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  • Tom J Nowell: Escape from New York

    Tom J Nowell: Escape from New York

    WordCamp NYC 2015Speaker: Tom J Nowell

    December 20, 2015 — Think your theme is secure? Your plugin API can be trusted? Think again. I’m going to show you how to make your site iron-cast by escaping your way to security

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  • Andrew Villenueve: WordPress Security 101

    Andrew Villenueve: WordPress Security 101

    WordCamp Seattle 2015: Beginner EditionSpeaker: Andrew Villenueve

    December 17, 2015 — Steps every business owner should take to safeguard their business’ virtual presence

  • Ryan Rudolph: Get It Right The First Time - WordPress Launching Checklist

    Ryan Rudolph: Get It Right The First Time – WordPress Launching Checklist

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Ryan Rudolph

    December 14, 2015 — Are you doing all you can before your website becomes accessible to billions of people? This talk is an overview of major elements to take into account before launching a successful WordPress website. Topics discussed include functionality, responsiveness, search engine optimization, speed, security, and backups.

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  • Paul Schreiber: Meeting the New York Times Challenge – Delivering the news over HTTPS

    Paul Schreiber: Meeting the New York Times Challenge – Delivering the news over HTTPS

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Paul Schreiber

    December 11, 2015 — Last November, The New York Times challenged news sites to fully support HTTPS in 2015. What does it mean to meet that challenge? This session will discuss the problems we encountered moving to HTTPS (and how we solved them). We’ll then give you hands-on help with anything you need: server configuration, certificates, mixed-content warnings, CDNs — even ads, analytics and A/B tests.

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  • Gary Pendergast: Curing a Critical Security Bug

    Gary Pendergast: Curing a Critical Security Bug

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Gary Pendergast

    December 11, 2015 — Earlier this year, we released a bug fix for one of the most complex and severe security issues WordPress has ever had – the Trojan Emoji bug. (So good it got its own name!)
    In this talk, we’ll take a look at the initial report, reconstruct how we got to the eventual solution, and discuss what we learned along the way.

  • Tony Perez: Navigating Today’s Website Threats!! – A Stroll Through WordPress Security

    Tony Perez: Navigating Today’s Website Threats!! – A Stroll Through WordPress Security

    WordCamp US 2015Speaker: Tony Perez

    December 11, 2015 — WordPress is one of the most, if not the most, recognized website platform available in the market. Dominating over 25% of the market, it’s no surprise that it’s the preferred technology by marketers, sales professionals, small and large business alike, and those intent in nefarious actions.

    It’s popularity is often attributed to it’s flexibility, usability and of-course, community. With all the positive though, there is and continues to be an overarching security shadow that gets introduced into every conversation.

    In this presentation, we look to educate and bring awareness to the real challenges the platform faces when it comes to security. We will also dispel rumors and myths, while providing a realistic, objective, overview of the current state of security affairs in the WordPress ecosystem.

    The web is a constantly evolving domain, making even the most skilled security professionals faint at the idea of staying ahead of the latest and emerging threats. We will provide perspective, and educate the masses around the things that really matter and the things being done to improve the online experience for millions.

  • Marko Heijnen: The Moment My Site Got Hacked

    Marko Heijnen: The Moment My Site Got Hacked

    WordCamp Sofia 2015Speaker: Marko Heijnen

    December 7, 2015 — You always think it will never happen to you but when it does, it’s all hands on deck. My personal site was almost hacked and since then I actively looked at what I could improve. During this talk I will talk what I had before and show all the improvements I made since then. It will be a mixed of using using the existing tools and my own creation in managing my sites.

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  • Javier Arturo Rodríguez: WordPress for SysAdmins

    Javier Arturo Rodríguez: WordPress for SysAdmins

    WordCamp Barcelona 2015Speaker: Javier Arturo Rodríguez

    November 27, 2015 — A quick overview of managing WordPress from a systems administration perspective – installation, hardening, updating, backup and restore. I’ll spend some time discussing some of the security concerns inherent to a WordPress installation, including how to deal with spam, hostile crawlers and brute-force attacks.

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  • Yoshinori Matsumoto: WordPress Security from a View Point of the Attacker

    Yoshinori Matsumoto: WordPress Security from a View Point of the Attacker

    WordCamp Kansai 2015Speakers: Yoshinori Matsumoto, 松本 悦宜

    November 22, 2015 — 継続的に行われるサイバー攻撃によって WordPress が狙われる例も少なくはありません!
    そんなことは無いはずです!WordPress も安全に運用することによってきっと守ることができるはずです。
    本セッションでは WordPress に特化した攻撃を収集する独自ツールから得られた情報をもとに、

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  • Ben Martin: Why Security Matters

    Ben Martin: Why Security Matters

    WordCamp Portland 2015Speaker: Ben Martin

    November 21, 2015 — I explore the motivations behind why WordPress sites get attacked and how to protect, detect and respond to these threats. I will also share tips on how to improve the security of your WordPress site and develop better security posture.
    Learning Outcomes

    Understand the motivations of attackers and why they would want to hack your blog.
    Protect your website from the bad guys.
    Improve attitude and posture towards security.
    Effectively monitor your site environment for anything amiss.


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