WordPress Developers

    John Blackbourn: Internationalisation for WordPress Developers

    Global WordPress Translation Day 2016Speaker: John Blackbourn

    May 30, 2016 — Plugin/Theme Devs: Internationalisation for WordPress developers – the right way to prepare your themes and plugins for translation
    with John Blackbourn, WordPress core developer, WordPress 4.1 release lead and Senior WordPress Engineer at Human Made

  • Willy Bahuaud: Pourquoi et comment lire le code de WordPress ?

    Willy Bahuaud: Pourquoi et comment lire le code de WordPress ?

    WordCamp Paris 2016Speaker: Willy Bahuaud

    May 16, 2016 — J’ai vraiment eu le sentiment de progresser dans ma pratique dès le moment où je me suis mis à lire le code source de WordPress.
    Avant, je me référais uniquement au codex – et autres sites tels wpseek – pour comprendre des fonctions ou des filtres, mais ces ressources sont loin d’être complètes… pire : elles ne permettent de trouver des informations que sur ce que l’on cherche.

    Aucun risque donc de découvrir des fonctions/hooks au hasard… alors que ceux-ci pourraient nous être très utiles dans nos développements.

    Que l’on soit développeur ou pas, la lecture du code source de WP ou de ses plugins permet d’évoluer dans notre compréhension du CMS.

    Bien sûr nous n’allons pas tout lire, mais je vous expliquerai comment trouver les fichiers qui vous intéressent, et je vous suggérerai quelques fichiers qui sont de bonnes entrées en matière…

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  • Pippin Williamson: Ask Me Anything About Plugins

    Pippin Williamson: Ask Me Anything About Plugins

    WordCamp San Diego 2016Speaker: Pippin Williamson

    May 7, 2016 — Pippin is a prolific plugin developer and founder of several successful commercial WordPress plugin projects. This session will have a Q&A style format where the audience can ask any question related to plugin development, the WordPress.org plugins directory, selling plugins, building a development team, and anything else related to plugins. Pippin will do his best to answer every question to the best of his ability.

  • Hans-Helge Bürger: Entwickler Workflow – Von Anfang bis Ende

    Hans-Helge Bürger: Entwickler Workflow – Von Anfang bis Ende

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016Speaker: Hans-Helge Bürger

    April 21, 2016 — Hans-Helge liebt es, einen guten Entwicklungs-Workflow zu haben. Wenn alles eingerichtet ist und die Arbeit scheint einfach nur so zu flutschen. Doch leider war das bis letztes Jahr bei ihm noch nicht der Fall und so hat er sich aktiv auf die Suche begeben. Bei seiner Suche fand er allerdings keine guten Ressourcen, die wirklich mal von Anfang bis Ende alles gezeigt haben und das möchte er mit diesem Talk nun ändern. Dabei wird er nicht in jegliche Details gehen können, aber für interessierte Entwickler wird er natürlich alle Ressourcen und Links bereit stellen.

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  • Sara Rosso: Fake it Like a Project Manager, for Designers and Developers

    Sara Rosso: Fake it Like a Project Manager, for Designers and Developers

    WordCamp Berlin 2015Speaker: Sara Rosso

    January 25, 2016 — Even if you’re not a project manager, you can learn and incorporate some of the important tenets of project management into your projects and client relationships.


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