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  • Andre Jay Meissner: The Future Of Digital Layout - Cutting-Edge CSS Features

    Andre Jay Meissner: The Future Of Digital Layout – Cutting-Edge CSS Features

    WP Camp 2013 - BerlinSpeaker: Andre Jay Meissner

    February 25, 2015 &#8212 Gestaltung der Bahn kann sehr mühsam sein. Dinge sind in der Regel aus dem Ruder laufen, wenn visuellen Techniken gemeinsam klassischen Medien angewendet werden sollen. Jetzt neue CSS-Funktionen ermöglichen es uns, das Web als erstklassiger Entwurfsoberfläche zu behandeln: wickeln und Clip Text um eigene Formen, vermischen sich Hintergrundbilder und gewinnen viel bessere Kontrolle über das Layout für Ihre Responsive Design in verschiedenen Ansichtsfenstern. Während dieser Sitzung werden Sie lernen, wie ich anfangen soll mit Hilfe von CSS Shapes, CSS Regionen sowie Hintergrund Mischmodi.

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  • Chris Coyier: SVG is for Everybody

    Chris Coyier: SVG is for Everybody

    WordCamp Milwaukee 2014Speaker: Chris Coyier

    February 3, 2015 &#8212 In this presentation learn how SVG helps make otherwise awkward shapes easy to make, and how to use it to make icons that are more accessible than with any other web-based icon creation technique. You’ll learn how SVG can make customized complex graphics on the fly, create compelling animations and other interactions, and empower some pretty great designerly effects. And end discovering a cornucopia of SVG source materials that are easy to find and even easier to work with.

  • Derek Springer: Good to Great

    Derek Springer: Good to Great

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2014Speaker: Derek Springer

    September 19, 2014 &#8212 Did you know that WordPress is great for blogging!? I’ll be discussing some easy tips to boost your blog from good to great. Topics include enriching your posts with images and other media, sharing your posts via social media, and a few tips to supercharge your site.

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  • Joe McGill: Responsive Image Solutions for WordPress

    Joe McGill: Responsive Image Solutions for WordPress

    Wordcamp St Louis 2014Speaker: Joe McGill

    August 24, 2014 &#8212 The hardest part about using responsive images in your web projects is—well—everything. The good news is that there are tested solutions that you can safely implement today while we wait for the browsers to sort things out. Learn what to consider when deciding on a solution for serving images to your users that are appropriate to their screen size and will walk away with several techniques to try out right away.

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  • Nancy Thanki: Images for WordPress Done Right

    Nancy Thanki: Images for WordPress Done Right

    WordCamp Seattle 2014Speaker: Nancy Thanki

    August 4, 2014 &#8212 Whether you’re setting up a portfolio page, a site for Realtors, or for a professional blogger, images are important. But how do you use images that look great and don’t slow down visitors to your site? What are some important considerations you need to have in mind? This talk covers things like how WordPress handles images and what you need to know about that (thumbnails, regeneration); how to compress your images; how and when to use progressive jpegs, for instance, or pngs; and what you can do to help images on your site load faster (Photon, CDNs, static asset caching, parallel downloading, etc).

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  • Alec Rippberger: Picture This: WordPress Images For Responsive And High-Density Designs

    Alec Rippberger: Picture This: WordPress Images For Responsive And High-Density Designs

    WordCamp Minneapolis 2014Speaker: Alec Rippberger

    May 9, 2014 &#8212 Today’s designers and developers must format and code images so that they look great across a multitude of screen sizes and resolutions. This presentation focuses on how to ensure your next WordPress project has razor-sharp, responsive, imagery.
    Topics will include: How images are handled on high-density / Retina displays, Which image formats to use, and when (jpg, gif, png, svg), Working with vector (svg) graphics in Photoshop / Illustrator and in the browser (XML/CSS), How to enable / work with SVG images in WordPress

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  • Marko Heijnen & Mike Schroder: Perfect Your Images Using WordPress

    Marko Heijnen & Mike Schroder: Perfect Your Images Using WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speakers: Marko Heijnen, Mike Schroder

    December 9, 2013 &#8212 In the past, image manipulation in WordPress was an alchemy of mixing GD functions and WordPress functions together to (hopefully) turn out the desired result. In WordPress 3.5+, GD is abstracted out, and a new class, WP_Image_Editor, allows easy manipulation of image files. This lets you perform simple resizing, crops, flips, rotates, and real-time streaming of those results using Imagick or GD. But, that’s not all! You can also easily extend WordPress’ classes to add your own functions, or replace the entire engine with your own.

    This session will walk through what’s changed for image manipulation in 3.5, and explain ways you can take advantage of the APIs, both through using them directly and extending them for plugins of your own.

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  • Joe Rozsa: You Want to Stick That Where?

    Joe Rozsa: You Want to Stick That Where?

    WordCamp Grand Rapids 2013Speaker: Joe Rozsa

    October 12, 2013 &#8212 This talk takes you through the process of sizing images and graphics correctly in Photoshop and Google +.

  • Dave Ross: Optimize Image Files Like a Pro

    Dave Ross: Optimize Image Files Like a Pro

    WordCamp Providence 2013Speaker: Dave Ross

    September 6, 2013 &#8212 Images, even small ones, can be the biggest files that make up your site. Learn the tools, plugins, and theming techniques you’ll want to start using to shrink your page load times and save your mobile users a few bucks without sacrificing image quality.

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  • Michael Earley: Media - Adding Images and Other Media To Your WordPress Site

    Michael Earley: Media – Adding Images and Other Media To Your WordPress Site

    WordCamp Atlanta 2013Speaker: Michael Earley

    April 25, 2013 &#8212 In this presentation beginners will learn how to add media to WordPress. This presentation covers:
    Uploading Images, Bulk Uploading Images, Adding Alt and Title Tags, Descriptions and Captions to Images, Cropping and Sizing Images, Inserting Single Images and Multiple Image Galleries, Adding Audio, Video and Other Formats and Embedding Audio, Video and Other Formats.

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