Daryl Koopersmith: Elastic—Your Theme’s Future WYSIWYG Editor

30 responses on “Daryl Koopersmith: Elastic—Your Theme’s Future WYSIWYG Editor

  1. hvdgoor

    Bad audio !! Please fix


  2. hvdgoor

    Other than that: awesome!


  3. Clarence Johnson

    Pump up the volume … please!


  4. Hiway

    I am betting there is some wonderful info to be gleaned here… but I cannot hear the man speak… website design may be a forte, but video editing and creation seems to be lacking… I’m just sayin…

    I gave it up… frustrated me.


  5. DjZoNe

    This seems awesome! 🙂


  6. Shane

    Can not hear you? Volume is very low. Can you please edit your volume so people can hear u.



  7. Wallace Green

    Can’t hear the presentation. Can you increase the audio, please.


  8. Ira

    Got a link? Daryl’s blog seems to be abandoned since May. Is this project still alive?

    note to the camera guy: tripods start at around $30, and if you can hook up a directional mic, try to construct a little cardboard or paper acoustic cone when shooting a distant speaker. Thanks!


  9. theARCHiTeKT

    I must admit I’m crazy about working inside the carrington framework but this vid has me extremely interested. I can’t wait to try this out on my test site! I’m especially interested in the export option and it’s possibilities! Keep up the good work guy!


  10. Ira

    after googling and following some links, I finally found the link to the project at http://code.google.com/p/elastictheme/ but it seems somewhat stalled for the last few months.

    It would be nice to mention the project status or a link in the video meta-data.


  11. Rodney

    This looks awesome. I don’t really know enough about building my own themes from scratch for WordPress so I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


  12. Michael Gold

    Great presentation Daryl. I’m looking forward to seeing this project evolve.


  13. Christopher

    if only we have a regular post to learn about this. The video player doesn’t work if you don’t have a very fast connection. Why don’t you switch to the Youtube player? It adapts well to all connection speeds.


    • Christoph

      Even with HD enabled, the video only uses 8-20kb/s which is quite nice.

      What use would VideoPress be if Automattic wouldn’t use it for WordPressTV?
      For my taste, the player is just fine.


  14. davydka

    I get a headache just thinking about programming this, but I really like it. It’s amazing to see how crazy projects like this that massively extend the base system, all because of the freedom of open source. I feel like CMS’s like Drupal and Joomla integrate theme management (node and menu based systems) into their administrative section, which is their main advantage over WordPress as a CMS. Yet WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. It’s infinitely customizable and hackable, and I often use it in conjunction with a Drupal or Joomla based site.

    Daryl is taking on two major responsibilities here, theme development and CMS development. He is focusing almost entirely on theme development and the javascript UI for it. I’d personally like to see more consideration towards how this will affect WordPress as CMS. Either way, bravo! This looks totally awesome.


  15. Santari

    Rather tiring to watch when the video is bouncing around. Would be ideal to use a tripod and zoom in to pick out finer detail when required. Content is good but could use a more confident style of presentation. I like the concept – a lot.


  16. Jeff

    When will this be available and how do we get this?


  17. aldy

    I agree with chirstopher says.


  18. joecr

    I’ve found for these videos I get better results if I just subscribe to the podcast feed & watch them on my computer.


  19. June

    Is there a place to be updated as Elastic is modified/updated? I will be a user, not a developer.


  20. Micke

    Sorry, the video is currently not available.


  21. energyrater

    Audio level too low! uncomfortably low…otherwise totally cool! Can’t wait to use it!!


  22. satoridork

    I had to turn my hearing aid up to number 11


  23. wwwhatsup1

    I posted video of Daryl’s Sunday Ignite session talk – it’s brief, also handheld, but I think you’ll find the audio acceptable.



    • Ryan Markel

      Thanks for the link to the other video, Joly.

      Is the Sunday stuff included in the masters you’re sending me? I’m looking forward to receiving those so we can get them posted up here.


  24. Brian

    Wow, I really love this concept.


  25. Tips Menulis Online

    Amazing, nice presentation.


  26. bionic

    I’m so glad that I switched from Joomla to wordpress. Life is so much easier.


  27. Vita

    Great presentation Daryl. I’m looking forward to seeing this project evolve


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November 14, 2009

Change the way you look at WordPress themes. Daryl Koopersmith talks about Elastic and the concepts behind today’s WordPress themes. Elastic is a plugin and theme framework that began development during GSoC 2009. Elastic isn’t just a parent theme; it represents a fundamental change to how WordPress themes work.

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