‘Git’ Videos

  • Mitch Canter: WordPress Development with Vagrant, VVV, and VV

    Mitch Canter: WordPress Development with Vagrant, VVV, and VV

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Mitch Canter

    March 18, 2017 — The day I discovered Vagrant was the day that I changed the way I worked. I went from fighting with server setups and local development boxes to seamlessly creating sites that fit in with my own workflow. But Vagrant by itself, while good, won’t get you there alone.

    That’s where VVV – a WordPress development environment – comes in. VVV comes pre-equipped with all of the tools, bells, and whistles needed to streamline your development environment.

    Mitch will walk you through the setup of Vagrant, commands and tips to help you get the most out of Vagrant, and other applications (VVV Dashboard and VV) that help you use VVV to its full potential.

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  • Alex Zuniga: Git and WordPress - Concise Versioning For All Developers

    Alex Zuniga: Git and WordPress – Concise Versioning For All Developers

    WordCamp San Antonio 2016Speaker: Alex Zuniga

    March 14, 2017 — WordPress has many moving parts that can be updated at the click of a button through its native tools. Keep your repository up to date by learning how to optimally configure your local .gitignore file. Benefits include: less merge conflicts, greater collaboration between developers and environments and of course, ease for clients and end user experience.

    In a nutshell: What should you be versioning? Answer: YOUR themes or plugins you develop.
    Optimizing your gitignore to version only the relevant code per your project, or directories can assist with allowing customers to update other features, such as WordPress Core and plugins that are not designed by your team. Your repository is then more streamlined and focused on code. This also excludes any configuration files that would cause issues between development environments. In the long run, you have less code to review/version and customers have the ease of use to know that only code is being updated for the theme and no potential issue with pushing anything unnecessarily.

  • Nigel Rodgers: Using Git with WordPress

    Nigel Rodgers: Using Git with WordPress

    WordCamp Harare 2016Speaker: Nigel Rodgers

    January 4, 2017 — I will give a brief introduction to the Git Version Control System (VCS). Short demonstration of using git with WordPress. The demo will be for coding a theme or child theme. Then advantages and disadvantages of using a VCS. Lastly, other WordPress tips and tricks and Q&A at the end.

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  • Treighton Mauldin: WordPress And Git

    Treighton Mauldin: WordPress And Git

    WordCamp Sacramento 2016Speaker: Treighton Mauldin

    January 3, 2017 — This talk will cover not just how, but also why using a Version Control System like Git with your WordPress projects is helpful and important. You’ll see case studies, as well as a detailed tutorial, so you will will leave with knowledge on how this integration can be accomplished, as well as the confidence to integrate it into your own work process.

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  • Lisa Yoder: Version Control Your Life - Alternate Uses for Git

    Lisa Yoder: Version Control Your Life – Alternate Uses for Git

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Lisa Yoder

    December 10, 2016 — Many of us are already aware of the ways that version control is necessary and beneficial when building software, but it can also easily be applied to parts of life outside of work. Lisa will suggest a few surprising and creative ways to use version control in a nontechnical capacity. You’ll come away from this talk with both a new appreciation for version control and the inspiration to start using it in a new way.

  • Frank Staude: VersionPress = WordPress + Git

    Frank Staude: VersionPress = WordPress + Git

    WordPress Meetup HannoverSpeaker: Frank Staude

    October 12, 2016 — Vorstellung von VersionPress beim WordPress Meetup Hannover am 11.10.2016

    VersionPress verheiratet WordPress mit git und erlaubt so alle Änderungen im CMS (Datenbank und Filesystem) in ein Git-Repository zu speichern. Dadurch ist es auch möglich Änderungen rückgängig zu machen oder auch vollständig zu einem früheren Stand zurückzukehren.

    Achrung: Leider gab es ein Problem mit dem Mikro und statt mit dem Speakermikrofon wurde mit dem im Rechner eingebauten aufgezeichnet. Daher ist der Klang etwas blechern und man hört die anderen Teilnehmer mehr als.

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  • Andreas Heigl: Bootstrapping WordPress

    Andreas Heigl: Bootstrapping WordPress

    WordCamp Frankfurt 2016Speaker: Andreas Heigl

    September 9, 2016 — WordPress is famous for it’s five minute installer. But in a larger environment it’s not the first installation that’s interesting but the next few (hundreds) that shall look exactly like the first one. So wouldn’t it be great to be able to deploy a wordpress-installation in five minutes onto a developers machine as well as onto a server? And have them identical? With the same configuration and set of plugins and theme?
    In this session I will show how we solved that problem using tools like git, composer, vagrant and others while still being able to install plugins from wordpress.org via the web interface.

  • Mark Creeten: WordPress Deployment With GIT Or How To Kill Your FTP Habits

    Mark Creeten: WordPress Deployment With GIT Or How To Kill Your FTP Habits

    WordCamp Antwerp 2016Speaker: Mark Creeten

    August 22, 2016 — Mark Creeten is doing front-end work for more than 14 years now and he’s still loving it.
    He shares all his knowledge in teaching adults to make websites and published a book about creating websites with HTML CSS a few years ago.
    Currently, he is using his WordPress skills professionally and passionately on a daily basis in a Belgian company called Appsaloon.

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  • Peter Suhm: Git for WordPress udviklere

    Peter Suhm: Git for WordPress udviklere

    WordCamp Denmark 2016Speaker: Peter Suhm

    July 31, 2016 — Hvis du er WordPress udvikler, er det næsten stensikkert at du har hørt om Git. Sammen med services som GitHub or Bitbucket har Git taget verdens webudviklere med storm. Det gælder også WordPress udviklere.
    Git gør WordPress udvikling meget mere fornøjeligt og du bør lære at bruge det. Ikke nok med at Git sikrer dig at du har en backup af din kode og alle dens ændringer, så muliggør det også teamwork og solide deployments.

    I det her oplæg vil jeg opsummere nogle af de tips, tricks og værktøjer som er inkluderet i min videoserie “Git for WordPress developers”. Omkring 2000 udviklere har allerede set materialet på enten git4wp.com eller wppusher.com, og den her præsentation bygger på alt det feedback som jeg har fået tilbage fra dem.

  • Evan Volgas: WAG the Blog - Using WordPress, Ansible, and Git to Build Your Website

    Evan Volgas: WAG the Blog – Using WordPress, Ansible, and Git to Build Your Website

    WordCamp Atlanta 2016Speaker: Evan Volgas

    April 24, 2016 — This talk will show you how to set up a WordPress blog using Ansible, an open-source tool that is often used to deploy code and configure servers. We will deploy WordPress (as well some additional software, like Git) to a fresh new server. We will also look at how to version control your codebase with Git and discuss various ways you can bring Git into your workflow. Last, we’ll talk a little bit about Vagrant and how you can test your changes locally before committing them to your master codebase and deploying them on your live site.

    The talk will assume basic competency with SSH (you should know how to SSH into a server, install new packages, update your package lists, etc) and a passing familiarity with Git (you should know what it is).

    If you are an experienced developer who’s already using Git and Ansible/Chef/Puppet for provisioning, this talk will be too basic for you. If you are a new developer who’s dabbled a bit with version control and/or provisioning software, you’ll walk out of this talk with everything you need to securely deploy WordPress and Git via Ansible. If you’re not a developer, this talk may be a little bit further into the weeds than you’d enjoy going… although if you want to learn more about doing professional software development, there will be plenty of code samples available online and plenty of references to help you get started. If you’re not a developer and you want to come to this talk, try and read over a tutorial on basic SSH and Git and you should be able to follow along too.

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