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  • Marko Heijnen: Security – More Important Than Ever / セキュリティ – いまだかつてないほど重要なもの

    Marko Heijnen: Security – More Important Than Ever / セキュリティ – いまだかつてないほど重要なもの

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Marko Heijnen

    September 30, 2016 — In the last couple of years, security has become a bigger focus point and it hasn’t been different for WordPress. During this talk, I dive into this a bit more by focusing on our role in making sure that projects are delivered as secure as they can be. This by going over several security issues that were discovered this year and ways how you can prevent yourself.


  • Logan Kipp: WordPress Security and Plugins

    Logan Kipp: WordPress Security and Plugins

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016Speaker: Logan Kipp

    September 25, 2016 — Logan takes the audience through the structure of a WordPress site’s security posture, dispelling common misconceptions and elaborating on perceived security overlaps. The session explains the differences between plugin-based security and external solutions, as well as how they best work together. In easy-to-understand terms, Logan also touches on basic hosting configuration best practices and security control spheres. Whether just getting started in WordPress or a seasoned developer, this talk has something for every WordPresser.

  • Vitaly Karasik: How to Harden Your WordPress Website

    Vitaly Karasik: How to Harden Your WordPress Website

    WordCamp Israel 2016Speaker: Vitaly Karasik

    September 13, 2016 — I speak about different aspects of WordPress security and hardening. We’ll discuss how to protect your WordPress website against different attacks, I’ll show you different tools and services which will help you with hardening your website.
    Ongoing maintenance isn’t less important: we’ll learn how to monitor and backup your website securely and efficiently.

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  • Carsten Logemann: Managed Hosting – Kompromisse bezüglich Sicherheit, Flexibilität, Performanz und …

    Carsten Logemann: Managed Hosting – Kompromisse bezüglich Sicherheit, Flexibilität, Performanz und …

    WordCamp Frankfurt 2016Speaker: Carsten Logemann

    September 8, 2016 — Jede/r, der/die Verantwortung für eine Webanwendung übernimmt sollte ein gewisses Grundverständnis von den Services haben, welche sie/er bei Hosting-Diensleistern einkauft. Zu diesem Grundverständnis beizutragen ist Ziel dieser Session.

    Es geht in der Session um diverse Spannungsfelder, die sich meiner Meinung nach immer nur mit Kompromissen lösen lassen. Bezüglich Flexibilität und Verfügbarkeit der Website kann man vllt. etwas kompromissbereiter sein, als bei der Sicherheit. Aber da es niemals absolute Sicherheit geben kann, muss man leider auch bei der Sicherheit mit Kompromissen leben. Dies gilt insbesondere für Software, deren Aufgabe es ist, rund um die Uhr (24h pro Tag, 7 Tage die Woche) für jeden Nutzer im Internet erreichbar zu sein.

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  • Gerroald Barron: Beginner WordPress Security

    Gerroald Barron: Beginner WordPress Security

    WordCamp Oklahoma City 2016Speaker: Gerroald Barron

    August 26, 2016 — The basics on hardening your WordPress application and best security practices.
    The importance of Strong passwords, Two-Factor, secure file permissions and using SFTP encryption.
    The basics on hardening the install by changing Salts, removing username admin and the admin ID of 1.
    The importance of maintaining backups and updates.

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  • Carlos Zuniga: WP Security for Novices

    Carlos Zuniga: WP Security for Novices

    WordCamp Lehigh Valley 2016Speaker: Carlos Zuniga

    August 25, 2016 — We will be discussing basic things a you can do secure your site with minimal technical knowledge. What to do in case it does get hacked. How to backup and restore your website.

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  • Will Chatham: WordPress Security - Don’t Be a Target

    Will Chatham: WordPress Security – Don’t Be a Target

    WordCamp Asheville 2016Speaker: Will Chatham

    August 19, 2016 — Learn how to lock down your WordPress website so that you become less of a target for hacking, defacement, or data theft. Using freely available tools, you’ll find out how to thwart cyber attacks and build trust with your visitors.

    Take aways:

    Becoming less of a target for hackers.
    Hardening WordPress websites with security plugins.
    Other tools and tips for website security.

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  • Tim Nash: Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

    Tim Nash: Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

    WordCamp Brighton 2016Speaker: Tim Nash

    August 9, 2016 — Using real examples of exploits reported in themes and plugins, Tim will be discussing steps you can take to improve the security of your WordPress site. If you’re a developer or theme designer, you can learn from other’s mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them. However, it’s not just developers – security is for everyone so Tim will cover practical tips to help anyone keep their site nice and safe.

  • Krystle Herbrandson: The Frustration with Website Security

    Krystle Herbrandson: The Frustration with Website Security

    WordCamp Boston 2016Speaker: Krystle Herbrandson

    August 9, 2016 — This talk is designed to break down website security at it’s most fundamental level and understand that there is no 100% solution out there, there never will be. Security is about technology, processes, and people, and we need to know how to mitigate risk in these areas.

    The talk will cover:

    Hosting and how it plays a role in website security
    Understanding what a Firewall actually protects
    Dispelling the myth of “why would anyone hack me?”
    Different types of online threats (external and internal)
    WordPress security essentials (Passwords, updates, user roles, backups, etc.)
    DIY tools to help mitigate risk and improve your online posture
    Resources for staying informed
    If you own or manage a website, whether it’s an ecommerce store, a blog, or just a simple marketing site, you need to know how to keep it protected and become a responsible steward of the world wide web!

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  • Yan Knudtskov: WordPress Sikkerhed – Enkle skridt til en roligere søvn

    Yan Knudtskov: WordPress Sikkerhed – Enkle skridt til en roligere søvn

    WordCamp Denmark 2016Speaker: Yan Knudtskov

    August 1, 2016 — I løbet af ca. 20 minutter gennemgår vi hvorfor du bør sikre dit WordPress site og hvordan du med enkle midler kan sikre dit WordPress site.

    Vi vil overordnet gennemgå de elementer din online strategi skal indholde, for at sikre dit indhold – og som virksomhed: Din forretning.

    Du går fra oplægget med værktøjer til at gå i gang og få sikret din WordPress side allerede samme eftermiddag.