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  • Benjamin Caubere: Vivir y crecer con un plugin Freemium

    Benjamin Caubere: Vivir y crecer con un plugin Freemium

    WordCamp Barcelona 2015Speaker: Benjamin Caubère

    November 27, 2015 — En 2011 con 3 socios me lance en el proyecto de crear un plugin de gestion de boletines para WordPress.

    La idea era sencilla, facilitar la communicacion de pequeños negocios y blogueros con sus usuarios y clientes en WordPress. Crear una solucion que cualquier persona pudiese entender y utilizar.

    Empezamos desde zero sin fondos y hemos conseguido hacer de este plugin uno de los 10 mas populares de WordPress.

    Nuestro equipo ha crecido de manera rapida. Tan solo eramos 3 personas en 2011, y hemos crecido hasta tener actualmente un equipo de 12 personas.

    Durante estos 3 años hemos afinado nuestro modelo para que sea sostenible.

    Hemos creado una empresa con caracter y personalidad, nuestros valores son fuerte. Queremos a nuestro equipo, y hacemos lo maximo para que sientan felizes, y apoyados.

    En mi charla hablaré de mi experiencia creando una empresa distribuida con una officina virtual desde el dia 1 hasta ahora.
    El objectivo de esta charla es enseñar que es possible vivir de un plugin, e inspirar a la gente que piensan en ello.

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  • Nicola Mustone: La mia storia da WordPress Contributor

    Nicola Mustone: La mia storia da WordPress Contributor

    WordPress Contributor Day ItalySpeaker: Nicola Mustone

    November 21, 2015 — Intervista fatta a Nicola Mustone al primo «WordPress Contributor Day» italiano, organizzato dalla «Italia WP Community» a Milano il 7 novembre del 2015. #wpcdit

  • Carolyn Sonnek: Plugins – Taking Your WordPress Site to the Next Level

    Carolyn Sonnek: Plugins – Taking Your WordPress Site to the Next Level

    WordCamp Philly 2015Speaker: Carolyn Sonnek

    November 19, 2015 — You’ve setup your blog with WordPress and you’re pretty happy with how easy it is to add new posts, add images to those posts, and publish them to your site.
    But now what? You might think that it would be nice if you could notify your Twitter or Facebook followers when you make a new post on your blog. What about selling your cooking ebook to your readers? What to do with all this spam and how do you make sure your site is backed up in case anything happens?
    There’s an answer to all these questions (and even more you didn’t ask): use plugins!

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  • Alec Kinnear and Lucia Spišiaková: How to support Pro Plugins (for fun and profit)
  • Tony Kovanen: Lightning Talk – Blast off with Jetpack

    Tony Kovanen: Lightning Talk – Blast off with Jetpack

    WordCamp Vienna 2015Speaker: Tony Kovanen

    October 25, 2015 — Tony Kovanen works with Automattic as a JavaScript Wrangler tweaking Jetpack among other things. He is a core team member of Socket.IO and contributes to many other Open Source projects. He loves to explore new technologies and ways to improve user experience, code quality and performance. He is born and currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Borek Bernard: Lightning Talk – Introducing VersionPress

    Borek Bernard: Lightning Talk – Introducing VersionPress

    WordCamp Vienna 2015Speaker: Borek Bernard

    October 25, 2015 — WordPress meets Git, properly. Undo anything (including database changes), clone & merge your sites, maintain efficient backups, all with unmatched simplicity.

  • Mike Jolley: User Onboarding for WordPress Plugins

    Mike Jolley: User Onboarding for WordPress Plugins

    WordCamp Netherlands 2015Speaker: Mike Jolley

    October 19, 2015 — WooCommerce 2.4 comes with an intelligent onboarding wizard that will help you setup your webshop. Based on his experience building this onboarding wizard, Mike will talk about what user onboarding is. He’ll explain why it’s important, how you can improve it in your plugins, techniques you can use, and show some good/bad user onboarding examples specific to WordPress plugins.

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  • Marco Lago and Maurizio Pelizzone: Cookie Law e WordPress

    Marco Lago and Maurizio Pelizzone: Cookie Law e WordPress

    WordPress Meetup TorinoSpeakers: Marco Lago, Maurizio Pelizzone

    October 13, 2015 — Cookie Law italiana e europea. Ovvero: come far risolvere un (1) problema a decine di milioni di persone.

    Ci sono, in abbondanza, le seguenti cose:

    • Riferimenti a risorse ufficiali;
    • Riassunti dei riferimenti ufficiali;
    • Un parere personale formato sul campo;
    • Spunti di riflessione e fonti per domande a gogo (anche, e soprattutto, durante la presentazione).

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  • Vova Feldman: Side Project to WordPress Plugin Business

    Vova Feldman: Side Project to WordPress Plugin Business

    WordPress Meetup NYCSpeaker: Vova Feldman

    October 11, 2015 — Many of the most popular WordPress commercial plugins started as side-projects. What makes those plugins different than the other 34,000 plugins in the repo?

    During this presentation, Vova Feldman will share his journey as a plugin developer. What started as a side-project in late 2010, turned into a successful lifestyle business with a team of five members. He’ll cover his entire four-year experience, how he got into WordPress and the things he learned about commercial plugins economics. He’ll also share about the thin line between keeping your users happy and making money. And will explain why freemium plugins are great for the WordPress economy.

  • Joe Chellman: My First Modifications – Child Themes and Feature Plugins

    Joe Chellman: My First Modifications – Child Themes and Feature Plugins

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Joe Chellman

    October 7, 2015 — In customizing WordPress, most people look first for a splendiferous and fancy theme. There are thousands of options, so we can usually find something that gets us 80-90% of the way there. But heavens to Betsy, that last 10-20% can be hard to find! That’s why it’s good to learn how to make a child theme, which lets you keep almost everything while adding to or removing from your original theme safely. Most of this talk with cover the creation and use of child themes. This is an absolutely essential (and pretty easy to learn) skill for any WordPress designer.


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