Creating a PollDaddy Poll

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  1. Aaron

    Is there a way to get the polldady integration into the ‘normal’ WordPress version that I’ve got installed on my own server? Looks nice!

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  2. Shawn Stagg

    I would like to install Polldaddy however, it said it hasent been tested with the new version of when I do an auto install?



  3. Adair

    I use Firefox & Google Chrome and it wasn’t till about a month later that I realised that my website pages that contained a PollDaddy poll would crash when using I.E! Has anyone else had this problem or know what it may be?

    The Error Message that pops up says;

    “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internat site

    Operation aborted”

    Then closes the site!


  4. Adair

    To follow up on this – it appears as though it only happens when using the WordPress Poll HTML Code e.g.

    I’ve tried again using the Flash Poll Method and all seems fine.

    Thanks Michael


  5. Lenny

    Hi Adair,

    I work with PollDaddy. Sorry to hear you had issues, could you send me a link to a page on your site with a poll on it and I will take a look?


  6. tani

    thank you


  7. Emuna

    Is it possible to put a poll as a widget?


  8. leongaro

    How to make the poll fit in the available space of a certain template?


  9. jonnymundo

    I followed the directions in the video but when I selected the poll I created in an entry field, it did not offer me appearance options, and would not publish to my blog. I use firefox with a MacBook.


  10. admin

    Is there a way to close a poll without deleting it?


  11. Vendetta

    I created a poll but it is not visible on my blog. many of my friend whom I told about the poll have asked where to go and I have no answer


  12. mrskendrick

    My blog is self-hosted through Go Daddy and I’d like to know how to do a Poll Daddy poll as well.


    • Michael Pick

      PollDaddy isn’t included with self-installed versions of WordPress yet. However, if you head to Plugins > Add New and run a search for PollDaddy, you’ll find a plugin that you can install to add these features to your blog.


  13. Paul Sabourin

    We recently installed the PollDaddy plugin on our WordPress 2.8 site, and received reports from various readers of having trouble opening the website when using IE6 and IE7.

    I see that this problem has been reported previously (, and that posting the flash version will alleviate the problem. This is a sub-optimal solution, as we have to tweak the code manually to get it to appear the way we wish it to each time we post a poll.

    Is there a solution in the works for the IE crashing problem?


  14. Ryan Markel

    Have you tried connecting with others in the plugins forum on

    I am forwarding your report as well so it’s seen.


  15. One Way Links

    Love the PollDaddy software and think it is out of this world. The only concern I have after checking this out further are the prices after the sign up fee on the Pro and Pro2 accounts.

    This would realy be of concern where you have a large site that does not earn much revenue but has thousands upon thousands of user wishing to be involved in an ongoing Poll. At 4 cents or 2 cents per response after the initial 1000 or 10,000 response respectively, this could be quite costly!

    I guess this calls for some sponsorship.


  16. grassrootspolitician

    I created a new poll but it did not replace the current poll. I closed the current poll and the new poll still is not showing on the home page just the old poll. How so I replace a current poll with a new poll??


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January 5, 2009

If you want to quiz or poll your readers with a customizable, embeddable poll, the PollDaddy feature baked into the editor makes it really easy. This short video talks you through the process of putting a poll together and checking up on the results.

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