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  • Helena Denley: Leveraging Your Skills – Moving From One-On-One Client Work To Creating Your First Online Course

    Helena Denley: Leveraging Your Skills – Moving From One-On-One Client Work To Creating Your First Online Course

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Helena Denley

    October 2, 2015 — Are you a freelancer who is at capacity with clients but aren’t earning the income you would like to be? Are you a freelancer looking to expand your reach beyond the one on one client work? If you answered ‘Yes’ to either or both of those questions then this is a must see talk for you!
    Helena will help you plan your first online course by helping you with following tasks:
    Do you have a list? If not start building one now so you can survey your list to find out what they may want.
    Can your current skills, the ones you use in your freelance business with one-on-one clients, translate into an online course?
    – Skills assessment.
    – Target market – who are you be able to teach your skills to?
    – Creating your course – delivered live or pre-recorded?
    – Minimum viable product and iterate as you go or at each release.
    – Fitting course creation amongst current work.
    – Cut back on one-on-one work to make time to deliver the course.
    – Specific launches or Evergreen course.

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  • Aaron Ware: You Will Never Be Good Enough

    Aaron Ware: You Will Never Be Good Enough

    WordCamp Providence 2014Speaker: Aaron Ware

    August 6, 2015 — We explore the continued evolution of our talents through school, online research, self exploration, or accidental discoveries. I share useful resources regarding a number of areas such as process, dev and design. Some additional touch-points of the topic include cooperation, collaboration, competition, co-working and playing well with others. A secondary goal is to encourage confidence in attendee’s abilities as they grow and evolve in their career (regardless of what that is). Aspects of the session will have a WordPress slant to them.

  • George Stephanis: Civility and Kindness in Open Source Software

    George Stephanis: Civility and Kindness in Open Source Software

    WordCamp Scranton 2015Speaker: George Stephanis

    August 3, 2015 — In this session we discuss some of the history of open source software, look at how subdivisions take hold, how we can all be better about working toward the common interests of all, and the all-important nature of treating one another with kindness and not leaping to conclusions.

  • Renee Hobbs: Using WordPress for Online Learning

    Renee Hobbs: Using WordPress for Online Learning

    WordCamp Providence 2014Speaker: Renee Hobbs

    August 3, 2015 — This session introduces the use of WordPress to support a fully-online graduate class in Library and Information Studies.

  • Cameron Barrett: WordPress for Schools

    Cameron Barrett: WordPress for Schools

    WordCamp Scranton 2015Speaker: Cameron Barrett

    August 3, 2015 — I recently replaced a proprietary SaaS CMS for the largest school district in the state (Newark, NJ). We launched our 70+ schools sites on Aug 29, 2014 on top of WordPress. Our district site is 30,000 pages and 300,000+ media assets. In the end, we cut our annual web site management budget in half and have beautiful new web sites powered by WordPress that ease the pain points our content owners, administrators and technology coordinators have when managing their school websites. This presentation covers how this was achieved using WordPress, how it has solved many of the problems we were facing with our vendor-controlled proprietary system, and how we have embraced the concept of WordPress as an Application Framework, allowing us to create all kinds of sites, applications, and mobile apps directly from WordPress.

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  • Ben Dunkle: Teaching WordPress

    Ben Dunkle: Teaching WordPress

    WordCamp Scranton 2015Speaker: Ben Dunkle

    July 31, 2015 — He’ll discuss the different scenarios that we encounter when teaching WordPress to our clients, friends, and students. He’ll offer strategies for optimal sharing of our knowledge to others.

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  • Danneberg, Dziamski & Kramer: Plugin-Entwicklung mit eigenen Tabellen, Backend-Widgets, Query-Filters

    Danneberg, Dziamski & Kramer: Plugin-Entwicklung mit eigenen Tabellen, Backend-Widgets, Query-Filters

    WordCamp Berlin 2013Speakers: Nico Danneberg, Daniel Dziamski, Robin Kramer

    March 6, 2015 — In der Session wollen wir euch unser Azubi-Projekt ,,VCAT-Edulabs“ vorstellen. Die Vorstellung erfolgt an einem eigenen Geo-Coding-Plugin. Wir werden euch zeigen wie man die benutzerdefinierten Variablen umstellen kann, bis hin zu einer eigenen Tabelle, mit deren Einbindung über die Query-Filter. Aber auch die Entwicklung von Backend-Widgets im Post- sowie im Page-Bearbeitungsbereich.

  • Grégoire Noyelle : Enseigner WordPress

    Grégoire Noyelle : Enseigner WordPress

    WordCamp Paris 2014Speaker: Grégoire Noyelle

    April 4, 2014 — Ma présentation concerne l’enseignement de WordPress que je dispense depuis 2009 aux Gobelins. Fort de mon expérience, je me focaliserai sur quelques points:

    – Pourquoi WordPress
    – Les profils
    – L’enthousiasme
    – Les déceptions
    – Les incompréhensions
    – Les peurs
    – Les joies
    – Ceux qui reviennent

    Mon objectif consistera à faire le tour de cette liste à partir de plusieurs cas pratiques. Je tenterai de montrer ce qui rend WordPress si populaire. Enfin je proposerai quelques pistes de réflexion sur des évolutions futures et souhaitées de notre CMS préféré.

  • Maria Erb: How WordPressCan Save Higher Education

    Maria Erb: How WordPressCan Save Higher Education

    WordCamp Portland 2013Speaker: Maria Erb

    August 23, 2013 — Higher Ed is facing economic challenges that make it ripe for disruption. WordPress offers a great UI and has the potential to be a first rate purveyor of learning content. This presentation explores how WordPress can become the de facto platform for open sharable learning content and resources.

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  • John Caserta: WordPress for Teachers

    John Caserta: WordPress for Teachers

    WordCamp Providence 2012Speaker: John Caserta

    June 11, 2013 — The presentation is about pedagogy, design and a WordPress theme for teachers. See why WordPress, with its easy set-up and open-source architecture, is an ideal fit for the adjunct instructor or the University department.


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