‘Frameworks’ Videos

  • Belén Albeza: You might not need a CSS Framework

    Belén Albeza: You might not need a CSS Framework

    WordCamp London 2016Speaker: Belén Albeza

    May 28, 2016 — Nowadays it is very common to find CSS frameworks like Bootstrap used everywhere. But they come at a cost, paid in big CSS files, styles that don’t get used, and a hard to maintain code base. In this talk we will talk about why using a third-party framework might not be the right choice for your project, be it a theme or a custom website. We will also see techniques to craft a blog theme without frameworks, from layout to individual UI components.

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  • Shelly Peacock: Frameworks for Freelancers- Double Time IT!

    Shelly Peacock: Frameworks for Freelancers- Double Time IT!

    WordCamp Atlanta 2016Speaker: Shelly Peacock

    April 2, 2016 — If you have ever had a client pick out a random theme, and asked you to build it out- then you spent 2 days learning how it worked- then this is for you. Don’t spend all your time learning new wheels- get a framework and learn it inside and out.
    Frameworks are going to be your best friend- there are several out there, I will talk about my top four faves- and the pros and cons of each. And, there are so many snippet resources out there- implementation will be your best teacher.
    The Bonus? Build sites in 2 days, not 2 weeks.

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