Saving and returning to draft posts & pages

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    this is so nice.



    Thanks for the Video. WordPress is far better than Blogger and other blogging platforms. I mean they have countless plugins to suit your work

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  3. Alex

    wow, who says “staatuss”, I guess english people. I swear I am the only american user, haha.

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  4. Liviu

    Nice work. Many thanx. But if I want to postpone a post, what steps do I have to take?


  5. Bas

    A really good job, boys ‘n girls :D!
    Thnx ^^


  6. Gobala Krishnan

    Nice video, I’m sure a lot of users will find it helpful


  7. Margaret Week

    As a “newbie” (2 weeks’s worth) I think it is reassuring to all new users. I’m glad to have this beginning point figured out, but nevertheless, this is absolutely GREAT for someone just beginning. We must always remember that there are many who are in greater need of something than we are. We were at this point at one time. I’m also looking forward to videos on questions a 2-week old poster has. In the mean time, I really appreciate the efforts WordPress is making to help us along. In appreciation…….


  8. GreatQo

    Hmm, what a nice video..


  9. Bala Salgada

    That’s great, I’ll watch all of these videos, them I can come to use WordPress.


  10. chaitanyapatel

    This is really nice and great helps to beginners. Easy to manage posts and information…

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  11. wlord

    Great addition to the Tutorials. I look forward to the expansion of your TV clips.


  12. Cee

    Thnx for this helpful tutorial. I hope to find more videos in the future. Good job!


  13. bujanglahat

    wawww…. this is so nice


  14. dewi270919

    this is an interesting one


  15. raiderhost

    i coming back πŸ™‚

    so sweet… use this video to make a simple tutorial in my blog πŸ™‚

    thankz to Michael


  16. iprimate

    Super simple question, but how do I embed a link in a post to correspond with a word or phrase instead of having to type out the whole url?


  17. Trevor Patzer

    Thank you. This was really helpful. As a complete novice… well, I am ready to get going.


  18. majorghn

    Could you guys do a close up of your videos so we can actually see what your doing? Next time I watch one your videos I will be sure to bring my electron microscope so I can actually see what your talking about in the video.


    • Sheri

      A lot of the videos are available in HD full screen. Try clicking HD “On” (top right inside video) and then click the full screen option (bottom right).


  19. Taufik

    This is so nice !!!


  20. Joanna Benz

    Here’s another little tip that I use. You can create something for your widget sidebar, like a graphic with text, and save it as the draft of a post. This way, you will be able to see how the item will appear.

    View the item in html format, then copy the html code.

    To put the item in your sidebar, go to widgets, grab a text widget, and enter your html code there. Now the item appears in your sidebar.


  21. wartabumi make my day so colourful thank’s


  22. Mohan

    WordPress is the best blogging platforms for the numerous plugins options


  23. jackdum thank you


  24. HowDidIGetThisFar

    I’m a newbie and aids like this and your attention to detail are greatly appreciated


  25. sherfreakimwatlocked

    Thank You!! so much. I had saved my first post as a draft, and then started freaking out because I couldn’t find it again. Greatly appreciated this aid to a greenhorn.


  26. chamorruwarrior

    What if your screen just looks nothing like that and none of those buttons or boxes exist? I can save my draft and I did, but there’s nothing to click to open it or anything. When I click the pencil icon to start another it says up top “Your draft was recently saved. Would you like to restore it now?” I click “Restore” and nothing happens.

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  27. Julio Maysonet

    I’m starting to like the draft feature of wordpress. I am able to write up a few sentences then comeback to it at a later time during the day then finish my draft for publishing the next day.


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January 14, 2009

If you’d like to save your work and come back to it another time, without putting it out for the world to see, WordPress gives you various draft options. This video talks you through the process.

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