‘Freelance’ Videos

  • Anne-Laure de Harlez: How Learning WordPress Changed My Professional Life

    Anne-Laure de Harlez: How Learning WordPress Changed My Professional Life

    WordCamp Antwerp 2016Speaker: Anne-Laure de Harlez

    August 23, 2016 — Going from employee with no technical skills to freelance WordPress developer.

  • Mario Peshev: Managing a Remote WordPress Team

    Mario Peshev: Managing a Remote WordPress Team

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Mario Peshev

    July 3, 2016 — How to grow a virtual company with dozens of remote employees and freelancers. The talk will focus on hiring opportunities, delegating activities, identifying key roles for a company and finding the right talent. Once the team is sorted out, we’ll cover project management strategies and tricks, online collaboration (both for code and infrastructure, project management and communication), employee retention, and other key challenges that remote teams struggle with.

  • Chris Vermeulen: How can you do WordPress projects profitably?

    Chris Vermeulen: How can you do WordPress projects profitably?

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Chris Vermeulen

    July 3, 2016 — There is a huge demand for WordPress websites, ranging in price from 500 to 1500 euros. It’s a very interesting and large share of the market to go after. So how come a lot of agencies and freelance WordPress developers leave this market untapped? Well, because it can be hard to do these small WordPress projects in a time effective way. In this 10-minute talk, Chris will give you some helpful pointers that will show you how to do these small projects profitably.

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  • Tomaz Zaman: You Are Too Cheap

    Tomaz Zaman: You Are Too Cheap

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Tomaž Zaman

    June 30, 2016 — During their career, every freelancer develops their own strategies for pricing their services most often charging by the hour or per project. In this talk, Tomaz is going to highlight some of the mistakes we all do, that hurt is as individuals and as the industry as a whole.

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  • Kyle Maurer: Getting Started with Freelancing Public Square

    Kyle Maurer: Getting Started with Freelancing Public Square

    WordCamp Northeast Ohio 2016Speaker: Kyle Maurer

    June 24, 2016 — When in the early stages of offering WordPress related services for clients there are a lot of unknowns. Questions like: – How do I price a project? – Where do I host the client’s site? – What do I do when the scope begins to creep? – Where do I go when I get in over my head? – How do I find clients? These and many more are difficult questions to answer for those who are new to client work but they are incredibly important. This session will be a Q&A and will focus on everything one needs to know and do to make their first projects successful.

  • Ben Furfie: What I’d Do Differently If I Freelanced Again

    Ben Furfie: What I’d Do Differently If I Freelanced Again

    WordCamp London 2016Speaker: Ben Furfie

    June 5, 2016 — Last year, I accepted an offer to work for an agency as a senior front end developer. I won’t lie. I was relieved. Over the moon. 2014-15 was a tough year and a half. I had a couple of tough projects, nightmare clients and bad debts. In this talk, I will look at where it all went wrong, the things I would do differently and what I’ve learnt working for a large agency. It would be broken down into four or five points, which I’d spend some time looking at. This will be a brutally honest talk; one that hopefully will brush away from of the shame freelancers feel when they feel like they’re the only ones struggling.

  • Sonja Leix: Working Remotely as a WordPress Freelancer

    Sonja Leix: Working Remotely as a WordPress Freelancer

    WordCamp Switzerland 2015Speaker: Sonja Leix

    May 16, 2016 — A location independent life has combined my passion for travel and inspired my work. I’d like to share my lessons learned as a Digital Nomad, working remotely as a freelancer for clients. How I stay motivated, find community, and how you can live a location-independent lifestyle as well.

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  • Melanie G. Adcock: Taking Your WordPress Freelance Business To The Next Level

    Melanie G. Adcock: Taking Your WordPress Freelance Business To The Next Level

    WordCamp Atlanta 2016Speaker: Melanie G. Adcock

    April 23, 2016 — Or what I wish I knew six years ago when I started my freelance business.

    Are you a freelancer? Or thinking of taking the plunge? I want to share with you the mistakes I’ve made so you can avoid them and the process I now use to win clients and the process of taking a client from a lead to delivery.

    Incoming Leads
    Qualifying Leads
    Client Meetings
    Writing Proposals/Contracts
    Educating clients and anti follow-up
    Referral Machine
    Recurring Revenue
    I’ll also cover some great tools and systems along the way.

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  • Marc Benzakein: So You Want to Be a Freelancer

    Marc Benzakein: So You Want to Be a Freelancer

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speaker: Marc Benzakein

    April 21, 2016 — “Ideas must work through the brains and arms of men, or they are no better than dreams” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    The time has come. You’ve put your nose to the grindstone and built your skill set to the point where you’re ready to take the plunge, put on the entrepreneur cap and become a freelancer. You’ll be free to make your own decisions, work your own hours, and work from anywhere, any time! At least that’s how it may seem.

    And then . . . reality. Fear of loss of security, too much responsibility, too many commitments and not enough time. Suddenly you find you’re working for a couple bucks an hour and you’re ALWAYS busy. And before you know it, you’re working for peanuts and burning out and/or losing your sanity.

    It’s an all too common story and one that most of us have been through at one point in time or another.

    In my presentation, I will share tips that I’ve picked up through my own journey as a freelancer to help you manage your new career while avoiding most of the pitfalls associated with being a freelancer. I’ll share some of my successes, but as importantly, my failures in order for you to start and maintain a successful freelance business.

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  • Brett Cohen, Chris Christoff and Andrew Norcross: Growing From Freelancing/Small Teams To Big Companies

    Brett Cohen, Chris Christoff and Andrew Norcross: Growing From Freelancing/Small Teams To Big Companies

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speakers: Chris Christoff, Andrew Norcross, Brett Cohen

    April 15, 2016 — Panelists tell their story and then answer questions about how they transitioned, along with offering tips to the audience. Some panelists have gone from freelance to agency life, others have gone from one or two man shops to building their own legit business.