Embedding photos, video & audio into your posts

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  1. andy meyers

    background music too speedy. thanks


  2. pbhome

    Im trying to upload audio but it says im only allowed to upload jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx. files.
    What should I do?


  3. buffy1011

    Yeah. But what about Windows Movie Maker movie files? It never works for me. When I try and add it to a website, it just freezes. HELP!


    • Michael Pick

      If you’re using a WMV or AVI file outputted from Windows Movie Maker, that should be fine – so long as you don’t try to upload the project file itself (which ends MSWMM). If you continue to have problems with uploading, I’d suggest getting in touch with WordPress.com support (assuming you’re using WordPress.com), who’ll be able to help you resolve the issue. You can do that by clicking here. If you’re self-hosting your blog, rather than running it from WordPress.com, you’ll want to check the WordPress.org forums (linked)


  4. AM2

    Hi I am trying to embed videos I saw on youtube like other blogger on this site but everytime I copy and paste the HTML code into my blog, it never shows up or just showing the codes but no videos. what did I did wrong? please help thanks

    Alan + mei-mei the pug


  5. thedjprototype

    I upgraded my account and still cant embed audio. Instead I am only able to link to an external page that plays the file.


    • Michael Pick

      Assuming you’re using a WordPress.com blog, you can find more information on embedding audio at this WordPress.com support page (linked). The long and the short is only MP3 files will create the inline audio player, other file types link off. If you’re self hosting, you’ll want to make use of one of the many audio plugins to enhance your experience. Run a search for audio from your built-in Plugin browser in the menu of your blog and you’ll find lots of options.


  6. thedjprototype

    I actually figured it out. Thank you. It was the type of code that WordPress accepts when embedding audio. you have to use [audio MP3URL_here] and your good to go.


  7. helen

    I needed to do the same thing as thedjprototype and managed to figure out how to embed the audio but it’s playing automatically when i click onto the page – all three files at once! How do I stop that?! I only want them to play when someone presses the ‘play’ button!


  8. darcymoore


    For some reason I cannot seem to work out (and I used to do it) how to link a photo I upload to text in a blog post.

    It keeps becoming a thumbnail and obliterating the word.

    Please help.


  9. JMG

    The comments about the music are hilarious! How could that possibly bother anyone enough to comment? Haha!

    Anyways, I think it’s a great video – thanks very much for putting this together. It makes it very easy to introduce new users to WordPress.


  10. polloplayer

    I purchased the video upgrade and am trying to upload a video from my camera, but it only seems to show up as a photo – there’s no tab to push to start the video. What am I missing?


  11. John


    Everything works great, EXCEPT – embedded videos. How do I keep the player from starting immediately when the page is opened? Youtube embeds aren’t having that problem but these are:

    What do I change?



  12. whatscookingwithdoc

    How do I embed an audio file so it plays whenever someone visits the page? Theme music, if you will!


  13. bloomablog

    Do I need to upgrade in order to post videos from sites other than YouTube? For example, there is a CBS news video that I would like to use, but neither posting the URL or their embed code seems to work…


  14. Don

    Run a search for audio from your built-in Plugin browser in the menu of your blog and you’ll find lots of options/etc..


  15. willindampcouver

    I purchased extra space on WordPress so that I am able to add some audio in .mp3 format. I have uploaded the .mp3, and it is clickable on my Homepage. However, I notice that clicking it takes viewer away from my page to a blank white screen where the audio progress bar shows. Is this normal? It would be nice if viewer could stay on same page to listen to the audio.


  16. willindampcouver

    Thanks. I had to first figure out by trial and error to go into “links Editor” to “permanently delete” the old link…and then re-upload my .mp3 fiel, and then your advice worked just fine. Now the audio player is embedded in the page and i am a happy camper!


  17. inturpo

    Ive been also having majorproblems adding photos,i tried everything but just cant seem to get it right,
    but ive read some good stuff on here,thanks


  18. fromscratch17

    How does one embed a “Where I’ve Been” map on a page? I’ve tried embedding the code on a page but it doesn’t seem to work.


  19. unavoceportugal

    I’ve been trying to embed videos from Gloria.tv but the embeding codes I get from there don’t work. Can anyone help?


  20. Doc Mac

    I think most of the issues regarding embedding pictures into WP is the complex Javascript that’s working behind the scenes. Flash would work fine but a significant amount of users around the world do not have flash-ready capability.


  21. Hillary Blinds

    I am having the same issue as well with adding pictures and embedding the code in WP. Any idea what the problem could be?


  22. vostreaming

    thank you about this totrial


  23. Paula

    Try using nimbb.com in which you can record 30 seconds of video for free using your webcam. It is very easy, simple, and fast. I saw nimbb being used by the Doctors without borders in the Campaign “Kiss Malaria Goodbye”. So, I guess you can integrate nimbb technology into your blog/website and also you can share your videos on twitter and facebook.


  24. Aaron

    great tutorial. I learned ablot


  25. Lee

    This video was useful but I can’t see how to select centre align for an embedded post.. my pop up box doesn’t look like the video one..


  26. John

    This didn’t help for me. Keeps coming up media not found


  27. iffinsu34

    I’ve got many post to my WordPress and I’m happy that I already embed the photos or videos to my post. Because of the most useful tricks that I read.


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January 5, 2009

If you’d like to insert photos, videos, audio or other media into your blog posts, this video will walk you through the basics

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