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  • Tippi Thole: How to Brand Your WordPress Site

    Tippi Thole: How to Brand Your WordPress Site

    WordCamp Baltimore 2016Speaker: Tippi Thole

    November 20, 2016 — Learn how to customize the look of your website with nothing more than your brand identity. I’ll show you how to integrate all the elements of your branding (logo, favicon, colors, fonts, typography, design elements, etc.) in WordPress to create a custom-looking site without having to know a lot of code. Using a child theme, some custom CSS and a few tried-and-true plugins, you’ll have a custom-looking website in no time!

  • Tracy Malone: Anyone Can BUILD a WordPress Site ... What Do You Do Now?

    Tracy Malone: Anyone Can BUILD a WordPress Site … What Do You Do Now?

    WordCamp Denver 2016Speaker: Tracy Malone

    November 9, 2016 — Clients come to me with websites that “A Friend” set up for me.. and it doesn’t work. Of course it can be pretty because it’s WordPress but HOW can we make it work?

  • Amber Hinds and Tracy Malone: Growth / Marketing Town Hall

    Amber Hinds and Tracy Malone: Growth / Marketing Town Hall

    WordCamp Denver 2016Speakers: Amber Hinds, Tracy Malone

    November 9, 2016 — For anyone who’s built a product or has a service you know that it’s not as simple as “build it and they will come”. Knowing where to find new customers, how to get them to your site, and how to A/B test your site is just as important as building the site in the first place.

  • Aubrey Blankenship: Big Impact Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

    Aubrey Blankenship: Big Impact Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

    WordCamp Denver 2016Speaker: Aubrey Blankenship

    November 8, 2016 — Most small businesses are told they need to be on social media, or they need to blog, or they need to have a website but often they don’t know how to tie all the pieces together. This session provides an inbound marketing-based strategy and a plan for how to bring all the pieces together.

  • April Holle: Data, Goals and WordPress - Oh My!

    April Holle: Data, Goals and WordPress – Oh My!

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: April Holle

    October 28, 2016 — Finally figure out what metrics you should measure based on your specific goals, learn how to properly track specific visitor actions throughout your WordPress website as well as automatically keep count of each successful important website actions as Google Goals within Google Analytics, and then use these data points to guide the direction of the overall layout and content to create your very own data-driven WordPress website.

  • Ash Rhodes: Five Ways to Get Legit Traffic for Your Site. Number Four Will Shock You!

    Ash Rhodes: Five Ways to Get Legit Traffic for Your Site. Number Four Will Shock You!

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: Ash Rhodes

    October 27, 2016 — A “listicle” style presentation on the best practices for traffic generation. Current plan is to cover: Frequent updates, Interesting titles, Tagging/Categorization to maximize the resources of the WordPress.com Reader, Commenting/Personal Branding, and using Publicize/Social Media/Personal Network.

  • Nicole Tan: How to DIY Basic Digital Marketing on WordPress

    Nicole Tan: How to DIY Basic Digital Marketing on WordPress

    WordCamp Singapore 2016Speaker: Nicole Tan

    October 6, 2016 — The digital and mobile spaces are where your marketing needs to go today. So what can you do even if you don’t have a marketing person/team? It all starts with your website.
    Highly experienced in marketing in all areas and having built three websites using just basic frontend knowledge, Nicole will share how you can DIY basic digital marketing to help your business/brand.

  • Vladas Sapranavičius: WordPress įrankiai interneto rinkodaroje

    Vladas Sapranavičius: WordPress įrankiai interneto rinkodaroje

    WordCamp Lithuania 2015Speaker: Vladas Sapranavičiu

    September 26, 2016 — 15 metų patirtį interneto rinkodaroje turintis Vladas Sapranavičius konsultuoja Lietuvos ir užsienio įmones, dėsto universitete bei rengia seminarus ir konferenciją – tai tikrų tikriausias autoritetas el. rinkodaros srityje. WordCamp Lietuva konferencijoje Vladas pasidalino žiniomis apie WordPress įrankius interneto rinkodaroje – tai privalomas pranešimas visiems, dirbantiems ir besidomintiems šia sritimi.

  • Natasha Martin: Marketing for WordPress

    Natasha Martin: Marketing for WordPress

    WordCamp Oklahoma City 2016Speaker: Natasha Martin

    August 26, 2016 — We don’t just create user personas when planning out web projects anymore. Companies are now striving for a 360 degree view of their customers and how they interact with their services, whether it be through a public website, customer service portal, mobile app, contact form or other touch point.

    Learn how you can help your clients or colleagues create customer journeys that map out the full experience of a customer’s interactions across multiple channels and build out some of those interactions through plugins and custom landing pages in WordPress that integrate with other marketing platforms like Mailchimp, social media and Google analytics.

    We’ll cover conceptual information and get a little technical on the implementation, but this is a presentation designed for all levels of experience with WordPress and other content management systems.

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  • Joan VanOrman: 5 Steps to an Actionable Marketing Plan

    Joan VanOrman: 5 Steps to an Actionable Marketing Plan

    WordCamp Asheville 2016Speaker: Joan VanOrman

    July 28, 2016 — FOCUS is a 5 step marketing approach to an actionable and creative marketing program. A program that is tailored in syle and content for each business. I’ll share information and examples on each of the 5 FOCUS steps and share examples from business and non-profit organizations. Many businesses are “reluctant marketers.” This approach presents marketing tools in 5 easy, fun, and actionable steps.

    Take aways:

    – Learn a fun, effective and actionable marketing approach.
    – Discover creative marketing and public relations tools to consider for your business.
    – How to conduct a quick and effective audit on your current marketing program.

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