Writing and publishing a post

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  1. Matt Price

    Excellent, just what we needed some basic visual WordPress video tutorials in one place. Far better than trying to source tutorials from YouTube and the like.

    Many thanks

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  2. dinu

    good job !! expecting a lot from this new website 😀

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  3. psp2468

    Nice Tutorials. Perfect for new bloggers!

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  4. cahPamulang



  5. Brian Layman

    Cool But ACK! I can’t take the music!


  6. Professional Blogger

    Easy and Dynamic ways to write a post in WordPress 2.7!

    Great Job!


  7. Tzvethan

    Great! 🙂


  8. Andrea

    Thanks! This will be very helpful in teaching non-technical people how to use WP.
    One suggestion: Ditch the music. It’s distracting.


  9. big_b_rad

    Great resource for Noobs, but never, NEVER – put a post in more than one category! It’s a very bad practice, if you need to cross pollinate, use Tags as Spiders, really don’t take that much notice at them, but because / if you use categories to alter the URL of a post (best for SEO) and gives great spider bate!

    Also found the music to be a bit cheesy but I liked it!!!


  10. marsha

    I thing these videos are going to be very helpful to the novice wordpress blog writer. It’s very well done….


  11. Robert Diz

    Being a newbie to WordPress, this is just what the doc ordered. The TV visual – sound and content you provide makes my learning experience 10 times more enjoyable. I see it and hear it now as I type. This is right up there with the invention of sliced bread. This Works, Keep it Up,
    Great job!


  12. Arifur Rahman



  13. Dan Liese

    Liked the tutorial video but i am new to this and want to know once i save it how do i use? How do i get it out for people on the net to see?


  14. Margaret Week

    This video pointed me to publishing a post at a later time, which I’ve been considering, but had not checked out the “how to”. Thank you.


  15. Alexander

    Hi @ all wp blogger.
    I think it´s a great idea and the real modern way to deducing Web Videos with blogging. But the mix makes it between real good no duplicate content, Web Videos and pictures.

    I use a desktop recording software to prepare web videos for my WP blog for according to the consumer protection. This web videos informs the web user about some criminal websites, rip-off, fraud at the WWW.

    So this Blog is only in German.

    Best regards and have a good time.
    SEO Expert


  16. kudotaklong

    Very Very Very thank


  17. Quentin the streaming guru

    I love these new videos however it would be good to have one that goes through the whole process for posting, embedding an audio, video, graphic and the final result.

    Same for pages would also be good with a little on formatting etc.

    Having said this all kudos to you for a great job.



  18. mihenk

    güzel bir şeye benziyor.Ama ingilizce .


  19. Carol

    It´s posible to post from a form? I want simplify posting and don´t let authors come in to the dashboard.


  20. Mauro

    A great idea to help people understand and use WP better. On the net there are a lot of manuals, books, but video tutorials explain much better.
    The ethno music in the background during your explanation is nice.
    How did you do it? Sorry, if it can be a off-topic question, but
    if I have time, I will try to translate and make new video in Italian language.
    (I will, of course, tell you and link your official wordpress.tv).



  21. mus1402

    Awesome video:)


  22. Suzanne Karkeck

    Wow! The videos are super! We will be able to send our students here when they are starting their blogs. Thanks so much!


  23. George

    video I am floored by this content seriously good work!


  24. casper™

    excellente for newbies bloggers.. 😀


  25. hakimtea

    this is great vidtur (video tutorial) :mrgreen: for newbie like me, thanks a bunch



    hi there,
    i am new to word press, i ama writer/poet of insprational writings and would like to share them with the world.
    jessie amos j



    Excelente ! Bela iniciativa !
    Parabéns à equipe !


  28. Blackpool

    Excellent information given.


  29. Seth

    Great stuff guys. Thank you for the simple example.


  30. Dan Liese

    This is very interesting as i review some of the videos and they are helping but here is what i think would be extremly helpful to all the newbies out there (including myself). Set up a daily video tutorials that take a newbie (an i mean newbie) through each step of utilizing webpress to do blogs. What do to how to do in a sequential way that allows them to go backa and review each of these videos over and over again (for the slow learners like myself) and this would give them to time to practice doing the excersice on their own but must be submitted (something like schoole where you would have a report due). Hope you can do this to keep guys like me on track for learning the stuff we need to learn.
    dan in RI


  31. raiderhost

    the great tutorial…

    thankz to wordpress… @ wonderfull CMS, i like to use it!

    happy blogging 🙂


  32. gmelia

    I’ve just decovered these tutorials I think will be helpful to get some doubts out of my mind and will encourage me to blog more once I understadn how to do what i want to do and did not know how to do it! you are a great team wordpress always thinking of us…thank you, gracias


  33. Madhan Kumar

    CAme Handy for me and for the newbies like me


  34. ekobambangjatmiko

    very goood peoples could learn about wp faster


  35. Оля

    Можно я у себя в блоге, несколько Ваших цитат возьму?


  36. albashiq3000

    so good


  37. lucfi

    very helpul..can be better before. thank..


  38. way5

    Excellen goood peoples could learn about wp faster


  39. Shawn

    Well done series of videos for newbies!


  40. Scott

    Don’t delete the background music. It ties your vid posts together, makes them unique and marks them as yours.


  41. blake

    THIS is GREAT, Im new, and this stuff is really cool. Great job. Keep up the good work.


  42. Оля

    А вы случаем не ведете блоги по смежным темам? У Вас отлично получается и посещений много, я смотрю


  43. Белла

    Как говорится.. Не дать не взять, зачётная статья!


  44. Инна

    А вот вопросик можно? У вас время после поста указано. Это московское? Заранее спасибо!


  45. mzhaitianqueen

    Im a newbie of WordPress and it helped..


  46. Hilary

    Okay, but for us TOTAL beginners, how do you get to the writing page in the first place. I log in and get a completely different screen with no option to get to that…. Kind of frustrated.


    • Michael Pick

      Hi Hilary – as the video explains at the beginning (0:11), you need to go to the Posts> Add New option from the menu on the left (which you should be able to see regardless of which screen you’re on). If you’re seeing something radically different to this it could be that you’re running a self-hosted, older version of WordPress? If you have a menu along the top rather than down the side, that will be the case, and you’ll want to upgrade to the latest version (WordPress 2.7). If you’re using WordPress.com, that’s already taken care of for you. If you need help upgrading and are using a self-hosted version of WordPress, I’d recommend checking out the WordPress.org support forums – if you let people know your specific hosting situation someone should be able to lend a hand.


  47. Louise Pope

    Great I am a complete novice so now I can get started…


  48. Trevor Patzer

    I am totally new at this. Looking forward to “diving-in”. Great tool!!!


  49. saranil

    I am not seeing on my dashboard what your video is showing. I cannot find the word ‘posts’ anywhere.



  50. Otica My Style

    That’s just fantastic!! I’m just new in Blog stuff, and I’m really glad to find this!! Great job, I love WordPress!! =)


  51. Sabri

    OK…a huge thanks for the one who made this, it was so useful especially for me because until now i can’t use the blog professionally, every time i open it i become so nervous just because i don’t know how to use 100%, but with a videos such this one i think it will become so easy. 😀


  52. Veditos

    Good video. It’s very useful for beginers.


  53. oxupdate

    This is very helpful – thank you. I have just been scratching my head on how to get started on my first blog! Many thanks!


  54. cwebba

    This video is downloading so slowly that it is jittery and unwatchable. Is there any way to download it as a podcast or MPG video? Streaming Flash video interfaces simply do not work.


  55. Keith Davis

    Thanks Michael
    Basic stuff, but for we beginners, invaluable.
    Very nice presentation technique and voice.


  56. PARAND

    but I didn’t understand how can we change font & color of posts??
    that toolbaar is not there



    I don’t know how to do that, I ‘ll try and find out about it Thanks.


  58. Mrs. Kendrick

    I can’t find any info on how to “seperate” a post.
    For instance, if it’s a long post and you want reader to have to click to where the rest of the article is.
    I’ve seen this on lots of professional blogs like Perez Hilton.
    I’m looking to break up my posts and increase page views.


  59. theottogroup

    This is a great starting point. Word Press and the whole Blogging arena are new to our group, looking forward to soaking up the information


  60. expectalot

    Beginners here is your chance to jump in. This is a very basic and informative approach for beginners to WordPress. I agree with Andrea though it would be better without the background music. Your accent and step by step instructions are great but the music is unnecessary.


  61. Cormac M

    These videos are a great help for novices. Great job, WordPress.


  62. proudbeapinoy

    thank you that really help me coz im a newbie here thanks again


  63. mamura

    Well done! Thanks to WordPress!


  64. Erik Kubitschek

    I’ve used these tuts in the past, today and plan to in the future. Very well done, thanks for your time and effort!


  65. Cihan

    Thanks for the good job.
    Is it possible to add subtitles to this and other videos in another language (Turkish for instance). I can help you for the translations if necessary. Then, I could have used these videos for training a group of blog users in my community.. Regards.


  66. aunttammie

    The problem is that I can’t put the post on the page that I want it on! My blog has three pages, but even if I start on page 3, the post always appears on page 2! I have searched all over for some sort of guidance on this…haven’t found it yet!


  67. Make Money Blogging - Progrecious

    This is a great way to describe basic wordpress functions to the public. Lately one of my friends asked my how to write a post and I just sent her the PDF file with instructions but it seems Videos work better and that’s why I came to this Video.
    Thanks for making it Simple for everyone. 😉


  68. gpass

    This is excellent!! If your a beginner this is the video for you.


  69. g2-a0ef1565e3d8632de1858c27d1c534f3

    all these comments but not a single one I can find that says what to do after you get a login id and password. yes it sounds silly but I’m stuck.


  70. Clarke Action

    Easier to see once than read about a million times…


  71. Arfah Husaifah

    I am a newbie, and I was greatly helped by the video above. thanks


  72. vulcan420

    I admit I can sometimes be slow to comprehend things sometimes and I found this video clear, concise and informative.

    My one request would be that when there are multiple videos in a series on how to do something we could have a way to play the next video without leaving this page.


  73. Howard Hyman

    To be honest, I’ve always shied away from blogging before but this course is persuading me otherwise.
    I found the video helpful and informative. It is very clear and has raised my confidence.


  74. sistras2010

    it’s very helpful to the new bloggers like me


  75. wartabumi

    This video has helped me. thanks wordpress


  76. rack9

    Great Intro, just what we needed to explain our users just how easy is to create content even for the most inexperienced.


  77. Ategeka Niclas

    All Videos that are being published through this site are so helping for the owners to break through.
    I Love it


  78. joyla

    Dear Mr. Pick,

    Great Video! I went straight for the heading “Writing.” Your video gave me step by step instructions. But can you say that in French or Spanish as well? That is my question. I am interested in blogging in French one day Spanish the next and English of course. Will I be able to do so on WordPress?
    I love languages and foreign accents. I haven’t seen any background material on you; but I would say linguistically, you sound like you were educated in England. And have some Indian via Mumbai heritage? Let me know if I have anywhere hit the mark.
    In any case, please excuse the feedback, purely constructive, please understand. I could not understand the word “gear,” “rent something called ???” I had to listen to the video 5 times as well as the icon “pauldaddyPaul” gave me made me double take more than once. You may mean “Paul Getty Poll” but it didn’t come out that way.
    Guess I will start reading some of the legal jargon now. Please let me know if WordPress is a multicultural blogging space.


    • Michael Pick

      Hi Joyla, thanks for the feedback. You’re right about the English part; I’m English, but with much less interesting heritage (probably a mixture of Viking, Anglo-Saxon and Roman if you go far back a few centuries or a millenium or so 🙂 ) I do, however, live in Japan, and have lived in Berlin, too, so perhaps those places have left their linguistic mark. I don’t personally speak French or Spanish, I’m afraid, but we do have a few French tutorials on the site from volunteers within the community. That said, WordPress is used by people in just about every language, and we have localized sites and information for many of them – we’re very much a multicultural platform I’d say and have WordCamps – events for WordPress users – appearing pretty much all over the world these days. Volunteers also contribute translations to the core of the WordPress code itself, along with the documentation.

      I think the word you’re referring to is my pronunciation of “Polldaddy Poll”, by the way. Apologies if this wasn’t clear.


  79. Hernan Rodriguez

    Hi, I like this, great video, show the step by step.

    Regards form Cali-Colombia


  80. ssemsch

    Thank you. That introduction was helpful and should help me weave my way through my first post!


  81. 海外仓

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about 美国 中国 快递.


  82. super vine

    Thank you. That introduction was helpful and should help me weave my way through my first post!


  83. Robert Thompson

    This was a extremely helpful tutorial. Thanks.


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January 15, 2009

The thing you’ll probably be doing most with WordPress – writing and publishing posts – is covered in this short flyby tutorial

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