WordPress.com – Widgets Overview

24 responses on “WordPress.com – Widgets Overview

  1. Michael Cerro

    If you gave me Michael Pick’s voice and background jazz music, I could sell firewood in hell.


  2. ileaneb

    this was very helpful. I have a question, how do you add a sidebar? You have three in this video but I only have one.


  3. Trace

    Agree with Michael…. his voice and delivery is aweeeeesooome. 🙂


  4. cyhienterprises

    I am finding it easy to concentrate because his delivery and voice has me in a calm state. Thank you Michael!


  5. Carolyn

    This sure was a waste. I needed a walk through of each application in widgets. This video did not provide it.


    • andysmash

      It is kinda tricky figuring out what the widgets actually do. My plan is to just ignore them until I find myself needing something. But it’s distracting trying to figure out what is, and is not, necessary. If you could mouse over each one for a short description, it would make life a lot easier.


  6. Gaming Girls Want

    It was good, but the volume was way too low, even though I had it maxed out on the player on the screen and on my speakers.


  7. Tenn TLC

    Great video. Very informative. I think I know what I’m doing now!


  8. Ken Eastburn

    Great video. But why is Ringo Starr narrating it?


  9. justdoitandloseit

    How can I learn about what exactly each widget does? It would be nice if there was a “learn more” button or something like that. A one liner description does little to help my layman’s brain understand, especially because i’m so new at this….BUT, i digress…


  10. justdoitandloseit

    Here is the link for the widgets videos, ya’ll…. https://wordpress.tv/category/how-to/widgets-how-to/


  11. Eve

    still clueless on this widget thing…perhaps an example theme? not the instructor’s fault..although his sexy accent is distracting I’m totally clueless to all these new gadgets, widgets and tags and categories…OH MY!


  12. Miz D

    Ditto on the voice. But slow down! I get cross-eyed trying to follow that cursor flying around the screen.


  13. Intuitive Transformations

    Could you talk a little slower and explain things in more detail? I’m over 50.



    The video is not very clear but when you go to the widget page, it is easy enough to move the widgets right or left.


  15. Casey

    thanks so much! im a new blogger so it was nice to watch this to get myself goin


  16. BizBuzz Marketing Partners

    I agree that more information is needed for the widgets. On WordPress.org they are explained in detail!!! Might try that again (not sure if I have to still have a .org to see them though). I guess there’s always Google. For now I’m selecting just those I KNOW I want or need. I can always ad more later.


  17. orples

    This wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but informative all the same. I do feel it is worth the 2 minutes to watch. So thank you for the overview,Mike.


  18. lechiennoirjewelry

    I’m trying to add a widget from another website – craftcult.com – but can’t get it to work. Any hints?


  19. manikani2d

    Ok I am not that techi, will someone explain, my sidebar said “configure widget image in widget settings” so what and how do i do that?


  20. keno

    Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday.
    It’s always useful to read through articles from other
    writers and use something from their sites.


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July 24, 2009

This short video introduces you to adding and managing widgets on your WordPress.com blog.

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