Checking your stats & inbound links from the dashboard

16 responses on “Checking your stats & inbound links from the dashboard

  1. popchicago

    So, if you host WordPress on your own server, you DON’T get this unless you use a plugin, right?

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  2. dheiser

    So how do I get this onto my dashboard? I don’t seem to have it automatically on mine.


    • Michael Pick

      Hi dheiser – if you’re running a self-installed version of WordPress (rather than a hosted account), you can achieve the same thing by installing the Stats Plugin – you’ll be able to find it in both the plugins directory (see previous link) or through the plugin browser built into your blog.


  3. dheiser

    thanks! Now I’ve got it working. I appreciate the help.


  4. Karen

    Hi – I’m so new at blogging it isn’t funny – so bear with me for asking a stupid question. But I seem to have the most difficult time installing pluggins including this one. It keeps coming up an error.
    Any ideas?


  5. binytonaRon

    Nice template. Where can i download it?


    • Michael Pick

      The look you see is WordPress 2.7 standard, no templates required. For this functionality, you can download the Stats plugin for self-hosted blogs by running a search from your plugin browser for “stats”, or directly from the plugin directory


  6. mbak maya

    i wonder what software that you use to create a screen capture for this tutorial? Tks


  7. dave

    Checkout wp-stats-dashboard for a great stats overview :


  8. Sandy B

    My wordpress is hosted by purenrg. To install the plug in, it says I would need an API key. Not sure what that is…


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January 5, 2009

If you’d like to check out who’s reading your blog, and how they tracked you down, the incoming links and stats features of your dashboard make it easy. This 60 second tutorial walks you through the process.

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