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  • Thomas Patrick Levy: A Developer’s Guide to Support

    Thomas Patrick Levy: A Developer’s Guide to Support

    WordCamp Orange County 2016Speaker: Thomas Patrick Levy

    August 18, 2016 — What I’ve learned, as a developer, about interacting and empathizing with those poor non-developers who have given me money for code I have written and now expect me to help them, teach them, and respect them despite their absurd questions with obvious answers.

  • Kei Nomura: 初心者向けこわくないWordPress日本語フォーラムの使い方のコツ

    Kei Nomura: 初心者向けこわくないWordPress日本語フォーラムの使い方のコツ

    WordCamp Kansai 2016Speaker: Kei Nomura

    July 29, 2016 — みなさんはWordPress日本語フォーラムを活用していますか?



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  • Hiroki Matsumoto: 個人からチームへ。200万人に正しく情報を届けるための取り組み

    Hiroki Matsumoto: 個人からチームへ。200万人に正しく情報を届けるための取り組み

    WordCamp Kansai 2016Speaker: Hiroki Matsumoto

    July 29, 2016 — 個人からチームへ。200万人に正しく情報を届けるための取り組み

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  • Davor Altman: The Science of Happiness

    Davor Altman: The Science of Happiness

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Davor Altman

    July 3, 2016 — How to achieve happiness? I will present the formulas for Customer Happiness, practical ways to implement them, and how a scientific approach to Happiness can increase profits and improve businesses. Greatest benefits of this talk would have plugin and theme developers/companies and WordPress consulting agencies.

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  • Erica Varlese and Pam Kocke: Closing the Gap - Developing Your Support Philosophy

    Erica Varlese and Pam Kocke: Closing the Gap – Developing Your Support Philosophy

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speakers: Erica Varlese, Pam Kocke

    July 1, 2016 — So you’ve created a plugin or a theme for WordPress? Awesome! It doesn’t stop there. We will discuss why great support matters and give you simple ways to get a reputation for excellent support without increasing your time or effort.

  • Michael Sebel: The “Adopt a WordPress Made By Someone Else” Checklist

    Michael Sebel: The “Adopt a WordPress Made By Someone Else” Checklist

    WordCamp Switzerland 2015Speaker: Michael Sebel

    May 14, 2016 — In our first year at comotive we’ve had a few experiences, where a company asked us to support and further develop their WordPress sites. But those weren’t small pages, but rather old and extensive sites and in one case (What I’ll talk about the most), a page of the swiss government, which was a very severe case. I’ve already learned a lot at blogwerk in the last four years and will talk about the caveats when you take over support for code that you didn’t write yourself. A soap opera in four acts: Slowness. Bugs. Support. Security.

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  • Tomáš Kocifaj: Základy komunikace s klientem aneb Smolíček a jeskyňky

    Tomáš Kocifaj: Základy komunikace s klientem aneb Smolíček a jeskyňky

    WordCamp Bratislava 2016Speaker: Tomáš Kocifaj

    May 12, 2016 — Přednášku budu cílit na obecnou komunikaci s klienty, která je často denním chlebem menších i středně velkých developerů. Ve větších korporacích tuto část přebírají obvykle projektový manažeři. Ve své přednášce ukážu základní řízení projektů, na co musíte při komunikaci myslet, co Vás může posunout k získání lepších klientů (zakázek) ale také to, co Vás ve většině případů na jistotu zařadí do kategorie “odpad”. Vždy jsem byl zastánce, že dobré vztahy s klientem jsou lepší, než tisíc dobře napsaných smluv. Je potřeba si ale uvědomit, že vše má své hranice a my i klient bychom se jimi měli řídit. Na závěr ukážu některé nástroje pro řízení, které používám například já v rámci našeho teamu.

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  • Thomas Maier: Erfahrungen aus 2 Jahren Plugin-Support

    Thomas Maier: Erfahrungen aus 2 Jahren Plugin-Support

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016Speaker: Thomas Maier

    April 21, 2016 — Thomas möchte uns in seiner Session einen Überblick über den Support seines Plugins Advanced Ads und den dazugehörigen Premium-Erweiterungen geben. Dabei räumt er mit einigen falschen Annahmen auf, die er zu Beginn hatte und die sich als unsinnig herausstellten, zeigt aber auch, welche Herausforderungen sich aus der Situation eines Freemium-Modells über wordpress.org ergeben. Er stellt uns sein aktuelles Setup vor und wie er dazu gekommen ist, d.h. welches Helpdesk er nutzt und welche Features für die Auswahl wichtig waren. Zu guter Letzt möchte er uns Strategien aufzeigen, die ihm helfen, selbst die kostenfreie Version seines Plugins mit 100% Support anzubieten und dabei trotzdem noch ruhig schlafen zu können.

  • Mindy Postoff: Giving Great Support to Angry Customers

    Mindy Postoff: Giving Great Support to Angry Customers

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speaker: Mindy Postoff

    April 12, 2016 — One of the hardest parts of running any business is dealing with frustrated and angry customers. If you don’t find a way to resolve their problems, negative reviews and bad word of mouth can have a serious and detrimental effect. This talk is for anyone that has (or hopes to have) customers, because it’s inevitable that at least some of the people you’ll deal with will be angry. You’ll learn a simple, yet extremely powerful, technique that can immediately defuse irate customers, and help get them on the path to a resolution of their problems.

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  • Franz Vitulli: How Not To Give Appalling User Support

    Franz Vitulli: How Not To Give Appalling User Support

    WordCamp Europe 2015Speaker: Franz Vitulli

    March 11, 2016 — More and more developers are using WordPress to build and sell online products (web apps, SaaS, etc.), and providing excellent user support is a skill certainly not to be taken for granted. The talk will touch on the benefits and challenges of a great user support and training. I’ll share the most common problems I encountered whilst dealing with support. It will also look at how I give the best support I can and the tools that enable me to do so.
    This session is aimed to WordPress developers, marketers and product managers whose goal is helping their customers/users enjoy and get the most out of their product.

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