‘Open source’ Videos

  • Francesca Marano: Open Source e WordPress

    Francesca Marano: Open Source e WordPress

    WordPress Meetup TorinoSpeaker: Francesca Marano

    March 6, 2017 — Talk dal WordPress Meetup Febbraio 2017 Episodio 19: “WordPress in Love”.

  • Sara Cannon: Open Source Creativity

    Sara Cannon: Open Source Creativity

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Sara Cannon

    December 11, 2016 — We’re all trying to find that idea or spark that will turn a good project into a great project. Creativity plays a huge role in the outcome of our work. Harnessing the power of collaboration and open source, we can make great strides towards excellence. Not just for designers, this talk can be applicable to many different roles – even development. In this talk, Seasoned Creative Director Sara Cannon is going to share some secrets about creative methodology, collaboration, and the strong role that open source can play in our work.

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  • Doris Chen: What’s New in TypeScript

    Doris Chen: What’s New in TypeScript

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Doris Chen

    December 10, 2016 — TypeScript, an open source programming language has seen enormous growth over the past year. Today, it is used to build several key frameworks like AngularJS, Ionic etc. In this talk, Doris will go through how TypeScript enables you to leverage features from the current and future of JavaScript while increasing the productivity of JavaScript development across the board. As ECMAScript 6 gains popularity and more browsers are implementing the standard, JavaScript developers across the board are beginning to wonder, ‘what’s next?’ This session will cover some of the latest features of TypeScript, including future ECMAScript proposals, support for Angular and React/JSX, the state of the art type system capabilities, and how it all comes together to make working and creating things in JavaScript more productive and fun with TypeScript.

  • Dwayne McDaniel: We Are All Making This Up - Lessons For The WP Dev From Improv

    Dwayne McDaniel: We Are All Making This Up – Lessons For The WP Dev From Improv

    WordCamp Baltimore 2016Speaker: Dwayne McDaniel

    November 22, 2016 — There are a lot of parallels between the open source development world and Improv communities. The goal of this talk is to expose the similarities and directly apply the core principles for the stagecraft of improv to get better code, smoother projects and ultimately happier customers. At the end the audience will be able to take practical examples and very simple exercises back to their organizations to better communicate with customers and internal stakeholders alike. Also, techniques to get ‘unstuck’ when hitting major blockages in creativity needed for elegant code.

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  • Ryan King: Building a Community of Learners - Using Open-Source Software to Develop a Docent Training Hub

    Ryan King: Building a Community of Learners – Using Open-Source Software to Develop a Docent Training Hub

    WordCamp Baltimore 2016Speaker: Ryan King

    November 21, 2016 — Our goal: empower a diverse docent community to create their own training hub. Powered by open-source software and an ambitious docent corps, we wondered how to provide a space for docents to self-moderate and share responsibility while adhering to an institution’s guidelines and oversight? A demonstration of the site will provide fodder for discussing the planning, revision, and maintenance workflows that evolved. Modules developed include plugins for the docent library, museum exhibitions, training materials, and roster. Participants will receive links to the custom built software we have released as open source on GitHub. Discussion will focus on lessons learned and how other institutions can incorporate open-source tools for their own training needs.

  • Jonathan Bossenger: The Ball Is In Your Court - How You Can Contribute To Open Source Projects.

    Jonathan Bossenger: The Ball Is In Your Court – How You Can Contribute To Open Source Projects.

    WordCamp Cape Town 2016Speaker: Jonathan Bossenger

    November 2, 2016 — More often than not the average WordPress user doesn’t understand the core principles behind the idea of open source software like WordPress. This often leads to misdirected frustration by users at what is seen as a lack of product support. The talk will look at the realities of an open source project and how you can get involved and help make a difference.

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  • Emanuel Blagonic: How WordPress Changed the Face of Croatian politics

    Emanuel Blagonic: How WordPress Changed the Face of Croatian politics

    WordCamp Belfast 2016Speaker: Emanuel Blagonic

    November 1, 2016 — The basic idea of WordPress was to redefine online publishing with allowing anyone to easily publish their articles. More than 10 years later, we used WordPress as an open source publishing platform to build a website for one of the largest cities in Croatia.

    I’ll tell you a story of how the city of Rijeka decided to go with open source software and how the people reacted to a fact that everything will be open sourced as well. One of the first large-scale “design in the open” projects in Croatia is defining standards for future web development. We’re discussing the web design process, sharing knowledge with the public and asking citizens to be a part of the redesign effort.

    By delivering designs, HTML and CSS, WordPress theme and documents like Content Strategy and Accessibility Guidelines – we’re redefining how the public website should look like. And with the help of WordPress, we’re promoting the power of publishing and transparency.

    Last but not least – I’ll tell you how the city of Rijeka helped us organise our first WordCamp Croatia in 2015 believing in the power of WordPress.

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  • Sheryle Gillihan: Is Building Your Business On Open Source and GPL Technology Right For You?

    Sheryle Gillihan: Is Building Your Business On Open Source and GPL Technology Right For You?

    WordCamp Dallas / Fort Worth 2016Speaker: Sheryle Gillihan

    October 29, 2016 — In kindergarten you were taught how to share. WordPress is built on the idea of sharing. It’s what makes our community strong and supportive. However, for many of us, this is our business, our livelihood, and so our opinion about the “proper use” of GPL sometimes taints how we code or interact with “the competition.” I’ll share some stories and thoughts that may challenge you point of view – in a good way.

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  • Aaron Campbell: Why Open Matters

    Aaron Campbell: Why Open Matters

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: Aaron D. Campbell

    October 27, 2016 — WordPress is open-source and we keep hearing about the open web, but what does it mean? Why does it matter? If it’s so important, how can we help? Come find out why a concept that’s been written about for nearly a thousand years is so important to the modern web!

  • Takayuki Miyauchi: ワークフローとしてのオープンソース

    Takayuki Miyauchi: ワークフローとしてのオープンソース

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Takayuki Miyauchi

    October 27, 2016 — このセッションではオープンソースを課題を解決するためのワークフローと位置付けて、WordPressを仕事で活用するみなさんが日々直面する問題を、オープンソース的な手法がどのように解決していくかについて、様々なプロジェクトを事例にしながら紹介していきます。

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