Adding an “About Me” (or any other static) page

39 responses on “Adding an “About Me” (or any other static) page

  1. Gabor Keller

    Liked the video show, because he explained it with simple sentences and understandably, what and how it is necessary to do it. I only to congratulate I am top notch to this and another many successes for you.

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  2. Jared B

    Twice, he says: “If you want to learn more about xxxx, there’s a video about it.” And, he NEVER says where the video is.

    Yes, I want to learn more. What are they named? And, how do we find them? Where are they?

    Remember, we come in here not knowing what to do.

    That’s why we are here.

    Am I missing something?

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  3. Sigi

    Hi guys, this is an awesome service for all users of wordpress … and all teachers of English using wordpress in class …. how could I find a better way of teaching my students!!!! The best is, you do not rush too fast through your videos and speak quite clearly and understandable! Will test it in class next week! Thanks a lot guys!

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  4. Margaret Week

    These “Pages” are also great because they are accessed differently from the web. WordPress has a different way of creating their titles for this purpose. I sort of wish there were some sort of tags and categories for pages that would draw in more people doing word searches.

    Thank you WordPress.

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  5. Philipp

    i just wondered why the page templates option at the “new page”-page is gone?

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  6. Jeanie

    Thats what I was wondering, did anyone answer you. He also does not show the end results. I want multi pages but don’t like title on top, below header.

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  7. zotuithieng

    I have very simple question for you but not simple for me, I am trying to Upload a vedeo clip which is from my Cell phone, the format is mp4, my Account/blog can not upload it and gave me an error message. Is there any way to upload mp4 format or what do I need to do to upload the Clip? Do i have to change the format of the clip or ???

    Thank you

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  8. pegister

    I really would like to know how to change the main page to home page?

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  9. Keith Davis

    Hi Michael

    As ever great vid… clear and easy to follow.

    Quick question, having created a new page, how do I remove the “comments” or “comments closed” text (if you uncheck the allow comments box) at the bottom of the page.

    Having reference to comments or pings on the page makes it look like a blog page and not a static page.

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  10. deborehshop

    I am having difficulty on ‘nested page’. The parent page is appeared, but the nested page I made didn’t appear. Could anybody explain me about this?
    Thank you

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  11. Duarte Rolo

    I have the same problem, I can’t have acess to my nested page…

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  12. Heather Scott

    Me too! The ordering of the pages is unclear too. I create a page then can never find it again! Where is it???

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  13. Jessi Hance

    @deborehshop, @Duarte Rolo, @Heather Scott:

    Most themes do not display nested child pages in their main navigation menu. But if you publish the Pages widget to your sidebar, it should display all your pages there, including the nested ones.

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  14. tundrabear


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  15. veone

    Well, if the author of this video didn’t say that “most themes don’t display nested child pages in their main navigation menu. If you publish the Pages widget to your sidebar, it should display all your pages there, including the nested ones”, as Jessi Hance kindly commented above, well, the author of this video wasted our time. Which is not nice.

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    • Ryan Markel

      At the time this video was made, very few—if any—themes on displayed child pages in their navigation menus. It’s a relatively new addition to, which is why many themes don’t yet support it.

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  16. whendidwestart

    I am so new, each step I take seems huge. I have not yet seen something that says the ABOUT ME page allows one to add pictures?

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    • Ryan Markel

      It sure can – any page you create in WordPress can have pictures added to it using the same controls you use to add pictures to a post. Just look above the Visual Editor for the media buttons.

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  17. Deb

    Thanks, Ryan. I’ll go back and check it out. Every step seems to introduce one more scary step. Give me a minute, I will eventually get it!

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  18. gideaoreformas

    Gostei muito. É fácil de entender mesmo pra quem não entende inglês pois o víedo mostra claramente como fazer.

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    WordPress has a variety of tutorials and there is one for each topic that interests us.
    And they are always very full and interesting.
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  20. ganzz

    it’s helpfull for me as a newbie. more knowledge of course. thanks anyway

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  21. alic3inund3rland

    very helpful =)

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  22. fauzi

    Reblogged this on wefuzitech.

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  23. rastabarbie2014

    Reblogged this on rastabarbieblog and commented:
    WordPress est super et facile à utiliser et c’est la premier fois que je trouve une page web aussi bien travailler et mise en valeur, merci WordPress!!

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  24. emmanuelabii

    WordPress has been great, it has given us the oopportunity for researchers like us to be able to create a platform where research knowledge can be documented and found..kuddos to WP


  25. ramanandmehta98



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    It was nice tutorial. Now I got the answer for my question.


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January 14, 2009

Pages are static, evergreen content on your blog. This short video walks you through how to create an about-me page, or any other page you’d like to feature on your blog

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