Corey Eulas: SEO Analysis

4 responses on “Corey Eulas: SEO Analysis

  1. Dustin

    Great presentation Corey. I’m a strong advocate of doing whatever it takes to decrease load time including using CSS sprites. I know it is a best practice with respect to client-side design, but do you think it has any impact positively or negatively with respect to SEO?

    What are your thoughts regarding H1,H2,H3 tags, and bold text?


  2. Corey


    As any good SEO would recommend – if you can speed up your site then do it. However, be sure to do it without compromising integrity of the code. I’ve seen CSS Sprites add errors. My suggestion: Check to determine your page size and determine that it needs speeding up.

    Regarding “bold/strong”, one smart SEO a while back told me it is the “salt & pepper to Thanksgiving dinner”. I’ve got nothing to go on but to 100% agree. It is still a practice I still do. In reference to H1/H2 tags – to me I find them to be very valuable. According to SEOMoz 2009 Search Engine Ranking factors (nice article seen here: they only considered it to be “moderate” value – however I feel they are crucial to an effective on-page optimization strategy.

    Hope this helps & thanks for the kind comments Dustin!


  3. Kurt

    I like the discussion about on-page SEO, but to be honest, most of my work revolves around the 80-20 principle….you get 80% of the results from 20% of the effort.

    So what that means for SEO is backlinks, high pr, zero pr, do follow, no follow..various IPs.

    At least for me and my clients, once you get the basics of on-page SEO down, it all revolves around the backlinking campaign.

    Good presentation though.


  4. seobrisbane1

    Really enjoyed the video, very informative and packed with useful ideas, thank you.


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January 23, 2010

Corey Eulas teaches SEO tips, tricks, and best practices proven to increase traffic from search engines. This talk includes examples with a look “under the hood” of a few actual sites owned by members of the audience. Discover how to enhance user experience and usability while making your site more search engine friendly.

Special thanks to the Microsoft NERD Center for hosting WordCamp Boston.

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