Jane Wells: The Future of WordPress

6 responses on “Jane Wells: The Future of WordPress

  1. Lazy

    very interesting, thank you very much for that video from Jane Wells.


  2. Brittany

    WordPress: great at websites, not great at sound.


    • Ryan Markel

      Because WordCamp videos are shot in various locations and venues, sometimes the recorded sound isn’t ideal. Certainly, the content of the presentations outweighs the slightly wonky audio that sometimes results.


  3. David

    Enjoyed listening to the video. I didn’t encounter any major problems with the audio. I’m a new user of WPMU. I’m reading and listening to as much as I can to get up to date and be ready for future changes.


  4. Arthur Cormon

    The sound does pick up a minute into the video as the microphones get turned on. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t top notched, but hopefully it’s enough to get something out of it. cheers.


  5. ryanhellyer

    Cool. Great video.

    I didn’t notice any audio problems at all.


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July 12, 2009

Jane Wells of Automattic discusses the future of WordPress. Surprise: it’s not all about features.

Slides from the presentation are available here.

Video production by Arthur Cormon of TV McGill.

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