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  • Julien Melissas: JS Framework Showdown

    Julien Melissas: JS Framework Showdown

    WordCamp Asheville 2016Speaker: Julien Melissas

    August 19, 2016 — I’m going to be speaking about some of the more popular JS frameworks, Angular, Backbone, and React, and show some real-world examples of how easily they can interact with the API.

    I’ll be showing (and possibly live-coding) basic examples with each library and fetching the 10 latest posts from the WP-API.

    Take aways:

    The WP-API isn’t that scary, it’s so easy to get/send stuff if you’ve got JSON skills (which aren’t that hard).
    JavaScript frameworks all have different ways to do things, but similar stuff going on in the background.
    At the end of the day, React rocks (it’s the best), but it might not be the best solution for your project …

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  • Christopher Plummer: JavaScript 2099: The Future and Present of JS

    Christopher Plummer: JavaScript 2099: The Future and Present of JS

    WordCamp Boston 2016Speaker: Christopher Plummer

    August 14, 2016 — JavaScript is evolving faster than a dinosaur in a theme park. Promises, modules, decorators, iterators, ES6, ES2016 and beyond. What did you miss while you were fighting to keep your site IE7 compatible? What’s coming next? Why should WordPress Developers even give a hoot? We’ll demonstrate the power of these new features, and the tools that allow you to use tomorrow’s JS syntax today.

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  • James Bonham: Improving the User Experience with React

    James Bonham: Improving the User Experience with React

    WordCamp Denmark 2016Speaker: James Bonham

    August 2, 2016 — React is becoming a popular choice of JS framework for building interactive features into custom WordPress themes. But why is this? And what exactly is it good for?

    In this talk, I’ll use case studies to show you where React-powered interfaces can be a great way to improve the experience for the user.

    I’ll also give an introduction to how React works, show a little code and tell you a little about my journey into the realms of amongst other things npm, webpack, linting and flux.

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  • James Tien: PHP First to JavaScript First – The WordPress.com Story 〜WordPress.com (Calypso) が JavaScript ファーストを

    James Tien: PHP First to JavaScript First – The WordPress.com Story 〜WordPress.com (Calypso) が JavaScript ファーストを

    WordCamp Kansai 2016Speaker: James Tien

    July 19, 2016 — The Tale of Calypso – Why WordPress.com Chose JavaScript-First Approach.

    “What would we build if we were starting from scratch today, knowing all we’ve learned over the past 13 years of building WordPress?” At the beginning of 2014, the folks at Automattic asked themselves this question. The result is what now known as Calypso. It is not only a product combining some latest web technology, but also the demonstration of what we see as the future of WordPress. In this session, we cover a brief history about the evolving of Calypso, how we chose our development stack, what we learned from it, and what potential it shows to us.

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  • K. Adam White: Using the REST API and JavaScript to create better WordPress interfaces

    K. Adam White: Using the REST API and JavaScript to create better WordPress interfaces

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: K. Adam White

    June 30, 2016 — n this talk we’ll discover the breadth of new WordPress interfaces enabled by leveraging the WordPress REST API, such as visualizations and new editor experiences. How can our API client libraries and the applications that use them be designed for maximum flexibility? The future of WordPress is not one interface, but many.

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  • Joe Hoyle: The Ultimate REST API talk

    Joe Hoyle: The Ultimate REST API talk

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Joe Hoyle

    June 30, 2016 — Come on a journey through all things WordPress REST API, we don’t have much time so strap yourselves in!

    From the basics of REST to advanced customer endpoints, auth, JavaScript usage and WordPress to WordPress communication, Joe attempts to provide a quick-fire look at many areas of the REST API and application development.

    Expect many code examples, case studies, visualisations and metaphors; if you do get lost, be consoled by the fact that Joe is almost certainly lost too!

  • Matías Ventura: A look into Calypso

    Matías Ventura: A look into Calypso

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Matías Ventura

    June 30, 2016 — The introduction of Calypso has brought the notion of a modern JavaScript approach to the front and center of the WordPress community. What does an admin UI built entirely in JavaScript (with technologies like React that have taken the JavaScript community by storm) mean for WordPress and how we think of JavaScript in the project? Explain some of Calypso’s core development values that have driven us from the very start at Automattic. How does it look internally and why it’s not powered by any “framework”? How can you get started, contribute, and begin making cool things with it?

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  • Damian Boni: Angular Word – WordPress and AngularJS

    Damian Boni: Angular Word – WordPress and AngularJS

    WordCamp London 2016Speaker: Damian Boni

    June 5, 2016 — Damian will be talking about the way WordPress is shaping towards stronger/more frequent use as a fully fledged CMS platform with a strong focus on frontend content delivery using JavaScript technologies.

    Some of the key areas they’d like to highlight during their talk are the RESTful API integrations with WordPress, whenever it’s exposing WordPress functionality through use of WordPress REST API 2.0 Plugin, or integration with external services and how this can be done with technologies such as AngularJS.

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  • Bruno Cunha: Intro to React

    Bruno Cunha: Intro to React

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speaker: Bruno Cunha

    April 20, 2016 — React is a popular JavaScript library by Facebook for building dynamic user interfaces. In this introduction, we’ll cover component-based application structure, React basics, and next steps. A basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended so you can follow along as we live code our first React Component!

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  • Camden Segal: Modern Javascript Workflows

    Camden Segal: Modern Javascript Workflows

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speaker: Camden Segal

    April 20, 2016 — The modern JavaScript ecosystem is evolving at an incredible pace. Every day there are new frameworks, tools, and ideas that push JavaScript development a little further.

    I will walk you through the concepts behind tools like NPM, Browserify, ES2015, and Babel, their basic usage. If you are a WordPress developer we will show how to best integrate them with WordPress’s built in systems. Even if you aren’t a WordPress developer, this talk will introduce you to tools that you should be using for your JavaScript development.

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