Daisy Olsen: Child Themes

One response on “Daisy Olsen: Child Themes

  1. David Riveroll

    It’s also nice to see the presenter, but if you only have one camera, I’d rather you have it on a tripod showing the screen completely and without movement, maybe you can add a little frame with the presenter’s face using a webcam.

    Anyway, I’m so thankful for this site and all it’s content and contributors, you’re an awesome team, keep up the good work


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November 15, 2009

Daisy Olsen demonstrates how to edit a single file to create a child theme for an existing theme, requiring no alterations to the original theme itself.

Video courtesy ISOC-NY.

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WordCamp New York 2009 29


Daisy Olsen 2


Child Themes 43
CSS 81
Development 295
Themes 256


English 5458

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OGG: Low
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