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  • Max Kovalenkov: Testing WordPress - It Doesn’t Actually Suck

    Max Kovalenkov: Testing WordPress – It Doesn’t Actually Suck

    WordCamp Montreal 2016Speaker: Max Kovalenkov

    November 18, 2016 — Testing has always been and continues to be something of a “skeleton in the closet” for most developers. It’s rarely required as part of the development process, is often tedious to set up, and, to be effective, needs to become a regular practice both before and after going live. Yet bringing it into our work routines provides numerous benefits in the long run and, if done properly, can save lots of headaches and at times even help avoid a tainted reputation. We will start by looking at the automated testing landscape from the high level – what’s what and where’s best to use each testing methodology. We will then explore testing options available for different parts of the WordPress ecosystem (core, plugins, themes), and go through a couple of practical examples of using selected test frameworks. To finish off, we’ll discuss the habit-forming aspect, which is not necessarily as much about development itself.

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  • Jason Cosper: Scaling WordPress With Load Testing

    Jason Cosper: Scaling WordPress With Load Testing

    WordCamp Sacramento 2016Speaker: Jason Cosper

    October 31, 2016 — Everybody wants their site to be scalable. From shared hosting customers to large media companies on expensive dedicated hardware, people deserve to get every last bit of performance that they’ve paid for.

    However, most people don’t even bother to load test their sites. And of those who do, a number tend to only run basic tests on their local machine. To truly understand what you can reasonably expect, you need to throw real traffic (and real scenarios) at your production environment.

    In this session, we will discuss how to generate tests that mimic realistic user traffic, ways to run these tests against your site, and what to do after you realize things maybe aren’t as fast as you’d thought.

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  • Megumi Hano: GitHub と Travis CI で WordPress テーマをテスト、ビルド、そして自動化

    Megumi Hano: GitHub と Travis CI で WordPress テーマをテスト、ビルド、そして自動化

    WordCamp Kansai 2016Speaker: Megumi Hano

    July 28, 2016 — 継続的インテグレーション、CI(英: continuous integration)とは、主にプログラマーのアプリケーション作成時の品質改善や納期の短縮のための習慣のことを言います。(Wikipedia より)
    WordPress 公式テーマディレクトリ掲載テーマ Amethyst を事例に、採用したテストや費用対効果など WordPress テーマ開発における CI についてお話します。

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  • Eugene Manuilov : Automated Testing of WordPress Projects

    Eugene Manuilov : Automated Testing of WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Paris 2016Speaker: Eugene Manuilov

    May 12, 2016 — Nowadays the WordPress world is full of competitors and the only chance to survive without failing is to increase and retain the quality of your products. Come and learn how to build automated tests for WordPress projects and products, how to find bugs in earlier stages, and how to not spend too much time on it.

  • Paul Vincent Beigang: (Unit) Test React

    Paul Vincent Beigang: (Unit) Test React

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016Speaker: Paul Vincent Beigang

    April 20, 2016 — React ist eine JavaScript-Bibliothek zum Erstellen von Benutzeroberflächen. Sie wurde 2013 von Facebook unter BSD-Lizenz veröffentlicht und schlägt seitdem immer größere Wellen.

    Im seinem Vortrag möchte uns Paul zeigen, wie wir unseren mit React umgesetzten Code (automatisiert) testen können.

  • Thorsten Frommen: How (Not) to Write Testable Code

    Thorsten Frommen: How (Not) to Write Testable Code

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016Speaker: Thorsten Frommen

    April 18, 2016 — This session is about writing code that can easily be tested. By means of negative examples, Thorsten explains what makes code rather hard to test, or even untestable. Each „bad practice“ is first presented in an abstract way, and then illustrated and discussed using one or more concrete PHP and JavaScript code examples. In the end, Thorsten shows how to solve the individual issues at hand, and thus produce testable code—even if you don’t test it yourself.

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  • Tiziano Fogliata: Landing page con WordPress – Come ottenere di più dal tuo sito

    Tiziano Fogliata: Landing page con WordPress – Come ottenere di più dal tuo sito

    WordCamp Torino 2016Speaker: Tiziano Fogliata

    April 8, 2016 — L’intervento è rivolto principalmente a blogger, imprenditori, professionisti e a tutte le persone o aziende che voglio sfruttare il sito per sviluppare il proprio business, ma non mancano gli spunti anche per sviluppatori e web designer. I principali temi trattati saranno:

    • Cos’è una landing page, a cosa ti può servire e perché è importante;
    • Come realizzare una landing page con WordPress e soprattutto una che funziona: gli aspetti da curare e gli errori da evitare;
    • Gli strumenti e le tecniche per misurare e migliorare il successo di una landing page.

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  • Thorsten Frommen: An Introduction to Software Testing

    Thorsten Frommen: An Introduction to Software Testing

    WordCamp Berlin 2015Speaker: Thorsten Frommen

    February 7, 2016 — What is a test? Why should one test? Who should test? What, when, and how should be tested? These questions and more are to be answered. Primarily, this session is aimed at developers. Designers, and (technical) project leads and managers, however, are addressed as well, because they also take a part in the development process, and hence testing.

    While the talk will be given in German, the slides are in English. So even if you’re not a German native speaker, you should be able to follow.

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  • Dennis Ploetner: Lightning Talk - Unit Testing for Plugin Developers

    Dennis Ploetner: Lightning Talk – Unit Testing for Plugin Developers

    WordCamp Berlin 2015Speaker: Dennis Ploetner

    February 4, 2016 — This session gives an introduction to how to test WordPress plugins with unit tests, focusing on the advantages it provides. We’ll have a look together at the main steps to set up a first test case.

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  • Brendan Sera-Shriar: How to A/B Test with WordPress – Conversions Aren’t Just for Landing Pages

    Brendan Sera-Shriar: How to A/B Test with WordPress – Conversions Aren’t Just for Landing Pages

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Brendan Sera-Shriar

    January 16, 2016 — This is not a marketing presentation on how to get more conversions. In this presentation we’ll walk through best practices for integrating A/B testing tools and plugins like Visual Web Optimizer and Optimizely for WordPress. We will also look at how to properly setup template pages, embed tracking codes and how to manage your content and media for testing across multiple devices.

    Learning Outcomes:

    – Use WordPress to develop Landing Pages.
    – Integrate 3rd party tools for conversion and landing page optimization.
    – Turn WordPress into a marketing machine.
    – Create A/B tests on posts and pages.
    – Design pages and content with conversion design principles.
    – Integrate WordPress with other marketing vehicles efficiently.

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