Translating an existing caption file

Step 1 – Locate the existing .ttml file

Load the page for the video you would like to add a translation for. You can find the TTML link under the Subtitles section of the video information sidebar


Step 2 – Download and open the .ttml file

Download the existing caption file and then open it in a simple text-editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Avoid using applications like Word or Dreamweaver, because they will distort the TTML markup.

Step 3 – Translate subtitle text

Inside the downloaded file, you’ll see the speaker’s words surrounded by <p> and </p> tags. Translate all of the speaker’s words into your language, but be careful not to change the surrounding <p> tags at all.


Step 4 – Save and upload your translated caption file

When you’re finished, save the file—being sure to use the original TTML file extension—and return to the video page, then click on the “Subtitle this video” button at the bottom of the sidebar.

08 - subtitle

On the next page, choose your file for upload, select your language from the drop-down selector, and then click Submit button.

09 - upload

Success! Your subtitles will go through a short moderation process, and then you can enjoy your newly captioned video in all its text-enriched glory. Thank you for helping out! :)

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