Introducing WordPress for BlackBerry (beta)

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  1. C Skillz

    This really caught my eye because i cant go nowhere without my blackberry and since i got hooked up with this website and saw this hook up to the blackberry, we are on the same level of interest. blackberrys are essential for everyday living and now i can get to blogging on the fly using this. Right on WordPress.


  2. Tim Valentine

    Although I’m having a few viewing issue with my Blackberry Curve at the moment, I believe this is very cool. What’s Next?

    I really don’t think there’s much left except for mind reading so I don’t have to type, just think what I need to say or do.

    Excellent Job.


  3. Kazi Zaved Khalid Pasha



  4. Weez

    I love this! Much of the time I would love to post and am no where near or have the time to write later… this is definitely going to help me.



  5. Dayze

    Just what I have been looking for. Will test it out on my BB.


  6. rjeann1

    just downloaded the app and my phone crashed. NIIIICE!


    • Ryan Markel

      You might want to hit up the FAQ on the WordPress for BlackBerry app here. If you’re repeatedly having issues with the app, you should leave a message on the forums on the WordPress for BlackBerry site so the developers know that you’ve run into problems.


  7. Conor

    how do you get it? i keep pushing download and the code comes up- does anyone know where i am supposed to put the code?


  8. Rounns

    Nice nice nice


  9. Ralev

    🙂 nice video.
    Michael Pick has the perfect voice for a narrator.


  10. donnahamer

    Awesome!!! What will you wonderful people at WordPress think of next? This is 2 thumbs way up 🙂


  11. Christine

    OK, I am always in for new technologies both with my BlackBerry and my blog interface tools! Thanks, WordPress!


  12. zedmoments

    This is great for our blog! How do we keep track of or subscribe to blogs we’re interested in? For instance I would like to subscribe to a few blogs like AC360 and get updated posts etc. How does that function work? Thank you 🙂


  13. Jerry

    What about the BBerry 8330?


  14. radka83

    Perfect! Now I can blog on the go. Though, first I have to change my Pearl for a Blackberry with a bigger screen. It is a nightmare to blog from the Pearl!


  15. astrid

    Awesome! I just did a test post and it works perfectly. Will try again later on for pictures. But now I could blog while being mobile :). Thanks for developing this guys!


  16. mr.sks

    Just download it to my BB Storm. There is something wrong about the display and I don’t know where to figure out the setting. The display is not in full screen. It somehow running on compatibility mode. Can anyone assist me? This would be the best apps ever!


  17. Raanan Bar-Cohen

    @mr.sks — download the 1.0 version and you won’t have to worry about the special Storm model settings:


  18. Terry Heenan

    Loved it! Downloaded it right away and got it up and running. Props to BB and WP. An essential tool for the mobile man.


  19. Romeo Octav Chiritoiu

    Does anybody knows when the BB OS.6 will be released for the 9700?


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July 8, 2009

This version of the WordPress for BlackBerry App is now out-of-date. The latest release video can be found here.

In this two minute overview we walk you through the features of the beta version of the WordPress for BlackBerry application.

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