Creating a static front page for your blog

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  1. prprofmv

    What you’re saying works in theory – but there’s one problem: you can’t delete the default Blog or Home page.

    The default Blog or Home page remains displayed and you end up with a dead page (or 2 homepages). I can’t find a way to delete it or change it into a static page, since it’s not listed in the Pages view at all.

    So what happens is something like this: – I would like the Blog (or in some themes, Home) page to not be displayed at all.
    I set the About page to be the default page, and the Blog/Updates to host the posts. But how do I get rid of the default Blog page?


    • Michael Pick

      Ah yes, I see the problem. There’s a hack for this – we have an entry about it over at support. Hope that helps.

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      • prprofmv

        The tip doesn’t work because the default home or blog page is not listed in the Edit Pages view – so there’s no way to change its attributes and hide it.

        The easy fix was to use a theme that doesn’t have a default “Home” or “Blog” button – such as Redoable Lite or Ocean Mist.

        Thank you for replying, though!


        • tonyfrost

          Yes, I’m limited to choosing themes that don’t have a home tab hard coded in. Otherwise you end with two-home pages!


        • scottschram

          You can get rid of the extra “Home” on your blog by paying for’s custom CSS and using this for Ocean Mist:

          #content .postwrapper .title h2 {
          display: none;

          You should be able to hide it in other themes if you can figure out the right CSS selector.



  2. acidcloud

    Great video. Thanks for the tip!

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  3. wysiwygjt

    There’s also a problem specific to the “Blix” theme being used with a static front page. When you are on the Posts page, regardless of what it is called, the “Home” tab is highlighted in the NavBar.


  4. Igor Furnas

    Why do my posts disappear when I do this????


    • jim_hellas

      What do you mean by “disappear”? Your posts are deleted permanently when you try to define a static homepage?

      I would guess what you mean is that your posts are not appearing anymore on your homepage. But that’s the whole point of doing this :-s You can still access your posts by simply clicking the “posts” page.


  5. Kemar

    Cool Information


  6. kunuweb

    Like ‘prprofmv’, I too found this static homepage conundrum to be an irritating feature of (After all, not all of us are into fiddling with CSS). However after a lot frustrations, I followed Michael Pick’s suggestions and read the help file.

    Unlike ‘prprofmov’, having ‘translated’ the rather poor grammar of the entry, I found it worked perfectly. I’m using the ‘unsleepable’ template. I changed the home page to point to my welcome pag. Fine. Then, to avoid having a home and welcome page, I simply made my welcome a child of one of the other pages. It then disappears from the menu, leaving just the homepage. (Thank you Michael Pick!)

    Whether it works so easily on all the templates themes(and it should)is another matter… 🙂


  7. Grant

    Hi, For some reason I can’t get my new wordpress installation to display a static front page. Have followed the above instructions but keep getting a “Error 404 – Not Found” displayed. I wonder if its because my permalink structure only displays postnames ie and the home page is defaulting to only “”

    Very frustrating!
    Can anyone help?


  8. smuggknife

    Why does it not display as if it were the front page??

    look here

    events is supposed to be the “blog” part and Home is the static front page.


  9. Brian


    Very helpful video. I’m an avid reader but sometimes video is a better teaching tool.
    I made my Home page parent to my new Front page and it works perfectly. No redundant page links. Thanks.



  10. Chris

    I have WP 2.7.1 and when I click on the “Reading” tab the window that appears does not have an area to create a static page as shown in the video. So what do I do? I really need clear help.


  11. stevie

    Possibly off topic… I’m new to blogging but not to web design (used to html, css etc). I’ve set up my site ( to have a static homepage but can’t see how to get rid of a navigation lines in the main text area.

    I’m very much at the practice stage before setting up a site for a history group.


  12. cdobson13

    Is there absolutely no way to make a static home page avoiding the 2 home page situation? I’m using the new vigilance theme and have created a static home page but as per kunuweb suggests, the only way to hide the second “Home” page is to make it a parent of another page. Seems a rather silly thing to have to do? Any suggestions or solutions? Thanks.


  13. Alex

    I’m using the Quadro-theme from elegantthemes.

    I also ended up with the built in ‘Home’ button and my own ‘welcome’ page. I solved this problem by adding the ‘pages-widget’ and than exclude the page-IDnumber of my own ‘welcome’ page.

    Like this my built in ‘Home’ button points to my own choosen static page. Maybe its an idea for you guys who want to use pagenavigation-widget.


  14. canditj

    Im not even trying to create extra pages. I Just want to know how to get to my home page to edit my sub title. I also would like to add my own banner to personalize it a bit.

    How do I get to my home page from my dashboard???


    • Yoav

      You can change your blog sub title (or tagline) from: Settings->General on your blog dashboard.
      Not all themes supports changing the header – If the one you’re using does, you’ll find it under Appearance->Custom Header


  15. Blake

    I just found a solution: First, create a Dummy page and publish it as Visibility: Public. Then change the Parent attribute of the Home to fall under Dummy. Now edit the Dummy page again and make it Visibility: Private.


    • Andrew

      Hi, I just tried that but didn’t seem to make any difference – I still have two home poages, albeit one pushed onto the next line, but sends my sidebars out of alignment.

      Any thoughts??
      Thank you


  16. Andrew

    PS In some browsers it looks fine – eg I Explorere, but in Google Chrome or Firefox, for exmaple, looks all pushed out … v puzzled.



  17. Yogesh Mhatre

    Hello.. I tried the static page with Infinity theme it works, but same with the NatMag theme doesnt work?

    What can be done to solve this


  18. Brandon Laremont

    For those experiencing issues with missing the static page option in WordPress 2.7.1…NOTE: You must create a temporary page first, then go into your Admin>Reading options to create a static page. If this issue continues, you will need to backup your data and re-install WP.

    We are currently working on additional advanced options (i.e. plugins, PHP code alterations, etc.) to accomplish the same effect for multiple blogs.

    Kontrive Media


  19. Sony 3d-fan

    I am also have problem with latest wordpress for displaying static page in front of site (


  20. Josh

    Blake’s “Dummy” solution worked for me. Thanks!


  21. James Dodson

    The sound was terrible. A word now and then. The video played somewhat the same way. I will return tomorrow. A great idea. Front page isa little trickly. I realize that my computer may be part of the problem. I tried to check it and could find nothing.


    • Michael Pick

      Sounds like you’re having streaming troubles – if you aren’t already, I’d recommend using the SD rather than HD mode. Alternatively you could download the video file directly from our Miro channel or your feed reader/podcatcher using our media RSS feed – hope that helps!


  22. paul

    is there a way to still have the current blog posts still display as part of the page?
    so have the static home page with its content at the top, and below that content have the blog posts appear as they would if the blog were still the home page. I’m doing some work on an inherited site so am trying to make changes to someone else’s initial work.


    • Michael Pick

      This question would likely get a better, fuller response in the forums, where there are lots of active developers and volunteers able to walk you through changes and modifications needed for this type of customization. (I’m assuming you inherited a self-hosted blog here)


      • paul

        hi, thanks.
        I’m doing seo work for this site, hosted on godaddy. so much time spent navigating through ads on the godaddy site to get to the real hosting. crazy.

        so not really self hosting, but outside hosting.

        I’ll post on the forums. do you happen to know if there are other video or audio tutorials that may cover this issue? I’m severely dyslexic so vid and audio really increase my learning time massively.

        thanks for putting up this resource. for someone like me it’s really a huge help.


  23. Arshad

    I want to create this type of blog for my website where vistors can leave a message ‘Leave a Reply’. Im using frontpage so if anyone of you kind people have a html code for creating this PLEASE send me the code.
    Thanks very much


  24. Jeff Bennett

    I found a sneaky solution to the self-hosted issue of duplicate home links in the menu on some themes. When creating the page for the home page as shown in the video, simply leave the title blank. Then when modifying the Reading settings, select that blank page (an empty spot will be in the pull down menu).


  25. step

    Thanks, I searched for a long time!


  26. babylonback2babylon

    Jeff Bennett, you are a genius!! It’s both obvious and simple at the same time. I’ve just wasted about three hours of my life trying to remove the surplus ‘home’ page from the Vigilance theme when all I needed to do was remove the title from the ‘home’ page I’d created myself. Because they are wired to exactly the same link, anyone clicking ‘home’ is taken to the blank titled page… simplicity itself. It obviously took a perceptive mind to spot it. Cheers Jeff!


  27. Shailendra

    What if I want a static homepage and then the 3rd tab as blogging page? How do I create such page?


  28. Rogerfederer

    This video is Superb.I really Likee these tips.Thankyou soo much :).But I am having problem with latest wordpress for displaying static page in front of site. :(.\


  29. saeid

    Yes, I’m limited to choosing themes that don’t have a home tab hard coded in. Otherwise you end with two-home pages!


  30. Alex

    I have been racking my brains on how to do this, your video has made it so simple to understand. I really appreciate This I have put it on my blog under the tab FREE Training along side my other free stuff.
    A Big Thanks
    Alex Goddard


  31. legotrent

    lego Trent says:

    thank you I have learned so much from the videos. Thankyou.


  32. Bob Stepno

    I found this page helpful…

    I used both this video and that page in my own how-to for students:


  33. George

    What a great tutorial, exactly what I’ve been looking for! I really needed to create a static page and I can’t believe how simple it is… Great stuff, thanks!


  34. TEKTONadvisory

    i accidentally solved the issue of having 2 home menu tabs… all i did was create a new page with a title i wanted on my front page static and set it as such and voila no 2 home menu tabs just 1 home tab that routes to my static page.


  35. Etienne

    Thank you, that did the work for me!!



  36. Best Cell News

    Ahh !!! this has solved my problems for showing static page in the blog.
    thanks a lot for the guide


  37. R. Fowler

    The way around this is to use the Pages widget. This way your pages in the widget also become Menu titles and the HOME page that comes with the theme is not shown but the Home page you made does. This also allows you to hide pages and when you create pages you can make them parents or give them parents which makes them a sub menu item.


  38. Gary

    Great video, Thanks But when I changed the posts to the blog page, my custom theme home page is also showing the blogs. How do I keep the current custom theme home page and just move the blogs to the new blog page?

    Thank you in advance.


  39. Gary

    really need help on this question: When I changed the posts to the blog page, my custom theme home page is also showing the blogs. How do I keep the current custom theme home page and just move the blogs to the new blog page?


  40. Gary

    I figured it out. If anyone else is having this problem here is the answer.
    To display “Blog” on the separate page – add category designated to “Blog Posts” to the menu.

    Hope this is helpful to all.


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