Jeremy Clarke: Caching and Optimization for WordPress

10 responses on “Jeremy Clarke: Caching and Optimization for WordPress

  1. Marty Mossa

    Jeremy, I have a question about my blog site. When I wrote my first blog, I guess I accidentally put the title of my subject where my name should be. How can I fix that? Marty Mossa


  2. Lazy

    great video – is there somewhere a text-document from his statements about caching and so on?


  3. jeremyclarke

    Hey Lazy, the slides are up on slideshare, there’s a link in the sidebar of the video under the description.


  4. Bryan Eggers

    Some very useful information. Thanks!


  5. Lazy

    oh i see, thank you very much, jeremyclarke! 🙂


  6. Andy Fitzpatrick

    I wasn’t aware that you could do this so thanks a load


  7. Matt Tolley

    brill love the video it really helped


  8. jeremyclarke

    In the video I recommend temporary content caching with get_option and update_option. I’ve since learned about the Transients system. If you need to cache data in the options table please use that instead:


  9. Jean

    Thanks for this Jeremy. I’m kinda new to wordpress and have been looking for optimisation techniques for a while. Great advice!


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July 11, 2009

Jeremy Clarke presents on why your site might be going slow and show you how to squeeze more out of your cheap hosting (and avoid upgrading to expensive dedicated servers!), including a look at caching plugins to help you in case of a traffic spike and tuning plugins to help you identify expensive features that need work.

Slides for this presentation are available here.

Video production by Arthur Cormon of TV McGill.

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