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  • Arkadius Jonczeck: Wie du mit dem Genesis Framework einfach WordPress Themes entwickeln kannst

    Arkadius Jonczeck: Wie du mit dem Genesis Framework einfach WordPress Themes entwickeln kannst

    WordCamp Berlin 2015Speaker: Arkadius Jonczeck

    February 7, 2016 — In dem Vortrag von Arkadius Jonczek lernst, wie du eigene WordPress Themes mit dem Genesis Framework entwickeln kannst. Er zeigt dir, was das Genesis Framework ist, wie es funktioniert und warum es auch für dich interessant ist. Anschließend werden Beispiele gezeigt und Schritt für Schritt am Code erklärt. Danach kannst du selber loslegen und dein erstes eigenes WordPress Theme mit dem Genesis Framework entwickeln.

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  • Sheila Hoffman: What Is A Theme Framework And Is It Right For Me?

    Sheila Hoffman: What Is A Theme Framework And Is It Right For Me?

    WordCamp Seattle 2015: Beginner EditionSpeaker: Sheila Hoffman

    January 14, 2016 — In her presentation Sheila Hoffman will talk about her evolution from using free and premium themes and eventually working with frameworks including Headway, Pagelines DMS and currently Elegant Themes Divi. Sheila will talk about who should and should not use a framework and some of the pros and cons of this choice.

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  • Ryan Kanner: Themes – Starter vs. Framework vs. Parent

    Ryan Kanner: Themes – Starter vs. Framework vs. Parent

    WordCamp Orange County 2015Speaker: Ryan Kanner

    January 4, 2016 — Creating a custom WordPress theme from scratch is time consuming, but why start with a blank canvas every time? In this talk we will go through the differences between starter themes, frameworks, and parent themes; and which one is right for your needs.

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  • Nikolay Bachiyski: Learning for WordPress Developers

    Nikolay Bachiyski: Learning for WordPress Developers

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Nikolay Bachiyski

    December 13, 2015 — When asked, 100% of the developers asked respond that they are lifelong learners. Yet, a life is short while projects are long.
    We see ourselves struggle with the overwhelming amount of new concepts, technologies, languages, frameworks, and tools. In addition to that WordPress development can be an island and requires extra effort learning something new.
    In this talk we will see how few qualities can help us better structure and navigate our learning efforts.

  • Dario Balbontin: WordPress como framework

    Dario Balbontin: WordPress como framework

    WordCamp Barcelona 2015Speaker: Dario Balbontin

    November 23, 2015 — Como usar WordPress como un framework.

  • Paolo Cargnin: WordPress as a Framework

    Paolo Cargnin: WordPress as a Framework

    WPDay 2015Speaker: Paolo Cargnin

    November 13, 2015 — Ho iniziato a lavorare con WordPress 4 anni fà perché, da frontend developer, adoravo la semplicità con il quale riuscivo a gestire tutte le difficoltà lato backend che un sito aveva, concentrandomi solamente sullo sviluppo del frontend. Parallelamente alla mia conoscenza strutturale del cms, cresceva anche il campo di utilizzo che ne facevo. Questo mi ha portato a sottolinearne i limiti, url rewriting, permessi e multi-site sono solo degli esempi. Da gran pigro quale sono però non mi andava di gettare uno strumento che conoscevo così bene e che, soprattutto, amavo così tanto. Ho preso la decisione più semplice, e cioè quella di tornare ad utilizzarlo come all’inizio, come un fornitore di dati, spostando tutta la gestione del frontend da un’altra parte. Il lavoro è stato arduo, ma il risultato è stato sorprendente.

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  • Robert Gillmer: Land of Confusion – Understanding What Makes Genesis Special

    Robert Gillmer: Land of Confusion – Understanding What Makes Genesis Special

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Robert Gillmer

    October 6, 2015 — “Maybe you’ve heard about Genesis or other frameworks but you don’t know what all the fuss is about. Maybe you’ve tried to use Genesis but were thrown off by the actions and filters. Or maybe you just find me entertaining and want to spend an hour listening to me talk. (Hey, it could happen.)

    I struggled with using Genesis for a long time before I had a breakthrough. I finally stopped trying to compare it to other markup-based themes and started treating it as a framework rooted in PHP. This talk is geared toward people in the same boat that I was in – they know what Genesis is, but are daunted or confused by it.

    After explaining the markup / PHP differences, I go through several use cases, showing how to make simple changes in regular themes like Twenty Fourteen, and how to make the same changes “”the Genesis way.”””

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  • David Aguilera: From Good to Great – Functional and Acceptance Testing in WordPress

    David Aguilera: From Good to Great – Functional and Acceptance Testing in WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2015Speaker: David Aguilera

    July 16, 2015 — The quickest way to damage your reputation is by releasing a plugin or theme full of bugs. And no, a few unit tests are not going to stop that from happening! In this talk, I share my experience in testing the WordPress plugins I’ve developed and we’ll dig into Codeception, an advanced PHP testing framework.

  • Jesse Petersen: Genesis Mini-Workshop (Part 2)

    Jesse Petersen: Genesis Mini-Workshop (Part 2)

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speaker: Jesse Petersen

    June 20, 2015 — This talk covers How to pick a Genesis child theme for a project, How to properly setup front-page.php and home.php, When to add a function.php snippet vs adding a snippet to a function plugin, What is a mobile-first stylesheet? and How to Sass-ify a Genesis theme.

  • Julien Lambé : WordPress en tant que « framework » d’application : développer des applications web avec WordPress et Themosis

    Julien Lambé : WordPress en tant que « framework » d’application : développer des applications web avec WordPress et Themosis

    WordCamp Paris 2015Speaker: Julien Lambé

    April 17, 2015 — L’image que l’on donne à WordPress de simplement gérer des blogs est révolue. Lors du “State of the Word” 2014 en octobre dernier, les résultats du sondage mené auprès de la communauté WordPress présente que 6% de développeurs emploient maintenant WordPress comme base pour le développement d’application web. Cependant, WordPress a du mal à séduire des développeurs qui sont habitués à des concepts de programmation plus modernes tels que la programmation orientée objet, des motifs de développement MVC avec une séparation claire de la logique et du visuel, … Avec le framework Themosis, nous cherchons a attirer ces développeurs vers WordPress. Le framework Themosis est une extension à WordPress qui fournit non seulement des fonctionnalités supplémentaires et des raccourcis mais surtout une structure pour le code de votre site ou application web. Durant cet atelier, nous allons démontrer les diverses API de Themosis en réalisant une installation de base du framework et de WordPress. Nous parcourons l’ensemble des fonctionnalités pour personnaliser l’administration de WordPress (créer des “custom post type”, des “metabox”, des “custom fields”, des pages d’options, …) et le “front-end” tout en apportant une introduction au développement MVC (Model – View – Controller) avec WordPress.


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