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  • Kathryn Presner: Help Me Help You: The Art And Science Of Getting Good WordPress Support

    Kathryn Presner: Help Me Help You: The Art And Science Of Getting Good WordPress Support

    WordCamp Montreal 2013Speaker: Kathryn Presner

    March 28, 2014 — Visual Editor stopped working? Plugin update gone awry? Getting useful help when you’re stuck on a WordPress problem is not always as straightforward as it seems. This session is packed with tips on how to ask for assistance in the WordPress support forums and other arenas – in a way that will let others help you more easily and effectively. It covers some handy techniques for basic troubleshooting on your own – before contacting tech support.

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  • Scott Basgaard: Help Yourself by Helping Others

    Scott Basgaard: Help Yourself by Helping Others

    WordCamp Europe 2013Speaker: Scott Basgaard

    December 10, 2013 — In this presentation, I’ll discuss growing and building business through customer service and discuss some tools to use along the way. I’ll also touch on the importance of helping in the WordPress community as well, as a way of giving back and its value to both you as an individual and whatever team you are a part of.

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  • Mason James: Supporting WordPress

    Mason James: Supporting WordPress

    WordCamp NYC 2012Speaker: Mason James

    February 17, 2013 — This presentation provides information and insight into what it takes to provide ongoing maintenance for a client or community based on WordPress. bbPress for a support forum and BuddyPress for creating community are discussed. Also best practices for keeping things up to date. A variety of community-based and premium solutions are discussed as well as a discussion about incentives for community participation. This is geared towards engaging your community to help each other by creating an environment that rewards that kind of activity.

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  • The Technical Support Plugin for WordPress

    The Technical Support Plugin for WordPress

    Speaker: Konstantin Kovshenin

    February 23, 2010 — If you’re a freelancer, a web design agency or simply a WordPress consultant, Technical Support for WordPress is a way to provide quality support to your clients. After setting up a WordPress powered website for your client, install the Technical Support plugin, which will enhance your client’s Dashboard with a new widget for submitting support tickets directly to your e-mail. Konstantin Kovshenin leads you through a demo of this plugin, available in the Plugin Directory here.


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