Text Instructions: How to add captions or subtitles a WordPress.tv video

The tools at amara.org will help you to create your caption or translation file. So before you begin, be sure to create you sign up for a free account on Amara.org. In addition to helping you create a caption file, the tools at amara.org also allow you to stop and start again in the middle of the captioning process. That way if you get interrupted, you can save your subtitles and pick up where you left off.

Uploading a new caption file

If you would like to caption or subtitle a video that does not yet have captions in your language, you can follow these steps to upload your own caption file:

Step 1 – Copy the video URL

Locate the “Med” link in the Download section of the sidebar.

01 - select medium

Right-click on that link and select the Copy Video URL option.

02 - copy video url

Step 2 – launch video in Amara

Go to http://www.amara.org/en/videos/create/ and enter the video URL you copied from wordpress.tv.

03 - paste it here

Next click “Subtitle Me” and follow the instructions provided by Amara.org

04 - Click Subtitle Me

Step 3 – Download the translation file

Once the video is subtitled at Amara.org, click on the link under View Subtitles, to the left of the video display.

05 - view subtitles

Next click on the Download drop-down menu and select DFXP format.

06 - download TTML

When you have downloaded the caption file to your computer, you should have a file that looks something like this: wordcamp-minneapolis-2014.dfxp In order to have this file work with wordpress.tv (which only accepts .ttml files) just edit the file extension to change it from .dfxp to .ttml, like so: wordcamp-minneapolis-2014.ttml

Step 4 – Upload your caption file

Return to the WordPress.tv video page, and click on the “Subtitle this video” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

08 - subtitle

On the next page, choose your file for upload, select your language from the drop-down selector, and then click Submit button. 09 - upload

Success! Your subtitles will go through a short moderation process, and then you can enjoy your newly captioned video in all its text-enriched glory. Thank you for helping out! :)

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